Friday, January 4, 2008

happy new year!

i guess it's time to pick up where i left off!!
it's 2008 - insane.
more insane?
in some respects this past year other respects, it was never ending.
regardless, it's still weird to pay my bills (all of which were LATE this month) and put january AND '08 on my checks...

also weird?
it doesn't NOT feel like friday either.
what world am i living in?
ever since the holidays, my days have ALL been wacked out and my brain can't seem to get the calendar straight!

we don't have much on the docket for today, other than the fact that puff and i will be seeing a movie at 7pm. i've really been excited to see that movie, "atonement." mainly b/c it's been nominated for so much stuff. i'll keep you posted :)

in OTHER news, on new years eve, rudy-baby-bear, my pup, was mauled.
i feel like i'm still reeling from it all...
apparently my neighbor's dog took rudy's rawhide bone from him and rudy wasn't happy about it...and they got in a BRAWL right in front of me!!!
my neighbor pulled them apart, but not before getting her finger shredded (we wonder if it's broken now), with blood on the walls...on my hands...and pouring off my puppy's face.
neighbor's dog sliced rudy's eyelid, and punctured his face in 4 spots, ONE OF WHICH i couldn't even LOOK AT for fear of vomiting. deep wound. should have taken him for stitches BUT it was new years eve....and everybody told me to hold off.

it was pitiful.
NOT a good way for rucifer to ring in the new year...poor baby.

speaking of new years...puffy and i went to visit that friend on new years day, who had delivered her baby on Christmas morning.
i had been pretty bummed out all day about doing it...thinking it would be my day pretty destroyed. puff tried to hype me up all the way there...and we walked in...and the baby was precious. SO SMALL!!! they were so gracious and excited we were there and it was fun recounting the events leading up to delivery with her.
they all look amazing and are having alot of fun...
and i did leave slightly bummed out.
but really too tired to care all that much about my pity party, with me wondering how the holidays had kicked my rear so hard core....

it's just a relief that i did it....without crying. with a smile, even....

well, i have a wedding tomorrow and i need to send the details to my second shooter and gear up!!!
happy new year everybody!!!

Psalms 18:1, 19
I love you, Lord, my strength
...He rescued me, because He delighted in me.

Psalms 20:4, 5
May He grant you your heart's desire
and fulfill all your plans.
...may the Lord fulfill all of your petitions.


Becky Barber said...

Atonement = SAD. very very sad.

Jen said...

Oh no! Your poor pup! Did he make it ok? I hope so! What a crummy way to ring in the new year!

Hope the wedding goes well tomorrow. I LOVE your photos!

Nikki said...

Atonement = excellent!!! All sorts of emotions will run through it but it was amazing. I loved it!

christin said...

poor rudybaby!!!!! WHAT ON EARTH???? he is such a scrapper, but those doggies downstairs need to WATCH IT. i feel like this isn't the only run-in with the neighbor and her dogs - am I right?

so sorry about the tough stuff with the friend with the baby and all that junk - look at it this way, she will get no sleep for the next 6 months, whereas you can still sleep in. a small consolation, but one I'd hold on to. :)

Atonement - dying to see it, scared to go to a movie where I'll cry.

raspberrygelato said...

happy new year! thanks for your comment- no i didn't have much m/s actually but CONSTANT headaches everyday, so i had to resort to taking tylenol a lot. i hope it gets better soon. much love and hope to you and your hubby this year! keep in touch...

Hope said...

I know what it feels like to love a dog...sigh! I hope he makes a quick recovery. I am new to your blog, but love it.

I hope you have fun at the wedding, loved the verses you tagged on too!

Julie Nickerson said...

Oh no, poor ru-ru. That is awful, Allison.

See ya tomorrow.

mom said...

very nice blog honey. :) give ruru a big kiss from gammy. lara's finger....maybe broken???

getnhealthy4babies said...

i love the two psalms you put at the end...thanks for putting them there! I needed to read that! I hope your wedding goes well...i just loved when you posted pics on xanga about your are so amazing at photography!

Monica said...

Allison, I just read your 2007 recap, and it's really beautiful. It's so hard to die to self daily, but you said it so well.

Hope your puppy is okay. Poor dog!

Praying for you in 2008.

Nikki said...

I need a new post - i'm going through withdrawals over here

glenna said...

So....where'd you go?