Friday, May 15, 2009

where did this week go.
sad thing is...i don't even have time to explain my absence, as i'm running out the door...again!

it involved:
the party of the year.
mama's first mothers day.
a 'husband/colleague dinner.'
an evening oral surgery appt.
a dress fitting.
a pediatrician appointment.
a screaming fit with pediatrician.
"i quit, give me my baby's records/files!" episode.
why didn't i LEAVE back when THIS happened...or THIS....
a consult at a new pediatricians office.
deliveries to people's houses.
a VERY important evening meeting last night.
another oral surgery appt this morning...
and a regular dr appt this afternoon for a glorious sinus infection....

that about wraps it up.
it was all so much that i would sit down to explain it and thinking about where to begin wasted so much time that i never know, began!

and next week i leave for vacation (on wednesday!) promise to come back with LOADS of photos and stories and fun stuff. (or you could go to my facebook and see them all anyways....)

have a great weekend!!


Chrissy said...

woah. hope your sinus' feel better by wednesday so you can enjoy that beach house!!!!!!

Chrissy said...

it's MONDAY! time to updatey.... :)