Friday, September 28, 2007

the morning after...

i don't even know where to begin.
maybe i was aiming too high. maybe placing THE OFFICE as the highlight of the YEAR was a tad too....ambitious of me. ( pathetic does that sound...) sure, ckuretich, the alfredo carbo load was har-har funny. i think i laughed out loud once...and that was either at: A) his dog and fish monologue. big dog vs small fish, or B) "forgiveness next to godliness.

that's it.
the rest seemed so FORCED....whereas before it was so effortless.
my world may just be shattered.

OH AND DRAG US ALONG FOR MULTIPLE SEASONS regarding Jim & Pam....only to have the ENTIRE relationship ordeal understated and in progress? LEFT US OUT OF THE DTR!!?? the FIRST DATE??!! all the anticipation's done already!? ....please.

let's hope for the network's sake forgiveness really is next to godliness.....they'll need it.

FORTUNATELY, i have a fun day ahead to offset my heartbreak.
but first i'd like to talk about a little place that has become a rather painful place for me to enter. it's big...noisy...loud....overwhelming...not convenient location-wise....and a MONEY-TRAP:


see, i REALLY loved target in college. it was RIGHT THERE and even though i was ridiculously poor in college -- you always mustered up the money to have a hay day in there. but what is it about that place that you walk in and walk out with a bill you can't believe you charged!!?

and what is it about Target buy allllot of stuff...and can NEVER remember what the heck it was!!!? like, my credit card statement comes in and i'm like...."WHAT THE HECK DID I BUY THERE!!??" and it's like this black hole in my brain....because...more times than not.....IT WAS JUNK in a nice package. sorry, target-ites.

Perks of Target:
1) v. v. v. cheap ovulation test kits. ($12 cheaper than at the CVS around the block from me!!!)
2) ....tapping fingers on keyboard thinking......OH, swedish fish i always in stock for my husband.
3) tank tops.
4) summer flip flops
5) dog food.

Reasons for Hate:
1) carts are ALWAYS disgusting and sticky. i cringe even TOUCHING them.
2) they never ever ever have memory cards in i end up wandering around buying something else much less important.
3) why! are the dressing room people always SO freaking mean?!
4) halloween costumes for dogs aren't appropriately sized for Rudy. c'mon.
5) half ...if not most...of the picture frames are broken, somehow, in some way....
6) nobody is EVER at the jewelry counter
7) it's not THAT cheap to shop there...but because they use loud, cutesy, obnoxious colors and displays, you FEEL like you're at an upscale K-mart.

i can go to the GAP and spend the same amount these days on a sweater that looks like something target has on it's racks....and guess what! it probably won't fall apart after the first wash! brilliant. old navy has better deals than target...and i would know. because they're both side by side in my shopping center.....

needless to say = i was forced to go to target yesterday for a new external hard drive....some DVD cases....and a massive picture frame for a client. they had all three. check, check, check....but was i able to stop? NOOOOOOOOOO......

i got a nifty little DVD cover kit thingy. have i opened it? nope. do i understand it? nope. but there ya go, i mean, it says #1 on it -- so i had to do it. i'll let you know how it turns out...

and then i got these beauts, in my fave color.....i THINK for less than $10, but since i refuse to look at my receipt i'm not quite sure:

at any rate, i don't intend to go back to target anytime soon. and that's today's rant!

in other news:
i feel really unsettled and think today will involve ALOT of organizing. it's really a wonder that this place hasn't burned down yet, considering THIS is what is under my chair at this very moment....

yikes. that is not pretty. that's TWO power strips going into ONE outlet. we need to make some changes.....that's on my right. on my LEFT is this:

i am proud to say that MOST of that isn't mine. hubbs did just get back from a biz trip....but even this is pretty bad for him. his pathetic little desk in the background is now covered....Lord knows what those boxes materials? WE NEED A NEW HOUSE!!!!! i can't DO this crap anymore. i mean....we have armoir, two bookshelves, a king bed, two desks, AND our storage unit = ALL ROLLED INTO ONE BEDROOM. HELP!!!!!

and my desk:

what IS all this crap!!? two mice?! i don't even USE one of those. stack of quarters, keys, bills, etc. sigh. it's CLEAN UP DAY!!!

tonight is dinner with an old coworker and her brand new hubby downtown at:

nothing heals my soul like....QUESO!!!!
i hope everybody has a great weekend....


Kelly Lee said...

It was definitely not as funny as I had hoped for, although I actually spit a little bit when he hit meridyth..that totally shocked me. I think they just have to set up the season a bit showing where everyone is...but I agree...they better freaking do flashbacks or something to tell us more about pam and jim, although they were totally adorable. Love the shoes!!

Becky Barber said...

Ummm...i ALMOST bought those red shoes at target!! love them!!

chrissy said...

i agree whole-heartedly. i laughed a lot during the show but it was a tad of a let-down....i story....stat. more laughs please.

although the alfredo thing killed me. and as kelly said....the slap. hilarious.