Monday, November 3, 2008

oversimplified reasoning for my support of mccain

well, here we are.
it's Election Eve.
and there will be NO love lost over the conclusion of election season...i'm SO ready for it to be behind me. yet. somehow the news is already talking about the 2012 election season, which i know will start on wednesday morning. how foolish of me to think i'll get a break from hearing about it all.

i know this election season has been rather dramatic. first woman VP. first black President. america has come so far, and we pride ourselves on being oh so progressive. yet, i'm incredibly disappointed over how incredibly stupid i feel so much of america is, as well. senseless. emotional. without direction. desperate. maybe i'm just reaching an age where i can recognize it for what it is. maybe i've finally been around enough to compare this election season to those of yesteryear. maybe i've reached an age where i actually care like i haven't before. where i can understand reaping what we sow, as a nation. where i recognize the feeling of aftershock tremors, whenever the earthquake happens in affects me. it affects you. whether we accept that or not.

politics affects us all.
and we should care.
we should fully understand the repercussions of this election.

and so i'll briefly underscore a few of the reasons why i will vote for John McCain tomorrow.
in a country where the voice is SO LOUD for Barack Obama, i feel it's only fair for me to speak up for my candidate of choice.

and listen, we all relate more to one candidate over another based on WHAT MATTERS to us. no two lives are the same, no two sets of life circumstances, no two minds are the same for how we perceive life.
this is simply my choice based on what matters to me. allison. it may not matter to you. other things may matter more. that's ok.
we all prioritize and vote accordingly.
voting is patriotic. period. no matter who you vote for.
i may REALLY dislike who you've voted for -- but am thrilled you voted. that's democracy. that's how it should be.

The Economy:
i feel there is an assault on capitalism. obama is going to increase taxes on the very entities that create jobs in america, which in turn, will result in more job loss and loss of benefits. hello. joe the plummer. i mean, that interview SAYS IT ALL. "i think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody." this should be a window into the future of america, under obama. even the most nonchalant bystander can recognize that for what it is. and i certainly don't like it. an even bigger problem under obama is the filibuster-proof majority in congress. the democrats will hold a super-majority, during a world economic crisis, a situation that is CAUSED by democrats defective ideology. sure, mccain is not the sole solution. i personally believe the economy, at this juncture can only sort itself out. but i firmly believe that obama would horribly magnify this painful experience.

you know, while i'm at it...take a look at both obama and mccain's tax forms for the past 6 years.
guess who gives 6% to charity and guess who gives 27%.
for a guy who does NOTHING but talk about spreading wealth and being his "brother's keeper"....uhm...then why did you give 0% to charitable organizations until you started running for president 2 years ago. obama, you made $1.7 MILLION DOLLARS in 2006 and only gave 6% to non-profits? that's IT? mccain wasn't even RUNNING for president and has consistently been giving 25-27% for as far back as his tax records go.... i just think this speaks VOLUMES about a candidate. obama would rather take other people's money than to simply DONATE his own to causes that are dear to his heart. why are taxes the answer for people who are too selfish to generously donate. he's NOT his brother's keeper and he showed NO interest in spreading his wealth. it makes NO sense to me. it reminds me of a friend i have, a real true friend. real life here. she lost her job this time last year. she decided to work under the table. she's never paid taxes on her "home business." she collects unemployment bc she's just "unsure about going back to an office." and she gives 0% of her money away to charity. (even when she made 6 figures, she didn't either...we would talk about it.) in my eyes, she's a drag on society. she refuses to go to work. she refuses to pay taxes. she refuses to be HONEST with the unemployment office. and she refuses to contribute to non-profits. YET. she looks at me with a straight face and says, "obama SHOULD raise taxes! look at those people who make so much money....they SHOULD help out the middle class...." why do i always feel it's the people that don't GIVE....that want to tax america more? whether it's the millionaire or the friend who lost her's unamerican to me. until YOU GIVE charitably, how dare you suggest i be taxed MORE, to suit the government's programs that i don't even support!?
WHY should the person who GETS UP every day, heads to a corporate office, sacrifices his OWN TIME to invest in HARD WORK, went to college, makes a COMMITMENT to an employer, WHY should THEY be taxed more b/c they make more? did they not EARN their stature? did they not put in MORE TIME than the friend who'd rather sleep in, and be a leach on society....sucking other's tax dollars so that she can ...."find herself...." please, people. wake up. the business owner should hardly be penalized any more than that waitress who chose to not pursue higher education and potentially create jobs...

