Sunday, September 28, 2008

almost october?

almost ...

i mean, the only highlight i can see, from staring into the face of the upcoming winter is, NO MORE ELECTION COVERAGE. somebody make it stop. i can't TAKE IT ANYMORE. so sure, it's jarring to think that october is merely hours away, but it brings us THAT much closer to the election and hopefully, the end of all this hoopla. you do realize that i feel as though i've been submerged in this crap for far too long. i started my final desk job back in 2005, and we were talking about the 08 elections then!....i cannot believe we're still talking about it NOW. obviously it makes sense and all that we would...being it is 08, and all....but gosh. it deters me from watching the MINIMAL amount of tv that i normally splurge on.

...i'm starving...random.

(isaac fussing in his sleep. omg. sleep. i would kill to be a baby again. when i'm not cuddling and cooing and feeling warm fuzzies about my baby....i'm bitterly staring at him in his warm swaddle, wishing i could crawl into a velcro straight-jacket and sleep for 4 hours like him. or 3 hours. 4 hours was wishful thinking....)

so i fell for the craze.
i broke down and bought "happiest baby on the block."
i got the book and the DVD.
along with "the vaccine book" pediatrician...dr. whatshisname. WHATHISNAME??? this is gonna kill me....SEARS? seers? veers? whatever.

i dunno why i wanted happiest baby on the block. i guess all my friends told me they loved it. so i bought it on amazon and it arrived last week.
i've cracked the book and taken a gander or two, but reading makes me crossed eyed these days, further explaining why moms just...become a little shall we yeah. sharp. you just dont have it in you to READ like you used to. the newspaper. the magazines. the fine print on the narcotics bottle. you know. anything.

so i didnt make it very far in the book.
maybe when i get more than 4 straight hours of sleep, i'll feel more attracted to books.
anyways. the dvd was interesting.
i decided to watch it with my mom while she was here...and it was fun to sit down and have her commentary as well.
we enjoyed the movie...but she brought my attention to something i feel a weeee bit hesitant to admit....

...i already have the happiest baby on the block....

i said it.
i'm currently ducking behind my laptop, waiting to have that "colic" mom hurl tomatoes at me.

i've never had a baby before.
apparently, according to my mom, some babies just...cry for no reason.
scream. alot. like...for hours.
and considering i've never really babysat...and considering this is my only REAL hands on, longterm experience with babies....i had no clue.

so we watched the video and wanted to wait until isaac had a FREAKOUT, to try some of this dude's maneuvers...and...were never given the opportunity. and i realized, gosh, isaac's a chill dude. sure, he cries when he's hungry. easy. check. feed him. check. and he stops crying. or when he's tired. check. swaddle. check. rock. check. he stops crying.

i realized, and i told my mom, i've never wondered what was wrong with him. he's never cried and had it baffle me. he's never wailed for hours on end...for no reason. i felt HORRIBLE for these moms on the DVD!? "my baby cries for 5 hours straight...."

and the video cuts to this scrrrreaming baby, who looks SO UPSET. i would DIE! how TRAGIC!? how can this be!?

i steal a glance out of the corner of my eye, to check out isaac, who is doing this:

my kid just flat out rocks.
and it took my mom pointing it out, for me to sure didn't get chad's looks, but he CERTAINLY got chads personality! THANK YOU LORD. all day, isaac is happy to sit in his little boppy and survey the world. he tells me when it's time to eat and when it's time to sleep...and sometimes has a quick chit chat with rudy...and loves life.

so if you wanna borrow the happiest baby book or DVD, you just let me know -- cuz for now (you will gleefully watch me eat my words, if the tides change, which i'm sure they will. i am asking for it, by pressing "publish..") i guess i don't need it? yikes. what has this world come to!!!!

in other news, i'd like to thank jujube for lending me one more baby THING that clutters up my living room with those bright obnoxious "toddler colors" that i lived to HATE during my young adult life. ISAAC LOVES IT :) of course, the "play mat" as we call it, us mostly used for this:

but he only ends up like that after a full hour of staring at all the bright shiny things, and blowing up his brain with flourescent stimulation. thanks for letting us borrow it!!! you may never get it back :)

isaac is brilliant.
he already learned to give kisses.....
har har har

more brightshinyscarypsychosis for afternoon entertainment....
dont you just wanna SQUISH those cheeks.
dang. he certainly got my forehead.

