Sunday, March 23, 2008

she's alive....hardly.

hey everybody....gosh....been a while since the "big announcement," and i really want to tell you all how much i appreciate your kind words and support. i'm still in weird adjustment phase, BUT, overcoming some of the fear and sometimes not.

i've officially gained 5 pounds and my jeans are horrible tight....and i wish i could say that's the extent of my news for the past 2 weeks....BUT, it's not.

i dont know where to begin (don't i allllways say that?) but WE FINALLY BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! i was fearful (another common word around here) that it would fall through AGAIN, so i refrained from posting it....but we CLOSE on march 31st and MOVE on april 17/18th!!!!! we're beyond thrilled, however, we're very exhausted as well.

chad's mom was in town ALL last week helping us decide on new hardwood, ceramic, carpet, paint, countertops, etc etc etc.....and LET ME TELL YOU....that's ALOT to decide upon in 5 days. my feet NEVER touched the ground....she landed here on sunday and we were OFF and i'm still recovering.

BUT, midway through the week -- RUDY WAS ATTACKED!!!!!
it was gruesome and evil and horrendous and HEARTBREAKING.

a massive evil lab broke free from his fence while my neighbor was walking rudy....and charged him from about 30 ft away. fortunately we had witnesses for our police report...but lets just say he's been to 2 different vets, and to the hospital 3 times in the last week. JUST WHAT I HAVE TIME FOR!!!! he's on sedatives, painkillers, sedatives, drains, with stitches and staples.....and bedrest, essentially.

yes, his medical bills from this are in the thousands.
yes, we're suing.
yes, the other dog owner is a JERK, even though rudy was on a leash (abiding by the LAW) and his dog was NOT (breaking the law.)
yes, rudy still has additional appts at the hospital to oversee his healing.....

and yes, i nearly died when i met up with my neighbor at the scene of the attack. :(

never a dull moment around here, people. never a dull moment.

my point is -- i'm going to try to post photos of the NEW HOUSE soon....but be patient with me because i'm hardly home this month. between traveling, house guests, and final construction selections for the house and wrapping up loose ends with inspection, walk-thru's and settlement....we're up to our EARS with madness.

but overall, these are GOOD THINGS.
exception = rudy drama.
but we've DESPERATELY wanted to buy a house for as long as i can remember -- and most of you KNOW this b/c you've heard me complain about it on my blogs for a lifetime. so this is an answer -- however, it's come with more decisions that i expected!! :)

more details to come!!!!
Happy Easter :)


Filtering Life said...

oh my word...that is just horrible! I am so glad you have the law and witnesses on your side. That looks positively disgusting and i am sure that is light years away from what it did look like. Congrats on the house, I can't wait to see it! What a huge move, no pun intended, but perfect timing for your growing family!

Becky Barber said...

oh my gosh!!! poor rudy!! those pics are so sad and awful.

and are you buying a NEW house?? very exciting.

Chrissy said...

did u get my rudy card today? i nearly shat myself when i saw that! my poor poor baby. will he be lucid when i get there sunday? sniffle. i hope so. i wanna hug him and cuddle with him in bed! (wow. that sounded so weird....) can't wait to see u and celebrate all these amazing things!! just a few days!! hugs.

heather said...

oh, no!! poor thing!! nothing like adding a little more drama to an already busy life.

congrats on the home! sounds like you guys are moving into a NEW home, too - which I'm sure has it's own share of stresses - that's a lot of stuff to pick out!

like kelly said, perfect timing with your family. so happy for you all around (except of course for rudy, poor thing).

Eric and Emily B. said...

Hey (old baby_beezhold here, new xanga name is lovedme4me).

Omgoodness, I saw you announcement. I'm so happy for you, congrats on being pregnant!!

I'm so sorry to see your dog like that. I can't believe some animals can be so cruel. I would sue too.

Can't wait to see pictures of the new house!!


getnhealthy4babies said...

having two dogs i truly cannot imagine going through what your going through...oh...just looking at the pics makes my heart hurt...i probably would still be bawling my eyes out if it was my dog...your dog is so sweet and brave...poor little puppy! I hope he/she gets better and 100% back to normal! Oh...that just breaks my heart...i hope the other dog gets laid to rest!