(email me if you want the candidates tax forms....i have them.)

National Security:
we are at war. duh.
one candidate has middle-east sympathies, with zero military expertise.
one candidate has been serving his country for 40 years.
this was so easy for me.
obama wants to diminish the military of this country. he wants to dismantle the missile defense shield at a time when russia has 2x the nuclear power that we do.
north korea is working to become nuclear.
iran is spitting in our faces ad doing the same.
china is increasingly their military budget....all while obama wants to shift money away from national security.
obama wants to CUT our military budget by 25%. somebody out there PLEASE help me understand how this is smart. sure, we NEED to cut spending. but is this REALLY the area we should start at? really??? REALLY???
i'm sorry, but i can't vote for a dude during a WARTIME season, who's voting record in Illinois was "present" 97% of the time. great. you showed up for work. and you CHOSE not to take a side 97% OF THE TIME? doesn't this scare people? doesn't this cause SOME nervousness? he refused to make a decision. he KNEW how he felt only 3% of the time. he was willing to take a stand 3% of the time. wow. would i go to a hospital and allow a surgeon to operate on me when he's only been confident of his capability 3% of the time? would i hire a lawyer who was confident in his capability 3% of the time? then how can i vote for a guy when he's only made his opinion clear to the public, 3% of the time? sure, palin may not be ready to be VP...but at LEAST i know what she stands for. at least i can trust her. next point.....

i feel like mccain makes sound judgements. obama doesn't.
obama has somehow surrounded himself with the likes of William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Rashid Khalidi, Samantha Powers, and Acorn, etc.

it seems that obama has made alot of friendships that were for convenience, because i love how he claims he hardly knew any of them, despite contrary evidence. he discards his "friends" when they become a liability. where are his true friends? where are the friends of his childhood that will speak of his character? tried and true friends? he's only supported by supporters of his campaign. mccain, on the other hand has many lifelong friends dating back to his time as a prisoner. people who can really give testimony toward his loyalty and faithfulness. not to mention, he's got a public track record. we know how he values his priorities, how he votes, we know so much more about it bc he's been around so much longer.

Sanctity of Life:
mccain - prolife.
obama - pro choice.
i'll spare you any additional in-depth discussion on this...but i do feel this speaks to the moral fabric of our country. we should protect all life. even when it's inconvenient. i'm INCREDIBLY disturbed that obama (in that 3% of the time he voted up or down) was one of the few congressmen who voted in support of partial birth abortion. horrific. another easy choice for me.
(i'm sorry, but when you justify a procedure that pulls the entire body of a full-term baby out of a women, just shy of delivering the head and procede to crack the skull open to suck out the brain and then deliver a dead human being...i just can't vote for you. i just cannot. sorry...but i have standards. obama -- that makes you a sick, sick human being. to stand on the senate floor and FIGHT for the right to take away a child's right to LIVE. a breathing, kicking, living baby...and to fight for the right of a 16 year old to undergo this procedure w/o the consent of her parents, well....this presents some serious character issues, folks. pro-choice is one thing. i disagree but can UNDERSTAND the panic of a woman who's pregnant at 6 weeks. no less murder. but. i am not beyond seeing their point. but a 40-week old infant?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?)

you know...i could go on all day. we could discuss education, healthcare, borders, judicial nominees and the protection of our Constitution, 2nd amendment, national service, and more....but it'll get tedious and overbearing.

so let me just say this.
in the event of a national crisis -- and since they happen every other day, these days -- which is a real possibility:
who do you trust with the crisis.
i'll leave you with a piece written by Krauthammer:

