Monday, July 21, 2008

prenatal yoga, perinatal appointments and pennsylvania baby showers...oh my!

it's been a while since i've sat down to blog!
two weeks to be exact.
my bad.

does my TICKER REALLY SAY 53 days left?!
i saw it last night and kinda had a heart attack.
only because i REMEMBER counting down to my wedding, and recall specifically counting down in the 50's and thinking how fast things went once i hit "50 days"....

i've officially been pregnant longer than i was engaged.
THAT is crazy to think of!

i dont really know where to begin...or where i've failed to keep you posted.
i want to start by thanking those of you who have been praying for baby cheez's growth/weight due to his umbilical cord issues. on june 30th (did i really forget to tell you all this?) i had a perinatal specialist appt and they took fetal measures and just last week i got the actual results back. the baby is 64th percentile in size!! i was SO relieved -- as this is a HUGE answer to our continued prayers that he will grow appropriately and be able to keep up. as long as his size is good, they'll let him stay in there, and let's just say -- we're not ready to pop him out JUST yet.

isnt it funny when people ask you that?
i think in MANY ways, i'm MORE than ready to get him out into the world. i want to SEE him of course, but for some reason i feel he's SAFER out here, than in there, and if he needs help, all the medical advances in the world would be at his baby fingertips! it's sorta a little mystery to me, on how he's doing in there. i mean..nobody knows. we have a pretty good idea he's chill...but i'd just like to be able to chat with him about it. "you ok today?....awesome. just checking."

i will admit i'm starting to hit a little bump in this pregnancy where i'm not feeling so cute anymore. (NOT FISHING for compliments -- not the point.) but i've managed to gain ALOT of weight and have two more months to go. well. 1.5 mths to go. and i just feel gross. i'll attribute alot of it to lack of sleep. somewhere along the plan for pregnancy, God decided to warm us up by STEALING OUR SLEEP before the baby comes. for the LIFE OF ME, i cannot get comfortable. ever. i wake up probably ever hour. and then this morning, got up at the same time as chet b/c i was just that miserable. the rest of the day is great. but night time SUCKS. fyi.

so i get sorta worn down simply b/c i can't sleep.
and i honestly dont FEEL like i'm eating that much.
i mean....i was a weird eater when i got pregnant....and i still feel like i'm a weird and random eater. then again -- lanier wouuuuld tell you differently b/c i can put away ALOT of food by comparison between now and then. but overall....gosh. i've already gained WAY more than they wanted me to during this ENTIRE pregnancy.


a few weeks ago i took a pic for my mom:

when i took this pic i think i was 30 weeks and feeling pretty ok with my size.
then...a week later....upon returning from a prenatal yoga class i signed up for....i looked like THIS:

i'm sorry, but i got WAY bigger in one week.
it felt shocking.
that was just about a week ago...and i no longer fit into those gray sweats by the way.

my husband so lovingly brought my attention to the fact that "they give you a wedgie bigger than any pair of pants you've ever worn....are you sure they're still comfortable to wear?"

i stared at him for a **very** long moment and wanted to laugh...hard. and then wanted to cry...hard. like i needed a REMINDER that my backside is grossly expanding. thanks chad.


speaking of the prenatal yoga -- it feels really good!!! we do these stretches for lower backs that is HEAVEN and was also harder than i thought. i'm pretty out of shape at this juncture and i'm having these deep pelvic pulling sensation sort of pains that sometimes make it harder to we'll see how long i can keep up the yoga. i'm signed up for it till 38 weeks -- frankly, i'm hoping it may bring on labor as early as safely possible! crossing fingers.

on a completely different note -- i had my first (should have been 2nd) baby shower this past weekend!!! i guess i failed to discuss how my FIRST baby shower should have been in CA last weekend, but my OB put the kabosh on me flying for 6 hours. i was told by my OTHER OB, since then, that he was just having a very bad day and exaggerated the risks -- but still -- my shower was cancelled with 4 days notice. ask me how HORRIBLE i've felt ever since.

but, with that said -- my mom and two friends threw my PA shower this past weekend and it was so sweet of them!! granted -- i'll NEVER wear this dress again because i look like a fat cow in it. uhm, maybe i am. one of the guests walked in and announced that she "CANNOT BELIEVE YOU HAVE TWO MONTHS LEFT -- YOU'RE HUGE!"

**weak smile**

but it was alot of fun to see a bunch of faces i haven't seen in quite some time -- and to start checking things off of the long list of supplies i need to get for baby!!! among the major gifts were:

my digital baby monitors for the house!
my papasan baby swing!
my embroidered crib quilt for my baby bedding!
lots of clothes, toys, and all things BABY RELATED :)

THANK YOU THANK YOU to my lovely hostesses -- WHY did we not all take a pic together? i meant to -- but when the party is FOR the photographer -- i guess things don't get captured they way you think they will!!!

"..she's by the food. hurry before she EATS IT ALL!"

and then a few shots of me before i walk out the door to drive back to DC :)
thank you mom for everything and for letting all these people come over!!!
and thank you girls for helping her and making it really special!!!!

yep. feeling huge.
julie -- don't you HAVE this dress?? the first time i put it on, i remembered it's the dress you wore to YOUR baby shower last spring!!!?

at any rate -- things are moving along and the house is slooooowly coming together.
this weekend, we're doing some renovations to the baby weekend is the DC shower (yippeeee!) and the following weekend my parents are in town (hopefully...)

and then....
i have FOUR remaining weekends before bebe is here.
that's if i make it all 40 weeks.
and of course i could go past 40 weeks...though the docs aren't keen on letting that happen to me since my HUSBAND weighed 10lbs. 9oz. when he was born.

anyways -- there's my update!!!

tomorrow i have my final perinatal sonogram (well, unless they find an issue - PRAY!) and if it's golden -- there's releasing me from any future "high risk" visits! WHOO HOO! i'll post my update when i get home!



heather said...

great to hear an update from you! it's amazing how fast the belly can grow when baby's ready for a growth spurt.

you still look fabulous, even though you FEEL huge! seriously. but i know how you feel.

i'm doing a prenatal yoga class, too, and I love it. i know it would be great for you to keep it up as long as you can.

meet joelle said...

have missed you look wonderfully pregnant and i am so happy for you as the time of meeting your sweet baby approaches.

Nikki said...

first of all - you are SUPER CUTE! second, I almost died when I read that Chad was over 10lbs... I just can't even think about it because i have phantom pains for you. third, well I just love you and am praying for all of you!

Filtering life said...

YOU LOOK FAB!!!! Seriously. Your hair, your makeup and yes you did do the third trimester pop and yes you will get bigger and yes "those people" will keep making jokes. But man, I think you look terrific. Sorry about the sleep thing, I suppose it is a gentle break in to breast feeding in the middle of the night...but don't you think you need more rest going into it...not less? The body is cruel.

Julie Nickerson said...

Just catching up on your blog...still one more post to go and your emails.

YOU LOOK SO PRECIOUS! Yes, I have that dress! too cute!

So glad you got to see your mom and have your first shower.

off to read the rest of your post and emails.

love ya!

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