Monday, July 7, 2008

biking failures.... we bought bikes!!!!
it was actually ALOT of fun riding around Target, wobbling through the aisles, "test-driving" the bikes to determine how high the seats needed to be, what size "wheels" we wanted and if we were on the market for a mountain bike or a street bike.

i personally nearly killed 4 children in Target, and settled on a little mountain bike.
only b/c the street bike i wanted was too big for me.

puff settled on a bike right away, and was tapping his foot waiting for me, until somebody pointed out that he was about to purchase a "unisex" bike, which TOTALLY weirded him out and you'd think he went through a moment questioning his manliness.

:: rolling my eyes ::

so we got him a nice masculine mountain bike as well. on sale. cha-ching.
then we geared up with pad locks, helmets, and he had to peel me away from the bells and whistles (literally) to install on my handle bars.

and then we proceeded to take the bikes home and nearly murder each other b/c we COULD NOT figure out how to adjust our helmets or de-code our padlocks. are we "city" or what. we sat in the garage in silence, sweating, trying to remember why this was going to be WAY fun. uhm. right.

we gave up on the padlocks and simply laid hands on the bikes with prayers they wouldn't be stolen (...almost true) and hit the road.

after about 20 rear hurt SO FREAKING bad and my gears were rattling and not catching correctly. i knew right away my ghetto mountain bike was going to be exchanged.

puff however had a grand ole time leading the way and we rode our bikes to dinner -- which in fact was ALOT of fun!!! granted, it entailed him carrying my purse in a backpack, which frankly made him look like a jehovah's witness. black backpack, helmet, geeky khakis. i could almost hear him reading mormon to me. (that's what the JW's read, right? shrugging my shoulders...)

here we are in all our bike glory.

"hi, do you have a few minutes -- i'd like to share some good news with you!"

sweaty and tired -- but happy for three years :)

ok, puff ordered a cake with the #3 on it :) talk to me about how sweet that is! and it's CHOCOLATE for the fat pregnant chic! gosh, SOMETIMES you just need a GOOD piece of birthday cake. we're still eating it!

and my cute flowers he came home with!!!!

two nights later, we celebrated the fourth of july!!!!
but it was rainy and i felt like i was going to die that day, for some reason. i was so so so wiped. so lanier and dubs came over and we "grilled indoors" and watched the fireworks on TV while being able to hear them from the capitol! it was a little like surround sound!

obvi she brought her baby -- who i feared would die that night.
but rudy only tried biting her once.
it was awesome.
and lanier is pretending to be the dog whisperer right now.
check it:

it seems to be working!!!!

me praising my dog for not killing anything on a holiday.
"progress, sweetie!!! nobody was bleeding by the end of the night! SCORE."

THEN (wow, what an eventful week) on saturday, we had our 3D/4D sonogram!! it was SO fun to be able to see chubby cheeks, and fingers, and all that. granted, we were only SLIGHTLY ANNOYED by junior's obsessive compulsive behavior with his thumb. he WOULD NOT take it out of his mouth (awww. i know. cute. get over it. we paid alot of money to see his FACE! not his hand in FRONT of his face....), he was in LOVE with sucking his thumb. not to mention that no matter WHAT position i was in, what we did to my stomach, what i would drink or do....he was NOT budging. at all.

puff's convinced it's because we've interrupted junior's prayer time.
har har.

at any rate -- after doing mild acrobatics -- we finally got that darn hand away from his face and snapped this pic! INSANE! lips! nose! eyes! baby! it was so crazy....

and then, being stubborn little bebe cheez, he resumed his previous position and chose to ignore us. clearly, we're boring. and he's cool.

anyways...we have some fun shots and it was neat to just watch him for twenty minutes!

and i guess he's got a long life of being photographed ahead of him, so we'll let him slide this once.

and here we are!
i'm trying to finish three weddings this week....
and then we fly out on thursday night for california for my first baby shower!
cant even believe it. no really. i cant.

BUT, more pressing matters =

THREE HOURS OF HEAVEN starting at 8am!!!!!!
i think even The Mormon is secretly excited tho he'll never admit it!

tomorrow's schedule:
resolving the "red hair" problem.
prenatal appointment.
photo editing.
probably blogging some more!



Melzie said...

Have fun with your bikes!! We did the same thing at Christmas, and are having a ball!! I picked up mirrors, and yes a bell- while my hub was rolling his eyes, LOL! ;) But the gears still weird me out.

Happy anniversary--- and I found you via Stirrup Queens. Just so you know! :)

heather said...

Mmm...chocolate cake. Delicious! What a cutie. Happy anniversary!

Julie Nickerson said...

I totally see a mini puff! He is so cute!

Nikki said...

You had your very own Tour de DC. How fun and how adorable is the little munchkin!!

Ok, let's discuss The Bachelorette for a hot second. 1. HATED that she picked Jesse. I threw a tantrum and almost my wine at the tv but then I realized my wine was too good. 2. I called off the hit on Jesse when I saw how COMPLETELY IN LOVE they were in the after show. And they are getting married a day before my birthday so I now am a believer in Deanna and Jesse.

Chrissy said...

look at baby's cute lips! i can't wait to kiss them. he is to die for.....too cool or not! :)

my favorite part of this entire post was chad's gospel biking. i nearly spit!

Chrissy said...

dude. i just looked to see if you blogged again. when i realized u didn't, u just glanced at your pictures again. i came across the one of chet on a bike and BELLY laughed....AGAIN. 'do you have a minute?' AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHA! i'm snorting AGAIN! that may be one of the funniest things ive seen in a while!

Misty said...

Silent stalker here but had to ask how you liked to season finalle of the Bachelorette. I was so mad she picked Jesse I LOVED Jason (maybe the will make him the bachelor)that would be nice! Anyway kinda liked how in love they were on the after show but still just couldn't feel it. Just didn't seem right he's a great guy and really loves her, but my bff and I think she likes him because she can push him around more!!?? She's a little OCD like they guy said on the guys tell all!! That was HILAROUS!! LOVED THAT!!

Love the bikes! I would love to have a bike, friends and I walk 3 miles a day, but would love to to have the bike for after or before the walk!! Haven't ridden one in forever!

Love the pics of baby. My OB has a 4D machine so all my sonos were like that!! LOVE IT!!! He looks adorable!!

Nina said...

Okay, I literally laughed so loud at the pic of Chad on the bike (looking like he was out to evangelize!) that Joel came to ask me what was so funny. Thanks for the belly laugh! Wait until you have a baby strapped on the back of that bike. Joel gets stopped by people all the time..."Ummm, your kid is wobbling all over." Uh...yeah, we don't know how to fix it!