"Who do you want answering that phone at 3 a.m.? A man who's been cramming on these issues for the last year, who's never had to make an executive decision affecting so much as a city, let alone the world? A foreign policy novice instinctively inclined to the flabbiest, most vaporous multilateralism (e.g., the Berlin Wall came down because of "a world that stands as one"), and who refers to the most deliberate act of war since Pearl Harbor as "the tragedy of 9/11," a term more appropriate for a bus accident? Or do you want a man who is the most prepared, most knowledgeable, most serious foreign policy thinker in the United States Senate? A man who not only has the best instincts, but has the honor and the courage to, yes, put country first, as when he carried the lonely fight for the surge that turned Iraq from catastrophic defeat into achievable strategic victory? There's just no comparison. Obama's own running mate warned this week that Obama's youth and inexperience will invite a crisis -- indeed a crisis "generated" precisely to test him. Can you be serious about national security and vote on Nov. 4 to invite that test? And how will he pass it? Well, how has he fared on the only two significant foreign policy tests he has faced since he's been in the Senate? The first was the surge. Obama failed spectacularly. He not only opposed it. He tried to denigrate it, stop it and, finally, deny its success. The second test was Georgia, to which Obama responded instinctively with evenhanded moral equivalence, urging restraint on both sides. McCain did not have to consult his advisers to instantly identify the aggressor. Today's economic crisis, like every other in our history, will in time pass. But the barbarians will still be at the gates. Whom do you want on the parapet? I'm for the guy who can tell the lion from the lamb."

no, mccain is not perfect. yes, i disagree with him on many things....but at least he's got a track record. a resume thicker than one page. and claims Christ as his Savior. i may disagree with him, but i sleep better at night when my Commander in Chief recognizes who he will ultimately answer to. and it's not just the voters....


to end on a humorous note, please look at the face of a kid who hasn't pooped in 4 days:


Nikki said...

I always love your blogs - totally serious to snot laughter. I passed your blog along to some people. I almost decked a woman at the doctors office today b/c she was talking political nonsense. If you are gonna vote - know why and not just because you hate the other candidate. Geeez! Isaac is still the cutest baby ever - even if he's got a week old constipation face!

Julie Nickerson said...

Thank you for posting this!!!

I love it!

I too feel like there are SO MANY people being blinded right now by a man that plays word games.

Our country is in big trouble if Obama becomes President. SO SCARY!!


Julie Nickerson said...

oh and I forgot to add that I can NOT believe how HUGE Isaac is. He looks like such a butter ball in that picture!!!!

kcmarie122 said...

AWESOME! Thanks for posting this! I don't understand what has come over our nation. I just think that they all hate the war and would basically vote for ANYONE that is not Republican at this point.

I'm not a 100% McCain lover either but he is far far far more qualified to be President. I cringe at the thought of what Obama may turn our nation into. Too bad I think he's going to win.

But again, thanks for sharing. So many of your points were right on! (By the way, I don't think your arguments were oversimplified at all. You have shown you make decision based on facts, not just emotions! Good for you!) Would you mind e-mailing me those tax sheets?


Kristine said...

Hi Allison,
I just found your blog through the Becoming A Different Person blog so I am not familiar with your story (just what I looked at on your sidebar). But I just had to say I loved this post! I could go on and on about why I am voting for McCain tomorrow too and how maddening it is that so many people in this country are only looking at Obama as being not George Bush. They have no idea what is about to hit them if their candidate gets elected and as Rush Limbaugh said today (I love listening to him), there is going to be a lot of "buyer's remorse" come next year.

While I am feeling anxious about the outcome, I also feel like it is not over yet for McCain. The polls are so skewed and I really think that we could see another election outcome like in 1980 when the media was beside themselves because they had predicted that Jimmy Carter would win and Ronald Regan pulled it off with a landslide!

Thanks again!

Amber said...

Love love love it!! So happy you said everything that i've been thinking!!! I don't have a big readership, so I didn't even bother with it all. But you did fabulous.

I'm not terrified of Obama, because I know that He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.

I'm saddened at so many of my fellow believers are just flushing their morals down the toilet to vote for someone that really has not shown us that he knows anything about taking a moral stand.

Okay, I'll shut up now!

Precious picture!!

Glenna Marshall said...

We are on the SAME page!! Thanks for posting this!!

PS-thanks for the announcement! LOVE the pic of Isaac! He's on my fridge. :)