Tuesday, June 10, 2008

UPDATED!!!!! :: no title tuesday ::

the second i pressed "publish post"....my hospital called me :)
"we've got an slot opening at the end of the month -- would you like it?"

AHHH!!! praise the LORD!!!

:: end update ::


it's 98 degrees outside.
that's all i'm gonna say about that.

but it should not feel like it's 98 degrees (omg, the songs will be in my head all day now) in your bedrooms.

the joys of being a new homeowner .... :)
i have made an appointment for an A/C inspector to come out this afternoon to give me a "check-up" if you will, on the status of the situation upstairs. i mean, there may simply be nothing we can do about how FREAKING HOT it is up there....but it's 2008. i mean, there comes a point where you realize, "i dont HAVE to live like this...there must be SOME resolution. it's the 21st century."

but that's what i always thing when i wonder:
1) why's the dentist STILL have to hurt?
2) why do cars STILL run on gas?
3) why does our medical system suck SO BAD?

after all, it's 2008 and i thought we've made more progress.....

cough, cough.
back to my AC.
i ASSUME the dude will say, "eh, your unit is fine (it better be, it's only 11 years old), the air simply doesn't make it to the 3rd and 4th floors." yes, we live in a VERY vertical house and chad will need knee surgery by the time he's 30.

if this is the case, i'll be heading over to home depot to buy those portable AC units for bedrooms. NOT window units, but the ones you plug in, like julie and seth have. guys, WHERE did you get yours? i know they're NOT cheap, but when you sweat through your sheets, concessions must be made.

or maybe we do need a new massive outdoor AC unit.
in which case i'll slit my wrists.
because thats mega-bucks and we'd ultimately end up sweating through alot more than sheets if we have to make that sorta purchase right now.

homeowner issue #2.
property taxes.
because my lovely husband FAR prefers paying his own property taxes twice a year, rather than escrowing the taxes, HOA fees, and insurance like 99% of people out there, we get a NICE FAT BILL twice a year :( his thoughts, "why give the bank small increments of money EVERY MONTH when we could be investing it monthly and pay the city ourselves, only twice a year."

great points.
though i'll have twice-yearly heart attacks.

i woke up this morning, and had i not been the aforementioned 98 degrees, in my bed sweating, i would have been sweating over thoughts of when we sat down in our closing meeting with the settlement company.....THE LORD caused me to remember these words:

"your taxes are DUE by june 15th, if you don't GET THE BILL in june....call the city immediately."


so i call the title company, sure enough, the bill went to the previous owner's mortgage company.
i have till TOMORROW to come up with the money and send the check in on time.
just one more of those SCARY THINGS that "other people" in your life (husband, dad, landlord, etc) are supposed to deal with.....NOT ME!!!!! yeah. scrambling today.

in other news.
my hospital decided to turn their back on me and tell me, "all birthing classes are full till october 23rd."

"that's funny, because i'm DUE on september 12th."

"sorry, i'm sure you can sign up at another hospital."


"well, we can wait-list you."

that's when i flipped out.
i just got off the phone with my OB, who will hopefully pull some strings for me.
PLEASE PEOPLE....just FIT ME IN! good grief! my husband will tell you good jokes and we'll be the life of your stinkin' party. JUST LET ME IN.

(so tell me, moms.....was the child birthing classes worth it? will i just DIE if i miss out on it? i mean, women for centuries have given birth in caves, barns, passenger seats of cars.....i'm sure i'ts not rocket science and if it is -- that is why doctors are present....right?)

uhm, omg. yesterday we had such a fun afternoon catching up with our close friends Joe and Ashley Wollersheim!!!!! they came by to see the new house, to see a preggie allison, and to delve into their adventures around the world. i'm honestly IN SHOCK over all they've done and all they've yet to experience!!!

they're both in the peace corps about to head over to TIMBUKTU which is a REAL PLACE (i had no idea) ...for 27 mths! they'll have no electricity, no internet, no NOTHING.....but they're excited and we're going to miss them!!!!

they even came bearing gifts for baby morgan :)
thank you, friends!!! we'll follow your blog religiously!

also, everybody, thanks for the prayers on Puff's test. he needed them. i needed them. and it's behind us until August when we find out if he passed. PLEASE LORD!!!! now he's off for another string of business meetings and it's just me and the rucifer. who is OF THE DEVIL, right now. i haven't slept for THREE FULL NIGHTS b/c i'd place him in his crate for the evening and HE WOULD FLIP OUT. he literally screamed from 10-12AM, at which point i put my ear plugs in. (product of being married to a COMPLETE nerd...) then he woke up and proceeded with his freak-fest from 1-4AM.....ear plugs back in.....and then i woke up at 8am.....pulled the ear plugs out...and he was STILL SCREAMING. SCREAMING. SCREEEEEEAMING. full on freaking PANIC MODE.

we called the dog school yesterday. well. finally got through to the manager yesterday.
"well...you ARE aware that Shar-Pei's are a more difficult breed to train...right?"

