Saturday, June 14, 2008

packin' up...

since we did it for mother's day -- we feel compelled to do it for father's day too!
chad and i will pack up and head to PA to surprise my dad for father's day :)
we'll leave around 8am on sunday and i THINK we'll be returning on tuesday evening.

it all depends on puffy's schedule, honestly.
the only reason the trip will be so long is b/c he's got meetings monday and tuesday in philly, so he'll just leave me at my parents house and come back around to get me on the tail end of his biz trip.

i'm excited for a car ride with my hubby, as weird as that sounds. we just haven't had alot of time to TALK and catch UP....even today, we literally said our FIRST personal hello's as i came through the door and he was walking out the door. i miss him. and i have a headache. pitiful combo!

as for my rudy update = he was accepted to dog school on a trial basis. how pathetic. he actualyl did REALLY well on his evaluation -- actually fell asleep while the trainer and i talked for a few HOURS regarding his mental psychosis. i'm tenative about this school/training ordeal working, but see no other options. with the baby coming and such -- i need him UNDER FREAKING CONTROL or he'll inevitably get the boot. and you KNOW how i love me some rudy. so that's saying aaaalot. he'll start sometime next month when their next slot opens.....which personally gives me more time to save up for this ridiculous ordeal.....

he was quite apprehensive the morning of....sitting in the back seat as we pulled up to the school.....

on a completely unrelated topic, i have FINISHED my babies r us registry. it feels SO WEIRD!!!! thank the LORD for my friends julie, ann marie and glenna who sent me emails/info on what to register for. julie actually took me to the store so that i could push strollers through the aisle and figure out which ones i liked the best. gosh. who KNEW there could be so many bottle selections. it's TOTALLY why i have avoided it to this point. i literally handed the laser beam over to julie and let her start adding things to my registry. LIKE I HAVE A CLUE! but anyways -- i feel a LITTLE less lost, a LITTLE more educated, and JUST as overwhelmed. where on earth am i going to put ALL this stuff!?

sidenote: while i was waiting for julie to finish getting ready, i snapped some pics of her PRESH one-year old son!! he's such a ham! he gives me his two front teeth in this hysterical grin, every time i pointed the camera at him!!!!

i'm this close to crossing the 20 lb marker for pregnancy weight-gain.
and it hurts.
i took out the "heaven" jeans -- my first maternity purchase (the darling Sevens maternity jeans) i splurged on at 12 weeks. what a FOOL i was to spend so much money on a pair of jeans SO EARLY in my pregnancy. a taste of heaven will do that to you. they FELT SO GOOD. at any rate....i went to put them on today and...could...not....pull...them....up.

chad walked into the bedroom and stopped cold in his tracks as he watched me jump all over the room, BEGGING the jeans to pull up and over my fat hips and rear.
mama gots some junk up in her trunk. CANT SAY ITS ALL BABY when the pants start to scream when they hit your THIGHS. chad runs to rescue me, and starts yanking on the backside of my jeans, breaking a sweat trying to get them over my rump, as well. we both look at each other -- him about to laugh. me about to cry. and i gave up.

they sit rejected in the dark crevices of my closet.
may they come in handy in the post-partum portion of this pregnancy.

i was disgusted.
i know....spare me.
"your hips start to widen during pregnancy...."

yea, well, i'm sure those late night choc chip cookie binges don't help either.
is it wrong to diet in your third trimester???
(speaking of -- i'm starving and already mentally cheating on this diet that hasn't even BEGUN YET)

i humbly pulled the only pair of jeans i own that still fit, out of my closet, and put them on.
i hate those jeans.
but that was all i had.
and i proceeded to head to the mall (for father's day gifts and a bday gift) and spend serious cash on another round of maternity gear. hopefully all of this stuff can be worn again the next time i do this pregnancy thing.
my size DEFINITELY jumped up since the last time i was in there -- and the shoe saleswoman (wait. ok. fine. i BROWSED the shoe dept as well....) made comments about me losing my balance b/c of my "big belly."'re about to get B****-slapped, lady.

so anyways. i'm stocked up again. but i'm certain it's only until my next growth spurt, which from my pregnancy books, looks to be roughly ELEVEN more pounds.

