Tuesday, January 13, 2009


happy thanksgiving!
merry christmas!
happy new year!!

there...i am all caught up now :)
i'm sad that is so much that has gone on, and yet i haven't written anything lately! i'm still getting my rear kicked, learning how to balance life and baby and everything...maybe i'm getting closer to figuring it all out? maybe not....

but i'll be back soon with pics and great things to report!!

and all of you that effortlessly organize your lives - i live in perpetual jealousy of you.

i have discovered the exersaucer this week, however. and i can see how it could HUGELY benefit my life. all the developemental specialists are REVOLTED by 1) swings 2) exersuacers 3) bouncers 4) baby einstein DVDs....etc. so i've never contemplated using them. well, i have a swing. he loves the swing. but he only goes in it while i'm pumping. so normally i play with him on the floor and get nothing else done. unless he's sleeping. (if you care to know why the developmental specialists hate all of these contraptions, email me, and i'll explain)

but this past weekend....THE EXERSAUCER AFFORDED ME TWO FREE HOURS of time to get dressed and eat (EAT!? ARE YOU JOKING!?) breakfast WHILE he was awake!!? holy tempting. i may succumb. i may lie to our developmental specialist when they ask what he does in his waking hours. i'm not above lying. the exersaucer could hold the keys to my freedom....

so what if he doesn't go to harvard bc i used it. :)

(AND SO WHAT THAT I TRADE SHOWERING FOR READING ABOUT VAMPIRES...so what that i prioritize my life in a fashion that causes my hygiene to suffer...i had a dream i was dating a vampire last night. i think i've crossed the line...)


Julie Nickerson said...

I think those developmental specialist are full of crap!!!

Abel is pretty much a baby genius and he watches the videos, loved his exersaucer and bouncer. So I think he has proved them wrong!

And since Isaac is sitting in Abel's very own exersaucer, I think Isaac will be a genius as well. :)

heather said...

Use it!!!

I know it's important to interact with our kids. But, I do put Z in the bouncy seat A LOT. She LOVES it and is totally content. I think it's also important for them to be able to play by themselves...which these contraptions allow.

Chrissy said...

ahh i got on here to give you grief about no new posts...and therefore no new pictures. i know you have no time. i've seeeeeen it first hand. BUT, i need pictures! stat! the update was great, tho! and i will stunt all my child's growth and use each and every one of those jammies! :) haha

ckuretich said...

weren't we all raised on exersaucers, cartoons, and jumpy seats or whatever?? and we all turned out brilliant. look at us! I would say to hell with those brilliant specialists. :)

I'm determined at some point to give these Vampires you speak of a chance...

meet joelle said...

excersaucer??? just about the best baby invention ever. AND he MAY just be old enough for a piece of melba toast to suck on while he is in the saucer...even MORE time for you....clean up is horrendous, but WORTH it!
oh, and veggie tales worked wonders too..... :) most people scorned me, but the babes loved them!