Wednesday, June 4, 2008

100 days....

howdy everybody:

i'm sorry i didn't update sooner.
i feel that i've been SO absentee for SO long that nobody really checks in with me regularly, therefore, nobody will miss me if i let a post slide for a few days...

...or a few weeks.

where to begin.
and that's the problem.
i sit here and since it's normally been so long...i dont know where to go and it's overwhelming and i walk away :)

as for the appointment -- it went very well.
it's so strange to WATCH the baby kick on the sonogram and to FEEL him kick at the very same time. CRAZY! it seems he's found a resting place in my body, where his feet are actually kicking my right side that's been so sore lately. the kicks dont hurt....but the overall RIGHT SIDE of my body does. maybe that's why? dunno.

the perinatal specialist did the entire grueling level 2 sonogram again. i was there alone. there were some moments where i'd just watch the ceiling b/c i'd rather not know what part of the body the doctor is staring at with a weird expression....for 20 seconds or more. i'd inevitably come home and google something like, "doctor finds weirdness in baby's brain area...." and slit my wrists. at least i KNOW when to NOT want to know more.

he said the baby is measuring EXACT for his due date. i mean. hello...i couldn't ask for more.
he's 53rd percentile and at the time, i was 24 weeks 4 days....and every single thing on his body was measured at 24 weeks 4 days. thank you FATHER! well...except for the baby's legs. :) they were 24 weeks 6 days. which is also something to be thankful for!! we're hoping he gets his daddy's height of 6'4" :)

he said under normal circumstances, he'd call it a day and not even ask me to come back to be seen again -- things seem that good. BUT since there is an umbilical cord hiccup....he wants to see me every 4-6 weeks until he's born.

i just hate that.
i asked him, "IF something were to go wrong (outside of low fetal weight), wouldn't we know it by now?? wouldn't you see it by now??"

he said no.
not everything.
"sometimes there are intestinal issues and brain development issues that can't really be seen until the 27th we'll be able to rule out all the final concerns (they're not thinking they'll find anything, but they comb the body over with a finetooth comb and will rule anything they can out, since i'm there...) at your next appt."

my heart sank.
like...people. it sucks waiting for the next sonogram. like. are you kidding? i thought we were in the clear and though i don't feel there will be any problems, i just hate anticipating the appointment where they will be LOOKING for these very things, in CASE they exist. just sucks.

but the baby seems happy.....he kicks almost non-stop and has 100 days to go!!! even though 100 sounds like alot, when i say it in weeks, it doesn't sound so long. 13 weeks to go. wow. that sounds short. considering all i need to accomplish before then, especially....

my next level 2 sono is on the last day of this month and i'll let you know to PRAY as time gets closer and keep you posted on the progress!!!

in other news, i've been MIA b/c i went to Tampa for a long weekend with some girlfriends!! my husband is in CA for 10 days, taking the CFA Level III Exam, and so 4 of us took off and has some relaxing time in the sun!!! it was SWELTERING hot....but the Gulf was really warm and we swam at the beach and at the pool and ate amazing food...and slept however long we wanted :) it was fantastic!

then it was REALLY sweet...the first morning we woke up there, the girls whipped out amazing BABY GIFTS FOR ME! i was was adorable!!! everything was precious and so thoughtful -- THANK YOU FRIENDS!!!

so that's that.

continue to pray for chad as he studies for his CFA III which he takes on Saturday. if he passes -- HE IS DONE FOREVER with this insane exam. PLEASE LORD!!!!!

i also shoot my final wedding on saturday -- another praise-worthy mention. i'm so over it, right now....being as awkward as i feel physically. i dont think i SEEM OR LOOK too pregnant, but it's getting weird to bend over...and do random stuff that normally is effortless!!!!

ok, this is getting too long and i'm off to run 234324 errands!!!

so glad chrissy is coming to town soon!! hope we can sit poolside and pretend we're in FL, too :)

XOXO - al


Glenna Marshall said...

LOVE the baby loot!!!!! How fun! Now you actually have to start working on the nursery so all that loot can find a home!

Nothing like living your life in 4-6 week increments...bummer on that. I'm sorry. It doesn't really give you peace of mind like you hoped for. I'm counting on all being well, though.

100 days is NOT long, considering all you have to do (hint, hint)!!

heather said...

first - you look AMAZING for only having 100 days to go!!

i'm continuing to pray for the little guy - but it sounds like things are pretty positive's just the waiting that sucks.


meet joelle said...

i still check you b/c i always miss you...
let's reconnect so i don't sound like a needy friend wanna be :)

Nina said...

I miss your blogs! Come back soon!