Monday, September 24, 2007

Branching Out

i did it.
i took the PLUNGE.....

i bought an ipod!!!
i'm still trying to figure it all out, and to be honest, apple never ceases to amaze me!!! you plug the darn thing in and WHAM! it starts to upload -- i'm floored.

and of course i got the cutest one i could find:

hello. it's red :)
i think it holds up to...dunno...a few thousand songs and if any of you really know me that well, you'll grasp that i'm a raging loser when it comes to music! but i uploaded what i DO have on iTunes at the moment (my hubby's acct, he's got one already!)....and i intended to use it on vacation, but -- i didn't take it out once!!!! i couldn't stop reading long enough to care about music. i finished one of the BEST novels i've EVER read called, "Vanishing Acts".....i forgot how much i enjoy reading.

at any rate, i thought you'd all be proud...i've made technological progress!
if any of you would like to make some music suggestions -- i'm all ears!!!


Eric and Emily B. said...

Hey!! I love the new blog. I also love that ipod. I was looking into the ipod for Christmas for my hubby because right now he has the ipod shuffle and its just too small. So will you be letting us know on xanga that you have updated this site?

April said...

hello! I like your new ipod is getting picked up tonight because I wasnt home to sign for the fedex guy to leave it...mine is an ipod nano...I am excited to try it out!

April said...

have you used your i-pod yet? just wondering since we have the same one...i figured maybe we can help eachother out if we come across something neat or if we have problems!!! because I am so new to this too!

ckuretich said...

I found it! I'm here. congrats on the iPod. you won't be sorry. try grocery shopping with it - i swear, it's the best.