Thursday, June 26, 2008

never-ending week....

ever feel that some weeks just last FOOOOOREVER?
that's been this week.
maybe cuz puffy isn't around...or maybe because we're waiting for payday.
or maybe because it's 100 degrees outside.
or maybe because i have so much work to do, which i've procrastinated on.

all in all...i'm glad tomorrow is FRIDAY :)
the weekend will include some time with an old friend, niki, from my previous place of employment! she's in town with her new hubby and we'll be celebrating her birthday tomorrow night!

at 8am the Puff and i have ...drumroll... CHILDBIRTH PREPARATION CLASS at the hospital.
this outta be interesting.
i've taken a gander at the syllabus and it seems that "episiotomy discussion/video" are directly before lunch.
now, WHY would anybody do that???
then shortly after lunch, there comes the childbirth VIDEO.

why the heck should we even bother to eat?
chad is going to literally fall over and die. literally.
it'll be an all day affair of "comfy clothes, floor mats, pillows, and girl talk." except only 50% of us will be girls. and that's just weird to talk about your coochie possibly getting sliced -- in front of other women's husbands. sick.

but we're all adults, right? ;)

it must be the weekend of regnery hang outs because later on that evening, we'll need to shake the labor and delivery brainwashing out of our heads, and we're having dinner with another couple that i used to work with. FUN!

sunday is biz as usual = church all day.

and MONDAY, folks, is the next Perinatal Specialist appt to take measurements of the little baby. please pray starting NOW, that all will be ok!!! i'm hoping time flies between now and then -- i just want this appt behind me.

speaking of baby morgan -- so long as he's got auntie lahlee in his life -- he's going to be stylin' and high profilin.'

please check out baby morgan's new duds...

i mean, looook at the matching swaddle blankets and hats -- hello. too cute.
thanks lahlee!!!!

my final piece of information this evening is that you should all be taking advantage of PEA POD grocery delivery :) frankly, our kitchen is on the 2nd level of the house and i'm not about to load up my car with 30 bags of groceries, drive home, and drag them up to the 2nd floor myself. no way, jose. therefore, i made my dinner menu, drew up my grocery list and clicked, "BUY." and this evening, everything was delivered and i'm happy as a little clam!!

but there seems to have been a LITTLE calculating error on somebody's part. i should pull my grocery list out to see if it was my mistake or theirs, but i believe i received my personal order of romaine lettuce AND a few other people's orders. literally, there was a head of lettuce in nearly every bag!!!

i think i'm set on salad for a while....
what do you think?


Julie Nickerson said...

Oh yes, the joys of birthing class. We had to take the "reminder" class for people who had other children since that was the only one they had an opening for. But I'm glad, because it was already way too much info and too long. I thought Seth was about to pass out the whole time, but he made it through and did an AMAZING job for the real thing! You'll be surprised at how well Puff will do.

I told Seth by baby #2 I definitely am doing PEA POD all the time.

When are we going to hang out? Sethers and I miss you. Tell Niki and Erik we said Hi. We like those two. :)

heather said...

Hello lettuce! That's some serious ruffage.

Praying that the weekend flies by and you pass on Monday with flying colors.

Arian said...

I love those outfits! They are so cute! I wish we had a PEA POD type program here! I would definitely go for that! Even if they did send us too much lettuce!

Nikki said...

That picture of the lettuce just made me laugh out loud - hysterical!

Chrissy said...

geez. i know you love salad but gosh. perhaps make a giant salad and give it to your neighbors? :)

dude. birth still scares me. good thing it's a long ways away since....well....i'm not preggers. hahaha....