Thursday, October 30, 2008

holding steady

so we had our visit with georgetown hospital's apnea clinic. i love these people. they're so...i dunno. chipper? they squeal when they see how chubby isaac's gotten and he responds by peeing all over the baby scale. win/win for everybody.

and truth be told -- the kid is a tank.
frankly, chad and i call him "baby grenade."
after he is done eating...his belly is so round and hard and full, that we swear he'd blow up if he threw him across the room.

which is pretty disgusting if you think about it -- but nevertheless -- he's Baby Grenade.

he'll be 3mths on saturday. he's 13lbs.
bear in mind, 12 weeks ago, he weighed 5lbs 2oz.!
if they chart that for percentages, out of 100 babies born 6 weeks early, at 12 weeks of age, he's heavier than 95 of them.
all breastmilk, people.
i deserve awards. lots of awards.

and out of babies born FULL TERM, who are now 12 weeks old...he's 6oth percentile!
we're proud of baby grenade.

oh, and he's 23 inches long, up from 18.

now, funny part is -- his father is almost 6'5".
looks like isaac is taking after me in the height dept though, because he's only 75th percentile in length. chad is extremely disappointed that our child reminds us of john belushi. my bad.

he's still chained to his heart monitor for another 4 weeks.
he had heartrate dips twice over the last week, which gives them reason to feel it's best to keep him on the monitor for another month. and that's fine with me because at this point, i feel like that wire is attached to his life support or something. whenever we take if off to bath him, we watch him like we've just cut his oxygen off or something. like his heart is gonna stop and stuff. it'll be a tough day once they take it away from us....!


this means massive things for us! we can leave the house now! i sorta dont even know where to begin! i'm almost intimidated. it's been so long since i've lugged him around town, that it feels like a major undertaking. but i'm willing to take on the challenge, compared to staying in this SAAAAME room. yknow?

on a serious note -- my grandfather is dying.
it's my mom's dad and it's a very sad thing, as he's our last remaining grandparent and isaac's never met him.
THEREFORE, like the insane, crazy person that i am -- i've booked a ticket with my parents, to go say goodbye to him, while i still can. we're headed to Louisiana to spend time with family, which i haven't done...since...i really don't remember. it's TIME. it will be neat to get the 4 generation have something that will remind isaac that he did meet his great grandfather at one time.

i have no idea how the flight will go. i'm sure it'll be the biggest undertaking ever, considering my mom will probably be equally high-maintenance (sorry, mom!!! haha), AND we have a lay-over each way. man. say a prayer. nov. 11th. gonna be interesting!!

ok...time for PJs.
i would also like to eat something better than pancakes for dinner...but i have nothing in my house.
should i order take out...again?

oooooooh, halloween is tomorrow! standby for pictures of isaac's first day of FREEEEEDOM! ;)


Julie Nickerson said...

I love this precious boy!

I am SO PROUD of HIM and YOU!! (and of course, puff)!

Wow! 13lbs that is so impressive!!! If I remember correctly Abel was around 14/15lbs at 12 weeks so that is SO AWESOME that Isaac doesn't even seem like he was born 6 WEEKS EARLY!!!

We can't wait to see you!!! Do you want to get the boys together during the week next week and then try to do the family shoot that weekend? Let's figure that out...sat or sunday.

We can't wait to see Isaac! It has been so long and I am kinda sad that he isn't the tiny burrito baby any longer.

How fitting that his first day out is Halloween!!! YAY!!!

ckuretich said...

pancakes. always pancakes. :) you can't go wrong!

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather...but it'll be good to go see him. I didn't meet my grandfather either, my dad's parents I met only once, and now all of our grandparents are gone, both Dave's & mine. very sad!

I hope your mom does ok on the flight too! Lots of drugs will help. :(

Isaac is HUGE. have you decided if I can call him Ike yet? :)

Chrissy said...

ok. yeah!!! i love that he's doing so well. it melts my heart. HE melts my heart.

i am so sorry for your grandpa. but's good you're going to see him. that picture will mean a lot to you.

safe flight love....

Chrissy said...

ps: i need halloween pictures. how'd it go WITHOUT lara!?