Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"nosy...and curious..."

wonder where he gets THAT from. :)

so we survived the 9 month check-up.
it was AWESOME sitting in the 'well-baby' waiting room for once...and we made some friends, since they were running so far behind. again. like normal. blah.

he managed to:
pull the doctor's stethoscope off.
tug on her scarf.
chew on the medical files.
rip up all the paper they lay across the examine table.
put all his socks in his mouth.
and impress the pediatrician with his:

"nosiness and REALLY need to baby-proof your house now..."
i told him to wear that badge proudly.

i am incredibly proud to have a nosy and curious baby.
how boring would it be to have a kid that was bored with the boring world in his boring life...?

hold your breath for these whammy stats:

height: 27.5 inches (25th %)
weight: 20lbs (40th %)
head circ: 18.5 inches (92nd % ....??!!!!)

he's freaking charlie brown, come to life!
no wonder he falls right over in the bath tub...he's lugging a noggin fit for a 5 year old!

and all was well with the world until his shots.
and then he was R.O.Y.A.L.L.Y. pissed off.

but he passed with flying colors and they gave him the green light to eat hummus, yogurt, crackers, avacado, toast...and all sorts of things that make me nervous. maybe we'll try those....tomorrow....? maybe.

but couldn't you just SQUEEZE THOSE CHEEKS?!


Julie Nickerson said...

I love this child!
And I LOVE that he is short and chubby with and a cute head!

he's perfect! no doubt!

ps-got him lots of clothes at CP!!!

Nikki said...

Chrissy said...

ahhhhh hahahaha i love him! i love that he's nosy. and i'm glad he's loud. HELLOOOOO he's in the right group! :)

Chrissy said...

ps: cannot wait to hear about him trying an avocado. hahahahaha....GAG....i can see it now!

heather said...

holy huge head! bet you're glad for the c-section. :)

david and i say the same about z - we would much rather have her "spirit" than have a boring child.

z gets checked next week. she's still only on 3 types of food - guess i could bump it up a bit. but i let myself take that as slowly as i want - so don't feel bad if you need more time to introduce toast (which also makes me very nervous)