Wednesday, July 2, 2008

happy anniversary to us :)

three years ago today we got married.

...three years?!...

we decided that since we bought a house AND are having a baby within 6mths of each other, that we'd do something low key, and relatively inexpensive.

so this afternoon, we're going to buy bikes :)
we had a 3 night trip planned, but that got postponed in order to buy some furniture for the house...

we've always talked about getting bikes, but we have no excuses now b/c of where we live. we have trails, the river, a cool neighborhood, a fun downtown...and i'm excited!

we rented bikes during our vacation last summer and had a blast!!
so that'll be our presents to each other! ha!

i'll take some photographs b/c i'm sure it'll be a trip to see a girl 7mth pregnant, peddling around her hood. prepare yourself!!!

other than that -- i'm scrambling to wrap up ALOT of photography projects from this past spring!!!! there's SO MUCH to do!!!

back to work!

PS: i love you, chad...i still pinch myself every single day that you took me on! i don't even remember what my life was life before we met -- and that's a wonderful, wonderful thing!!!!!!


heather said...

Happy Anniversary!

This is funny - we just celebrated our three-year as well and we were going to buy bikes this year, but with my history of falling off bikes, I have sworn them off until I get this baby out. So, next year, we're on the bike plan.

Your wedding photos are GORGEOUS! I love your dress, you look beautiful!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Your pictures are amazing! Your dress was gorgeous!!

Filtering life said...

I didn't realize we got married just weeks from each other. Wow, three years! You guys are a terrific couple. So happy for you and I LOVE the bike idea.

Chrissy said...
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Chrissy said...

ok i know i'm not pms-ing but i just cried when i read this. amazing. you're a blessed lady, my friend!

oh and that picture of me KILLS me!

(ps: i deleted the last one i wrote cuz i saw a huge typo!)