(any moms out there brave enough to tell me what they had gained by the 28th week?? or TOTAL, for that matter, throughout the entire pregnancy?)

alright...i need to finish the laundry, packing, ....and eat. again. ;)

i'll be back around on wednesday, but will be surfing your blogs every day --
happy FATHERS day!!!!
xoxo, al

this image is for lanier.
since we spoke of DMVs today and all things car related....i felt it was appropriate to take this picture while at a traffic light, after leaving your house today. right on rt. 1. HYSTERICAL.....
i share in this man's sentiments:

can't you see it?
he was in a RAGE after waiting at the DMV in line for 8 years and was just told he'd been waiting in the wrong long. "i'm sorry, that line over there is where you should be...."


Lanier said...

Google reader and I are now in a fight. This post didn't show up on my list until MONDAY AFTERNOON. Death to the READER. That licenese plate is. stinking. awesome. I'm excited to get one just like it...thankyouverymuchformakingcarmaxtaketwiceaslong!!!!!!!

heather said...

first, that license plate is HILARIOUS!!!!

Second, so sad about your jeans...and i know how you feel. i thought for sure I would be able to wear some of regular clothes (with elastic wastes and such), but other things are starting to grow - not just my belly. such a bummer. well, you look great in the pics, so that's good!

i am putting off registering - feeling a bit overwhelmed about all the baby stuff. but you inspire me that it's possible to make it out alive. i'll just have to break down and do it - but i'm putting it off for another month or so...

Julie Nickerson said...

I LOVED registering with you! I just love being with you. We don't get to spend too much time together (minus the weddings). It was great hanging out. My family was happy to see you. They want you and Puff to come around more often. They also couldn't stop talking about how cute you are pregnant.

So you bought Seven maternity jeans or just bigger jeans? I didn't know Seven made maternity jeans.

They will make GREAT post jeans that is for sure.

And you know how much I gained...but for the rest of the preggo girls out there who may read this comment... A GRAND total of 45 lbs and by 28 weeks, I'm pretty sure I gained around 30lbs. So, I'd be happy with 20lbs. You are totally going to lose it....but for now just run with it. :)

BECKY LYNN said...

You just look so ADORABLE! I love it! I have to laugh at the weight-gan thing because I had the very same thing happen to me.....FORTY POUNDS. THAT's how much I gained. It was tough. I lost the first 30 two days after my C-section but still have the last 10 on.....four years later. It is tough to lose. But, now I have only the most amazing little girl and I will take the 10 extra pounds even though it about kills me sometimes! :) I am sorry I haven't been commenting lately. I have been around, though, I promise! Good job for getting the registry done!

Nikki said...

I can't figure out why I couldn't see this updated blog until today and I checked it yesterday. Strange. Anyway - that guy must have lived in NJ. Our DMV has got to be the WORST. By the way - you look super cute!

Chrissy said...

same thing happened to me that happened to nikki- didnt see this until today and i checked yesterday! weird.
anyway, love the pictures. love that you're wearing a shirt that i just bought for myself. (not sure what that says about ME, sans a baby in the belly) and i loveeeee the picture of abel! so cute.

Misty said...

I love reading your posts you are so funny! Thanks for the laughs!! I had to share my weight gain with you!! Hunny you look so good you have nothing to worry about. If you were fat, I'd tell ya cause I hated those people that told me I looked so good, when I was a hefa lump!! :-)

First pregnancy age 16-gained 17lbs, my son weighed 8.10oz so mostly baby!

I was a surrogate for friends three different times LOVED being pregnant thought I could do it no problem take that weight right off, I only gained 17 lbs surly I wouldn't gain much more than tht right?? WRONG!!!!! 1st surrogacy=twins went from 114lbs to 176lbs 2nd surrgoacy 116lbs to 168 3rd surrogacy=twins 180lbs now that is some weight!! LOL I delivered Valentines Day this year and I am now 124 so still have some to loose!!

So hun you look great!!! You will loose all that before you leave the hospital!! :-)

Katie (baby4ztarx3) said...

Sucks about the jeans! I have been a lousy blog reader, and commenter, so much stuff going on, the babies are 7 months old now and are just busy. I gained 27 lbs total, 7 lbs in the last 3 days, darn blood pressure shooting through the roof. The weight will just fall off after that baby comes. Things won't be shaped the same, but the weight will fall off.