Tuesday, July 22, 2008

perinatal appointment update!

(sorry to those of you who got the personal email regarding this. ignore this post, if you did. you're just that much cooler because you heard the news first :)

i never know who's out there who cares about this stuff, as most of my friends are not pregnant and do not have children. so for what it's worth (which is ALOT to me!!!) i have an update about our perinatal specialist appointment this morning!

at 915am, me and puff show up at the perinatal dude's office.
why can't they EVER see us at our scheduled time? last two visits have been OVER an hour delayed...but today it was only 45 minutes in the waiting room. i dont get it. how did you get THAT far behind schedule when you've only been OPEN for an hour so far?? anyhoo.

sonogram went great. wish i had some pictures to post but his face is so big now, not all of it fits on the screen!
baby parts all working "normally" (the magic word -- normal never sounded so -- fantastic!) and while the doc was wiping gel from my belly he goes, "the baby weighs 5 pounds, from the multiple measurements we've taken. he weighed 3lbs 7oz, 3 weeks ago...so he's gaining a half pound a week....."

i'm 32 weeks pregnant.
i felt a wave of elation and a wave of panic overcome me at the same time.
i'm technically on course to have a baby that could weigh over 9lbs. i mean. lots of people do it. so it's not THAT insane. but my OB doesn't want to allow it.

i'm BEYOND THRILLED that the baby seems to be thriving with an umbilical cord that only works at half-capacity. i mean...i couldn't ASK for anything more!!! we saw chubby cheeks....and a little nose....and lots of kicks....and a scary eye. why does the eye always have to be so scary? i can't help but PRAISE THE LORD that little chubby morgan is chuggin' along, as if he's able to order a second round of wings and another pint of guinness. packin' on the pounds and loving life.

but then my regular OB, who i had to follow up with this morning, was equally thrilled, while combining that with, "i need you to come back in 3 weeks.....if he's in the 7-8lb range....we're inducing. if he's in the 8-9lb range.....let's schedule you for a c-section."


i am NOOOOT willingly going to sign my name on the list for scheduled c-sections.
NOT my dream come true.
i'm not even thrilled about inducing -- out of this fear that it will LEAD to a c-section.

but if the baby is 7-8lbs by 36 weeks....what would my options be?
i don't know.

i just have to thank my lucky stars that maybe the umbilical cord issue has kept him from becoming a full grown ELEPHANT in there, like his daddy was, when he was born. no wonder his mom only had one child. the terrors.....

all to say -- hallelujah! :)
and i lost 2lbs.
which i count as a HUGE victory -- but my OB counts it is, "not noteworthy....it's just fluid....not a big deal."

well they SURE AS HECK make a BIG FREAKING deal about it when i GAIN the 2lbs....so why not celebrate when i lose it?! so not cool. so not.

so needless to say - in three weeks - we learn of the course of action that will be taken to see this baby is safely born and that i survive along the way, too.

thanks for thinking of us...praying for us....and for humoring me.

whaddya know...i'm starving again.


Nikki said...

Awesome update! So glad everything is running relatively smoothly. Seriously though - I would die if a 10 lb baby was birthed out of me. I don't even want to think about these things. I said that earlier and i'm saying it again... lol

alpullen said...

Praise the Lord!!!! Will be praying that the baby doesn't grow TOO much...=)

Seriously, they told me my son was going to be a whopper of a boy...and he came out a mere 7 lbs. 2.5 oz. Granted, he was 16 days early, but still.....they expected much more. So here's to hoping that your boy will take after mine....and surprise you.=)

NicoleVelehradsky said...

It's so wonderful that your little guy is doing so so well!! I'm so glad to come back here and read that everything progressed so well. I've heard alot of stories just like that weight wise - I know someone who was told her son would be about 10 pounds, and was born at 5.5.

I understand your fears about elective c-sections. Been there done that. I assure you its not nearly as horrific as it sounds. Granted, its no walk in the park, but all that will matter to you - just like it did to me - is that the little one comes into the world in the safest, healthiest means possible.

Good luck!!

heather said...

Such good news!!

And now I'm praying that your OB doesn't put the pressure on for you to do anything you're not comfortable with.

But today - I'm celebrating with you!

Filtering life said...

Bennett was 9lb, 1oz...came out in less than 5 pushes and only a tiny tear...I'm just sayin....

Nina said...

WOWWWW! That makes it seem so soon!
(Christina delived at 36 weeks. I always tease her that I endured FIVE more weeks of pregnancy than her! :)

The miracles just continue to unravel. Can't wait!

Becky Barber said...

OUCH. I'm hurting just thinking about it.

Arian said...

Yay! What an awesome post and appointment!

Chrissy said...

ok. i never get to read blogs anymore. busy is quickly moving from my middle name to my 1st name. ugh. but, i got a quick second and wanted to say that looking at those pictures got me SO excited! i can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie Nickerson said...




I will be praying for you all. I get to see you next week. Do you need anything from me? Can I help you with the baby's room?

love ya!

Katie (baby4ztarx3) said...

You have a big healthy baby in there. 33 weeks 3 days. That was when I delivered my twins. That is how far along you are today. 5 lbs at this point is great, I had 3 lbs 13 oz and 4 lbs 10 oz. Hope he slows down that 1/2 lb a week growth!

Katie said...

Thanks for stopping by, I know, can you believe that the babies are already over 8 months old. Yikes. After all the problems we had getting pregnant we aren't using any b/c now, and I think I would like another one. I just miss those tiny little babies. :) My mom thinks I am crazy to want another one with two under the age of one. I very well may be!

raspberrygelato said...

hey! you look GREAT! seriously, enjoy this time bc you'll get more sleep now than when you become a mom. lol. it's absolutely amazing though and you are going to love every minute of it. how do you feel? the quality of sleep will be better when you're not pregnant though- none of that all around 'gross' feeling. haha. you're in the home stretch. hang in there! can't wait to see pics of your little one. sydney is growing so fast, it's amazing!

raspberrygelato said...

oh and i forgot to mention- they predicted sydney was going to be HUGE and she was a big baby (8 lbs but born 9 days early), but point being those ultrasounds can be off by a whole pound, so don't worry too much abt it. at least u know your little one is healthy!

raspberrygelato said...

oh and just for comparison, sydney measured 6 lbs at 34 weeks, so i'd say yours may be on track to be in the high 7's or low 8's. the chubbier the cuter! :-)