:::rolling my eyes::::

thanks, really.
so we'll see if he passes his "evaluation" to even ENTER into the lofty ranks of those trained by the Old Town School for Dogs. makes me want to vomit.

i registered.

i did it.
there was no fanfare....or anything hugely amazing about it.
i'm frankly overwhelmed over the magnitude of THINGS that will be stored in my house, once my showers are over. wow. fortunately FOR ME, my dearest ann marie emailed me a "must have" list for babies...and i registered verbatim off her list. then she sent me a registry of one of the MOST organized expectant moms ever known to man. and i copied her registry too. juju will take me to babys r us on friday to complete the entire ordeal.

now that it's behind me -- i feel so relieved. i'm excited over how fun everything is, but i couldn't have done it on my own -- which is why i haven't. so voila. the registry is UP!

on tap for this week:
air conditioning dramz.
exterminator dramz.
bridal consultations.
scrambling for father's day (what are you buying YOUR DADS???)
appointments with my internet provider.
registering at babys r us.
possible "evaluation" for the Rucifer.

we're just chuggin' along over here!!!
more soon -- XOXO, al

obsession of the month = PEARS!!!!


NicoleVelehradsky said...

Hey Allison! I wasn't able to take one single parenting class due to bed rest, and things honestly just came to me naturally, with the help of What to Expect the First Year. Hopefully your OB can pull some strings, but if not, you have the internet and people within reach and I really recommend that book!!

Lanier said...

You forgot to add to your list: hang out with Lanier at CARMAX. I know you cannot freaking wait...

About your A/C - my unit is 2.5 times bigger than it should be for my house and I still have hot spots in the guest room. Kristi had this issue, too, and the best thing to do is close all vents in rooms not really being used (guest room for now). OR if you're using all the rooms, shut the vents downstairs when you go to bed. It will force the air upstairs....hope that helps :(

heather said...

I am lovin' this all-over-the-place post! :)

First, how are you STANDING the heat? Seriously. I get a teensy bit hot these days, and I am a big fat grump.

Second, twice-a-year taxes. We also pay our taxes like this. However, we set up a separate savings account with our bank and a certain amount from hubby's check gets deposited directly into that account - we don't even see it (granted, we also pay ALL our own taxes since he's clergy, so this is a MUST for us). It's worked out well - we always have the money on hand, and it comes out automatically, so we don't even see it.

Third, we decided to take a hypnobirthing class, and are enjoying it. You could also opt for a Bradley Method class. Both these classes are usually taught privately, and they prepare you for birth. So then maybe you can set up a tour of the hospital on your own - or whatever you will miss out on not taking the hospital class. Just some thoughts.

Lastly - I want to see a belly pic! :)

Julie Nickerson said...

Hola Pregnant sister:
I know how you feel about living in a HOT HOUSE! We got the AC unit at Lowes or Home Depot...either one should have it.

We'll see you tomorrow night and then I can get see you again on Friday. Aren't I lucky! :)

PS-I love pears too!

We miss puffy too. When are we all going to hang out????

ckuretich said...

Well, hallelujah on the birthing class! I had no idea on that one so I'm glad it worked out.

my fave random quote: "Timbuktu - which is a REAL PLACE". Yeah I didn't know either!!!! hilarious.

also my recommendation on the air con units - the same thing happens in our house, even though it's less vertical than yours I think. So in summer, we close all the vents downstairs - just close them. then we obviously open all the vents upstairs - I say that because in the winter, we do the opposite. CLOSE the vents upstairs (too bloody hot) and open them downstairs. our downstairs is naturally VERY cool in the summer, and cold-ish in the winter. Meanwhile the upstairs is brutal.

Also, even though ceiling fans are so passe - we have one in our bedroom, and I tell you what - that sucker WORKS. it distributes the air all around and the breeze is nice. we also sleep with fans blowing on us - that keeps us cool so we don't sweat through the sheets too. all these are options to try before purchasing a LARGE outdoor unit if you don't have to!!!!

Also, for Father's Day I got my dad books. He loves to read, but he only accepts the little short paperbacks so he CUT THEM IN HALF (yes, length-wise) and fit them into his front shirt pocket. I'm not joking. This is my father. :)