Friday, June 6, 2008

i miss my husband :(

i had dreams about him last night :(
he's been gone for over a week now, and though i've DEFINITELY kept myself busy with random escapades over our time apart, i still miss him.

and i'm BEYOND sick of dealing with my dog right now, by myself, as well.
as of this morning, rudy peed on a $40 rug which is now trashed, and managed to get his name taken out of the will.

we don't have a will.

i mean our future will.

i may abandon him soon.

this has been a bad rudy week.
between getting bitten (again. don't make me explain it.) 4 times in the face on monday and going to the hospital, to destroying cafe furniture and making a scene at a local cafe, resulting in a bloody fiasco at the hospital
again, to peeing on my new rugs.....he's batting 1000 this week.

my patience is running very thin. very. and this time. it's not a joke.

wait, this got derailed because i was just talking about how much i need Puffy to come home...and rudy even ruined that line of thought.

so yeah, independence is cool for a little while but now i'm lonely and missing my husband. and sadly, he comes back home on sunday...and leaves again on tuesday for another week of travel. and that's our life for june.

he's sleeping in his own bed for nine nights this month.
or was it eight?....i forget. i counted it once to use as a guilt trip factor at some point, for some reason....but now it just makes me sad. :(

i always used to make fun of emo women during pregnancy. the ones who cry at commercials and when butterflies wisp by. "gay crying" in better terms.

well, i think i just hit that point.
and no, i still don't cry at butterflies and hallmark commercials, but boy oh boy can i turn a faucet on right now at the drop of a hat if my dinner burns, or if it's 1030pm and i realize there's no ice cream in my freezer. and no husband to run and find some. WAAAHHHH!!!!

in other news, chrissy was here for 24 hours!!! :)
it's been a while since chrissy and i had ALONE time. like. w/o Puffy, or one of her boyfriends. :) sorry, chris, had to get that in there ....they were on a tight rotation there for a while :)

but she came, we ate, we talked, we went swimming at my pool, we saw scary movies (WHY!?) and we slept in. good ole college days catching up fun. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY CHRISSY!!! i feel a little more up to speed on your life, which is always a very good thing :)

pllllllllease pray for my husband at some point tomorrow, if you remember to.
he takes the final phase of the CFA exams (been an ongoing ordeal for the past 7 years...hello.) and we're both just holding our breath. in a sense, i'm thrilled this part of the year is over. he takes the test and we move on with our lives until august when we find out if he passed or not. but at the same time, we don't feel really READY for it because this year has been SO distracting and hard for him to carve out time to fully study.

...something about what happens to your wife when she gets pregnant, packs, moves, unpacks, goes to court, shoots insane weddings...

it can be a shall we say....hard to study under the same roof with me ;)

so just pray that the Lord would SUSTAIN him tomorrow, he's so excited to have this over. but would be more excited to have it COMPLETED FOREVER!!! (as would crazy wife)

1) recollection of 6 mths of material. his poor brain has taken on new job responsibilities, new husband responsibilities, new homeowner responsibilities, and new FINANCE TESTING MATERIAL that would blow your mind if you saw it. i can't even READ a question b/c they're so hard to understand. just pray that God helps me recall EVERYTHING he's jammed into his poor head.

2) blood sugar. the kid has to test for 6 hours straight. this is the same kid who eats 6-10 meals a day. he goes DOWNHILL QUICKLY when he gets hungry....and i don't think snacks are allowed in the testing center. they get a break, but they typically jam their heads with 3x5 cards and such during this time. no mcDonald's runs for them.

3) calmness of mind. he's invested so much and worked so hard and given his entire heart to this test and i would be beyond thrilled to have his desires fulfilled and to simply pass the test and have this season of his life behind him. PLEASE LORD!!!! so of course, he gets jittery and nervous and shaky and i pray he is just calm when he wakes up tomorrow....physically calm.

4) reminder of God's sovereignty. God knows already if he's passed or not. He does. He holds the future. there is such peace in that....and i want chad to feel it and realize he's done his best and the Lord resolves the rest!!!!

have a great weekend to everybody!!!
xoxo - al


heather said...

i'm definitely praying for chad! what a big day for him... hopefully he'll be running on adrenaline and not think about food until the end (which is hard for us preggo girls to imagine, naturally).

i also hope you get some good time together between Sunday and Tuesday...

chrissy said...

aw i love you! so good to see you.

how'd rudy's doc visit go?

ckuretich said...

Ok, that shirt Chrissy is wearing, is from the GAP, right Chris? I almost bought that shirt for like $3 but it looked awful on me.

we don't have a will yet either, but we should!

Poor Puffinator. But he is being lifted up in prayer, that's for sure!!!!!