Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Let's DISH!!!

ok, i know it's a cheesy name, but, i'm in love.
i'm in love with Let's Dish!! (note: nina, you need to check it's by far better than MGFK!)

so to start from the beginning, my girlfriend annmarie invited me to an event that the bethesda chamber of commerce was putting on for female business owners! woo hoo! so last evening i drove out to rockville during rush hour -- LUCKY ME! -- to meet up with her (why didn't i bring my camera!?) and other biz-chics from around the area at a place called Let's Dish.

sorry if this is redundant because of a previous post on another blog about My Girlfriends Kitchen, same sorta thing. bear with me, people.

so you show up, slap on an apron, pull your hair back with an adorable freshly baked chocolate scones....sip on coffee....and pretend to be a domestic goddess, whipping up perfect dishes for future use! OH, and you get to do it with one of your best friends. i mean, you could do it alone, but that would not only be expensive, but not as fun!!! oh, and by the way -- it's got a higher ranking than MGFK by the washingtonian AND it's cheaper!! (they're very very very defensive around peeps who have gone to other chains....)

did i meet any other cool business owners?
did annmarie and i not shut up for nearly 2 hours (shoulda taken us only 45 minutes...but she's a newbie and we had alot of catching up to do!!! it's hard to measure, read, mix, knead, AND hear about the latest engagements, breakups, baby news, holiday plans, vacations, etc!), which was alot of fun!!! and they gave us free desserts on our way out.

somebody told these people that sugar sells.

we then went out to dinner at chilis and i drove home to meet up with puff-chaddy right as his plane was landing from a business trip in houston. having him gone for three days was harsh, after a non-stop week of hanging out together. i missed him too much....and of course i had no qualms about ripping out the cold, uneaten, leftover queso i refused to leave behind at the restaurant as a nightcap. no qualms at all my friends......

in other news...SEASON KICK OFF OF THE OFFICE STARTS IN 34 hours!!! that's if my math didn't just fail me. .....shut up. i have a bride and her fiance showing up at my house in 32 hours for a consultation and i'm dreaming up ways of making their visit to my house as UNCOMFORTABLE as possible so that there will NEVER BE A CHANCE of the meeting overlapping with the show starting. i think my mission is accomplished, if she's reading this blog right now. otherwise, i'll just have to put a sock in it, when i'd otherwise ramble about peonies not being in season in august ONLY to learn that it was all a lie when I GOT MARRIED....

it's a fine line with brides.
they want to know you can relate....but they also do NOT want to hear endless dramz about your wedding day. i cross the line every time. it may be annoying.....but i call it an icebreaker. hello!

ok, back to my point about TV...OH....but i will be THAT GIRL who actually comes to the table right now raving about the bachelor. because puff was outta town and because you simply cannot WATCH the bachelor alone....and because lanier has the MOST adorable house in the city....we converged at her place, over pizza, wine, greek salad, fluffy blankets....and it was amazing. ABC did not fail us this season. he's HOT. he's semi-normal. and the girls are delusional and insane. (and know it's true! Oh, and when did it become normal for everybody in their 20's to get boob jobs!?)'s perfect :)

it's almost 1130.
i need to go.
i have so much to do.
and an email from a client in my inbox just reminded me of it ....



chrissy said...

uhm i must do this 'let's dish.' i need to go google one. that sounds SO much better than my girlfriend's kitchen!!!

April said...

i love my far I have been able to download all my music, some videos and photos so I am loving it! I love The Office too, Jim and I have been watching old episodes to get ready for the new ones...we cant wait!

April said...

btw...the Lets dish thing sounds so it only where you live?

ckuretich said...

um, you do not even KNOW how much I've missed this.

i have no idea what MGFK and Let's Dish is. is it a cooking class? i confused.

THE OFFICE. i'll be WORKING. kill me now. or maybe not???? maybe I wno't have to worry and i can just settle into my hotel room for a BEAUTIFUL FULL NIGHT of Thursday night premieres?!?!??!? MAYBE?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
oh i hope so.

Nina said...

Hilarious...I found you. Who would have guessed I would look at your old blog since it hasn't had a post in...well, a few years. But, it sent me here, so yay for my faith.

Ditto on Let's Dish! We went there last month...remember when I INVITED YOU??? :) We are on again for October 13th if you can come! I like it but not for every meal. So, evey six weeks or so is good for me.

Lots more veggies and way closer...cheers to Dish!

Missed Bachelor (was watching Eloise cartoons with the niece and nephew) but excited for the Office.

Miss ya!

lanier said...

Little Greenie and I love when you come to visit ... the door's always open...and Mayesie, as you know, is ALWAYS ready to kiss your face...over and over and over ...

n8andbumber said...

umm hello would you like to see my webbed toes or would you rather me show you how i can contort my body into a pretzel?