Monday, November 5, 2007


i am drop dead exhausted.
new york kicked my rear SO HARD CORE.
(and i didn't even freakin' run the dang race...though being a real, live, running-the-streets spectator with 2 million people is NO SMALL FEAT...)

i'll post pictures tomorrow.
i just dropped my suitcase...and am heading over to lalalalala's house to watch The Bachelor.
priorities people. the middle of SUCH a distraction from all things fertility related....THIS had to throw a wrench in my saturday...

nothing like a panicked called to the fertility clinic.
nothing like staring at toilet paper and wondering when is your life every going to feel normal again....


chad finished in four hours and 48 minutes!!!
i'll post all sortsa crazy pics in the morning....
it was by far (despite the above glitch) one of the best weekends of my life.
a true memory i am SO SO SO thankful to have tucked away in my heart forever!!!


glenna said...

What the heck happened to your body? 17 days????? That's all you get this cycle? WEIRD!

Wow--Chad was bookin' it through that race! Glad you had fun; looking forward to pics.

I had a lovely dip case yo u haven't stalked in a few days. ;)

meet joelle said...

ummm, the BACHELOR when the STEELERS are on????????
miss ya girlie.

heather said...

Hey! Kelly Portnoy gave me the link to your blog since we're tracking some of the same emotions in life right now ( i'm sorry about your chart - and understand the LIFE OF THE CHART. it's hard.

on a lighter note - did you get to stand by Tom Cruise at the race? ;)

ckuretich said...

GOOD TIMES!!!!!!! can't wait to see the pics, so glad you had a great time.

and Joelle should know, since when do you watch FOOTBALL??? willingly? :)

Julie Nickerson said...

YAY! so happy for C-puff.

Crazy about your chart!

Glad you two had fun!!!!

Nina said...

Totally random but...I am amazed that Chad's twin is on Dancing with the Stars!! Everytime I see Cameron Mathison, I think "Wow, Chad is such a good DANCER!" Allison, the next time you are missing Chad while he is traveling, just turn on All My Children!! (Does Chad have muscles like him too?)

chrissy said...

A) soooo sooo soooo glad to spend the weekend with you.

B) so awkward that i got to be there while you're staring at said toilet paper. we have hit a new level of friendship. HAHAHAHAHAHA