Thursday, June 19, 2008

oral surgeon

.....dont you miss the days i would gab on and ON about my TMJ-related disorders??

yea, me too.

at any rate, i still have them, but i have to relay that MUCH of my discomfort has been alleviated. between the jaw splint i get to rock, 24 hours a day...and the bite adjustments that my ANGEL doctor does...i think i'm making progress.

i can actually eat potato chips and cereal again - without my teeth hurting. without my jaw hurting. and i never even popped ONE pain killer. i consider myself a miracle. well. scratch that. i consider my doctor to be a miracle-worker. honestly, after all the dentists and oral surgeon's that have been in my mouth - NOT ONE of them actually helped. and this guy is aaaah-mazing!!!

all that aside, i had a rough visit today with him.
lots of random drilling and by the time it was done, i had LITERALLY sweat through my clothes onto his vinyl chair. not joking. it was gross. i was so sweaty i felt like i had wet my pants. my shirt was soaked. my shorts were soaked. i was sorta weak in the knees as i walked out.

I HATE THE DENTIST CHAIR!!!! the jury is still out on what he did today -- i may not make it till my appt again next month. he may need to see me again, sooner...BUT...i just wanted to send an OVERALL positive report that i THINK we're making progress :)

since i was in bethesda, MD, i decided to give ann marie a call to have lunch. he's a great oral surgeon, but he's sure as heck a long way away from my house. it's about a 30-40 min. drive BUT SO WORTH IT. given i'm in ann marie's neck of the woods only once a month, i figured it would be nice to see her and baby owen. (flashback to mom's group last week....the girl from those photos). we did lunch...and owen did really well, right up until the end when he flipped out over being hungry and looked very sleepy :) i act the same way when i'm tired and hungry, so i can't give him a hard time!!!!

speaking of tired and hungry....

...just kidding. sorta.

in other news -- i was in bed last night reading some magazines and unwinding before falling asleep and i felt this non-stop kicking under my right rib cage. nothing abnormal, but it was pretty persistent. so i put my magazine down and pulled my t-shirt up, to expose my rib cage and WHAT IN THE WORLD -- I COULD SEE A FOOT PUSHING INTO MY SIDE!!! it was insane. i immediately started laughing and pushed back :) and he pushed back! HARD! it was a little bitty foot.....taking jabs in there. insane. that was definitely a first!!!!


i get the distinct impression that another storm is brewing.

that's all i have really.
i'm going to try and assemble a bed frame that arrived recently.
and then i'm going to try to vacuum, and clean up upstairs -- i was slacking this morning.
and then i'm going to work on some weddings! woo hooo!

it doesn't feel like thursday, does it....?


BECKY LYNN said...

Isn't that the coolest thing in the world????? I used to just stare at my belly forever just to see what would poke out. It was kind of alien-like. It only gets better from here. I have really enjoyed your fun pictures lately :)

ckuretich said...

OMG you saw his foot?!?!??!?!??!?!?

that is just incredible.

you're making my teeth hurt...

Nikki said...

OMG - the foot! How frickin' cute!

Filtering life said...

Allison, holly cow, I have been so behind on blogs I can hardly see straight. I just caught up on 7 entries from you. You write monster entries....I am so glad things are going well for you minus the usual drama. The baby sounds perfect, you look AMAZING...screw 22lbs max...whatever. I gained 39 with Chloe and 34 with Bennett...but I was swollen as a mo-fo, so I had quite a bit of water weight on my body by the end..still...doesn't make up for my current fat ass..that is all me! Anyway, so great to see all the pictures and read your crazy random posts, they make me laugh. Third trimester..I can't belive it!!!

Julie Nickerson said...

I remember when Abel would kick me like that and it hurt....I just wish we film it.

Mini puff sounds just like Abel in that he is beating his mommy up.

Glad your mouth is doing a little better.

Chrissy said...

loveeeeeee story of cheese pushing back. he's gunna be feisty. i can tell. i love it.

and don't be mean to my boyfriend, as in price of darkness (and no, not satan.....ruru).

your dad is so cute, btw. love him.

aw i miss them.....