Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

i have a feeling it was a pretty good idea to leave town during the time that i did!!! it seems there were some seeeeeerious storms and alotta peeps lost their electricity, lost trees, lost decks, lost actual powerlines, etc.

what is going on with the STORMS? i mean...hello.
we've had THREE MAJOR storms in the last...i dunno...two weeks?

so while i mourn the devastation this storm has caused, i can't HELP but SHARE THE GOOD NEWS that friends of mine (Glenna and William) are the NEW adoptive parents to their BABY BOY!!!! this story is nothing short of MIRACULOUS and the Lord has come through in such a DIVINE MANNER for them both. i am beyond thrilled for them and you can follow the process at:

they came SO CLOSE to the birthfather pulling the plug on the entire thing, but starting on sunday -- hundreds of people hit their knees in prayer and the Lord turned the birth father's heart. it's so exciting i could DIE!!!! i can't wait to see PICTURES!!!!!!

father's day was good -- we totally surprised my dad and took him out to dinner and caught up with the family. rudy was TRULY the Prince of Darkness, as he attacked both of my mom's dogs -- BUT -- i don't feel like talking about it.

rather, i'll recap with some images:

Prince of Darkness, in his quiet slumber as we rode to PA:

me and puffy on the roooooad agaaaain....

what happens when chad takes over the camera?
he cuts my head off....and captures the widest part of my body....

me, my brother ryan, and our two babies...

puffy and ryan....

ryan and kristen's aaaadorable king charles spaniel, levi.
honestly -- too cute for words!

on the way to dinner with dad!!!
see why i hope my child gets his father's eyes?? ;)

L to R:
jordan, kelly (girlfriend), puffy, me, and dad!!!
(ryan and kristen were at her family's house...and totes was on ice at home....)

classic dad face!!!!!
i swear, EVERY PICTURE we have of him -- he's making that face!!!

at any rate -- we got him! he had no idea we were coming and it was fun to catch up with everybody!!!!!

for those of you who continue to ask about mom -- please continue in your prayers for her as they struggle to determine the source of her continued pain in her back, despite efforts to alleviate it via surgery!!!!! it's just a slow process and hopefully we'll have more answers soon!!!

i wish i had something cooler to talk about today.
i mean. adoption and holidays are at the TOP of the cool list, but i still feel boring....?

i refuse to go grocery shopping. but i have no food. why should i shop and cook when puff is only home 7 nights in this entire month? i'm definitely having deja vu, too. like. how many times can i blog about this, right? i hear you.

well, i'll conclude by saying i'm off to finish some weddings, schedulings, and paying the bills. THRILLING!!!! please let us go ONE DAY w/o the threat of rain......please?? :)



Laura said...

Dude, I swear you stopped blogging, i by chance thought I'd scan through the blog bookmarks today, ALL to see that you have about 20 posts i have never read! wowsa. It was good to see photos and get a glimpse of your world of late, but more importantly I'm glad i got to chat with you last week:) Take care of the baby cheezzz and don't be a stranger!!

Carolyn said...

apparently I am "laura" - not sure why or HOW that just happened, but yeah, that's from me.

Julie Nickerson said...

So cute you surprised your dad! Love the belly shoots and puppies.

Tell your brother and sister in law that I want to name my second son, Levi. :) But now I'm reconsidering since now it is a dog's name. haha!

Praying for TT!

Becky Barber said...

i'm feelin ya' on the storms. seriously...what is the DEAL??

ckuretich said...

in most of these pictures, you don't even look pregnant. how is that possible?!??!?!?

and i love "what happens when chad takes over the camera" - loves it.

Puff looks so cute in his glasses! preshy presh.

LOVE the fam pics.

how was Totes??? I bet she loved seeing you, I'm thinking of her...