Monday, May 26, 2008

happy memorial day!!!

i didn't realize it was memorial day weekend until last week.
my friend told me she was going to the beach for a long weekend, and that was my first indicator that a holiday was approaching! how SAD! where has this month GONE?!

regardless, i should have realized it was coming up when we were notified our NEIGHBORHOOD POOL was opening up!!! and it's open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. go figure. i still managed to overlook it. or put two and two together.

guess i've been distracted.

nevertheless, puffy and i DID trek over to the pool yesterday and he was even brave enough to do a few laps in the 62 degree water. are you JOKING ME? he couldn't speak for the first five minutes he had gotten out....but i think he enjoyed it. i sat on my trusty little lounge chair and proceeded to get burnt. which wasn't my intention, given i only sat out there for an hour -- but this white body has not really seen sun for what feels like years!!!!!

it was really nice to know that once the water warms up -- maybe i can change that.

in other news, my sweet husband wanted to take a picture of me yesterday because he loved my dress so much. gosh, it's the little things, right? i bought it from target for $24 and from his adoration of it -- you'd think i'd spent hundreds. makes me wanna wear it every day -- given you simply don't feel so cute when the scale reminds you that you're packing on weight like a champ.

we had just gotten back from church -- where, ironically -- another girl ran up to me with the same dress on :) must be a popular one!

this has been a rough week...i'm not complaining ...but things physically became more challenging this past week. my stomach HURTS!!! hard to explain but it feels like one of the below and potentially all of the below, depending on when you ask me:

1) a sumo wrestler just beat the crap out of my mid-section.

2) i've just run a marathon and the side-sticker is permanently stabbing my rib-cage. (assuming it would feel pretty hellish to run a marathon, i plan on never learning firsthand)

3) i've just completed 1000 sit-ups. (again....i can't relate to this b/c i've never done it, however, this is how i'd imagine it would feel. which. is a good reason to refrain from EVER attempting it.)

my sides just hurt. mainly my right side. which makes this even WEIRDER.
i guess it's stretching...or something....but it hurts to turn over in bed. it hurts to get out of the car. everything is just sore. i was told this is common and to expect it, but it feels VERY different from what i had imagined it would feel like. same will probably be said of labor as well -- shoooould be interesting!!!

....ah, the long-awaited joys....

but i am still joyful and excited and thrilled to lose a few hours of sleep each night ALREADY....with the baby as the end result....i'm just keeping you posted on the quirks along the way!!!!

also, i love my church.
as i've emphasized on a few occasions, i have never registered, bought anything, and have nothing but a really messy, crappy room that will be "future baby room." and i get an email last week from a girlfriend at church who has an 8mth old baby girl, and wants to lend me all this stuff she wishes she didn't actually SPEND the money on!!!!! I LOVE THAT!!!!

granted, she had a girl. so i was hesitant, thinking she went out and bought a bunch of pink stuff for her firstborn. lo and behold, however, she brought it to church yesterday for me and ....IT'S ALL BLUE AND GREEN!?!?!?! YAY!!!!

so currently, in my house, i have a:

little bouncy, vibrating, massage, seat-thingy! (omg...i dont even know NAMES of this stuff...)

she said it was a LIFESAVER for her and it enabled her to cook dinner, take showers, do laundry and stuff like that. chad's ears perked up b/c anything thats involved in assisting me make dinner is huge. "we'll TAKE IT!" har har har.

then we got a she called it.
apparently, kids can get out of the bumbo. and they can't get out of this similar contraption.
look how CUTE it is!!!!

ah! i could stare at it all day -- it's the smallest thing i've ever seen. of course her baby was BORN at 10lbs (cringe) she outgrew this puppy pretty fast. scary. THEN what do you do with your kid???