remember when i said he never cries?
how soon i forget bath time. does that count?
and no, he wasn't plugged in via wires. no children were harmed in the taking of this photograph. we politely turned off his heart monitor, as to avoid electrocution.

check out the attitude change....
oh...and my enormous ta-ta's.....

i can't STAND the cuteness....

that's it for your monday edition....
my mom, sister in law and brother took off this afternoon and it was ALOT of fun having them!!! my brothers still had not met isaac and moms are just good to have around PERIOD!

but it APPEARS from the looks of my raging social calendar, that OCTOBER is guest-free!!!! guest-free FREEEEEDOM!!!!!! no more washing sheets, towels, bath tubs, dishes....or my hair. jk. i'll still wash dishes....

on a final, and slightly more serious (delirious) topic....
...lets talk vaccines.

i've interrogated 4 pediatricans about this.
and if you've come to my house to visit me since isaac's arrival, i've interrogated you, too.
i'm exxxtremely torn on vaccines.
and the book i'm going through is incredible.

isaac's scheduled for his first round of vaccines on wednesday.
i'm pro-vaccine.....
i'm NOT excited about the current vaccine schedule.
i may reconcile all the pros and cons by simply breaking up the vaccines and re-ordering how they're administered....

but i'm too tired to dive into that topic tonight!
besides, i think i have some choc chip cookie dough distracting me....
more on this later....



JimandApril said...

he is such a dollbaby! so cute! I agree with you that one of good things about winter is that the election will be over! I cant wait for that!

Julie Nickerson said...

YAY! So glad he likes the play mat! Abel LOVED it and spent HOURS a day on it. No worries....I don't need it back till my next one and hopefully Isaac will be running around by then. :)

Someone let us borrow happiest baby on the block and some of the techniques worked, but Abel hated the swaddle after 7 weeks and just wanted to be free...kinda like how he is today. :)

And for the vacs-we have talked about this before. Here is my advice: I split them up even till this day. Don't let him get 4 at one time. He will most likely get sick (high fever, etc). Don't do any more then 2 at a time and only one at a time if it is a live vac. Hope that helps. Whatever you do, he needs them no matter what.

Let's get together soon!

ckuretich said...

you need a guest-free month, that's for sure. you probably need a guest-free YEAR after all the peeps you've had! I still can't get over all you've entertained the last few weeks...and hello, when did you give birth again? oh yeah. less than 2 months ago?!?!?!?!?

Isaac is SO happy and chill. that much is evident. I can't wait to meet him. and I love his darling strawberry hair...

don't you DARE get that DVD: "Potty TV" or whatever it's called that Zoe loves - oh wait, it's called "I Gotta Go!" and it's the WORST thing i've ever seen. Kids doing dances with little potties. really. dances on toilets, dances in the lawn with their plastic potties - it's WRONG. what is wrong with the people who make entertainment for kids and moms? They must smoke CRACK before they create these things.

your boobs!!!!!!!!!!

heather said...

first off, nice rack! :)

second, your baby is adorable - just so cute.

i just finished watching that DVD and freaked out about my baby crying for 5 hours straight. I'm glad to know there are babies who DON'T do that - and so happy you got one of them.

i also have that sears book in the back of my car to read... must get to it. would love to hear your take on vaccines - and also to hear more about what the pediatricians said to you, etc.

Glenna Marshall said...

ok, your previous post made me really thankful that i adopted my son and didn't have the option of's just SO much easier to mix up some formula and call it a day. ;)

we have that same jungle themed floor mat. isaiah is lying on it and wiggling and squealing right this moment.
isaac looks great! i also believe that i have the happiest baby on the block...we stick to a tight schedule but he THRIVES on it, if i may be so honest. he is SO freakin' happy it just makes me melt. he smiles and "talks" to everyone who happens to look him in the face. he's content to play alone for periods of time and he's turned out to be a pretty good sleeper. i'm done bragging now. but i'll probably be back later to brag some more. ;)

Emily B. said...

He is so adorable!! I can't wait to experience that. He is getting so big too!!