Thursday, March 27, 2008

chad's christmas gift came early....

we RANDOMLY today found out we're having a BOY!!!????

today i had a prenatal appt. and chad (for very strange and random reasons, long story) decided to tag along.

he never comes to the weekly heartbeat appts.

today b/c of a twist of weirdness, he decided to come.

thank GOODNESS he did.

i was telling the doctor that i've had really low sharp pains and overall ill feelings.

i've lost over 2lbs in one week.

probably ALL the stress and running and lifting and madness going on in my life.

i think i may be overdoing it.

i also think that because chad happened to be with me -- the doctor felt i was really worried and honestly not feeling well. "oh she brought her hubby, this must mean business."

nothing could be further from the truth. he was along for other reasons pertaining to errands.

all in all, "lets run you downstairs for a sonogram."


i'm laying on the table, watching baby squirm around and chad's nose is two inches from the flat screen projection on the wall of the baby...trying to determine the sex.

"doctor, please try to tell us what we're having."

doctor chuckled that it's a bit premature, but that he'd try.
after fishing around for a good minute, and after chad and i yelling out "BOY!" before the doctor uttered a word.....the doctor FINALLY said, "yes...that's a boy!"

chad honestly....was more shocked than i've seen him in a long time. and then nearly fell over in relief. HE WANTED A BOY SO SO SO SO BADLY and to find out was so incredible for him. i was more shocked that they were able to SEE ANYTHING at this stage! i'm THRILLED for a boy, but i would have been over the moon regardless....i've never been REALLY needy about one gender over the other. my jaw was just open because we received the ANSWER when it was such a stretch!

chad continued, "how SURE are you?"

doctor replied, "100%"

now, i know what i saw on that monitor. i KNOW i saw a boy as well. BUT.....crazier things have happened than a wrong premature estimation. SO, in 3-4 weeks, we'll KNOW for sure but mistakes are much higher in declaring a GIRL too early, than declaring a BOY too early.

i have to say -- i knew it deep down inside though.
our boy name was chosen from the beginning.
boy nursery stuff seemed easier to choose.
i flipping wanna paint my house BLUE, which i normally hate.....that shoulda been a trigger :)

girl names never came together and i just wasn't feeling girly much.
i know it's all stupid, there's no way to have an simply have a 50% chance of guessing before you find out.

but it's fun to put it all together.
and it's fun to watch chad beam. :)

fun is the wrong's supernatural and miraculous and wonderful.
history in the making....

PRAISE HIM for today's news :)


Glenna Marshall said...

YOU forgot about registering, but I forgot about GENDER! Ha! HOLY COW ...IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited for you!! Now you get to register for boy stuff!

Julie Nickerson said...

You know me and my boys are thrilled that Mini Puff will be entering the world.

I died laughing when I read that Chad's face was pushed up against the monitor. So cute. He is already being an over involved daddy. love it!

meet joelle said...


and you thought Rudy was alot of work!
just you wait! :):)

BECKY LYNN said...

Oh my STINKIN' GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry I haven't been around and haven't read your blog in a while....and now I find that you are PREGNANT???????????????? Oh, Allison, I am so SO excited for you.....and SO unbelieveably sorry I haven't been keeping up. I am such a bad friend. Please PLEASE forgive me! I am going to go back and read now when and how this happened. Congrats, you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chrissy said...

so exciting!!!!! so did the doctor ever tell u what the cramping was about??

dude. so good to see you this weekend. jay actually said, 'my only regret from this weekend is that we didn't get to spend more time with allison & chad!' aw....

alpullen said...

Ok.....I haven't been very good about checking your blog lately. i don't think Ive checked it since January?? CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am SO happy for you...and I'm even happier that you're having a boy! I have two girls, and now a baby boy, and although I of course LOVE my girls, there is just SOMETHING about my boy.....Seriously, congratulations!!!