THEN she lent me a little portable baby-bath.
it folds up really cute, "and suffices for the newborn stage....don't buy it. it's a waste of money b/c they outgrow it so quickly!!! here ya go!"
again....SO SMALL!!!!

i'm staring at it in my office right now (pics are of my office, NOT the baby room) and feel especially weirded out by it all.'s baby stuff. in myyyyy house. i know this is a particularly novel concept, given i'm SIX MONTHS PREGNANT....but....blah dee blah....i haven't really gone there, in my head, yet.

so weird.
way to BRING IT HOME that this house will look very different in three months, on the inside.
baby gear galore!!!!

in other news -- i have a perinatal specialist appt on tuesday. oh wait. that's tomorrow. gosh, i sound psychotic. at 130PM. they'll be doing some measuring of the baby's size in a level 2 sonogram appt, to make sure he's growing appropriately. i have to admit, i'm feeling anxious. :( so if you could just pray that they send me off with a "totally normal, see you in four weeks!" report, that would be so appreciated..... and also, pray that they don't find anything else in there to cause alarm. they're still watching his brain/heart/kidneys to make sure development is on track -- and our prayer is that IT IS. i'll update tomorrow!

i have my GLUCOSE test on wednesday -- which should be interesting as well. hopefully my blood suger cooperates and again....that all is well!!!!

ok, i should RUN!
today's agenda:

1) hit up the Jos.ABanks sale to get a suit for chad, who's blue suit is so falling apart it's a little embarrassing. if a suit is your uniform -- it's help to have more than -- two.
2) make a surprise visit at a friend's house.
3) go to our old land-lord's house to demand our security deposit back. SURPRISE!!! you won't return our calls, our emails, or our texts -- so guess WHAT! we'll stalk you at your house. i mean, PEOPLE! what is going on here? we need that money back!!!!
4) head to the BBQ :)

have a fabu memorial day and i'll be back tomorrow with updates!!!


Julie Nickerson said...

Love the dress! You look fantastic!

That is awesome that your friend let us use her stuff! The bouncy seat is a life SAVER!!!! And Abel did get out of the bumbo seat-but hopefully the new and improved ones are better! Soon your house will be looking like babies R is just a matter of time.....

And my right side hurt like crazy and I was told it was because my placenta was on the left side and Abel was always kicking on the right side....maybe that is what mini puff is doing.

ckuretich said...

Ok, I know what that vibrating chair is called, but only from Sex & the City. The episode where Brady is screaming and miranda's neighbors hate her, but then they become BFF. It's called an oscillating chair. Yes, leave it to SATC to teach me about children....

anyways you know I love the dress, the stomach stuff sounds SUPER duper fun, and I'm so jeal you have a neighborhood pool. is it free??? I mean I have my mom's but still, it's not near me where I can walk. which blows chunks. I would've been in that water with Chad, you know I'm all about the swim!!!!!

Chrissy said...

i know that seat as a bouncy seat. i mean, it's what everyone calls it here anyway. :)

love the pictures. can't wait to meet this child!

see you soon!

Hope said...

You really look so adorable! I loved the baby stuff too. Won't be long!!

heather said...

you look gorgeous in that photo! I love the dress...and am hoping you bought it RECENTLY - cause I want to snag me one of those!

i'm with you on the baby's a little daunting and i don't know what any of it's called. but my hubby got an earful from a friend's hubby about a stroller that they love, so now my hubby is on board for buying all the equipment...especially since he found reviews of everything online. too funny.

sorry to hear about your side hurts. i have been surprised over and over about how nothing is like i imagined...

Misty said...

I love coming here and reading your posts, you are such a good writter. I read another one (audreycaroline) and she is a great writter too!! I wish I had that talent!!

Anyway where are you and where is the update??? I hope all is well!! Love the new stuff!! And yes its a "bouncey" aka LIFE SAVER!!! :0)

Anonymous said...

yea ally everyone is waiting for the update you promised the day you wrote this one!!

Emily said...

You really look so beautiful! I loved the baby stuff too. Won't be long!!