Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Three Hours in the "SICK Waiting Area"

would you believe me if i told you that i never actually SEAT myself or my kid in the sick waiting area of the pediatrician's office? from what i gather, splitting of the waiting areas is a normal occurance. at least around here it is. the waiting rooms are split into different rooms and the well babies never have to smear germs with the UNwell babies.

yea well.
even in all of our unwell glory -- i refused to sit. over. there.
today it wasn't an option.
and from the looks of the UNwell waiting area, you'd think they had declared it a snow day and all schools were shut down, with their students camping out in the same 8x8 sq. ft. room. and i've had plenty of time to ponder that this is their way of perpetuating sickness, in order to keep themselves in business. there were tears, coughing, sneezing, UGH. so GROSS.

my appt was at 11am and i was bitter enough about having to be there. frankly, i had been running late all morning and needed to let them know that, as i'd probably be 10 minutes behind schedule. don't you love the attitude you get if you'll be running late? i roar laughing. oh really? you're gonna CHARGE ME if i'm late, well....who charges YOU for all the flipping times i've waited and waited for MY TURN in the doctor's presence? ....again?

wouldn't you know i had the pleasure of collecting sick germs for an HOUR, waiting for our appt. like, at WHAT POINT during your lecture to me about being late, did it occur to you that you SHOULD have said, "dont rush! sick-kid-pile-up! running behind schedule! see you whenever you wanna hokey-pokey your way in!" no. they'd rather me push my 6-points-on-my-license-luck and peel into your parking lot, and watch me sweat through my sign-in.

lets make a long painful story, much shorter = my husband had to take isaac back to the pedi at 430pm, only to be told. AGAIN. the docs are running 45 minutes behind schedule.

it's true.
and this is why, after much discussion with a few friends, that crazy people with kids just decide to do WILDLY irrational things, like, blow people up behind registers with bazookas. or jump off bridges. you hear these stories and wonder, "WHAT THE HECK got into that person?" yeah. well. we obviously share pediatricians.

just a virus, huh?

really? a virus? VIRUSES DONT TAKE 21 DAYS to run their course, and then make wretched turns for the worse.....

anger management merlot:

of course i could write an ENTIRE separate post on how husbands just DO NOT detail every last breath your kids takes, nor do they take enough details to come home armed with information for the awaiting mama. diagnosis? "dunno." why the meds?! what did they decide was wrong with him???? "'t say." holy crap what is that bag of much did you spend at CVS!? ".....$131."

the flipping nebulizer is lined with 14k gold.
note to self. call insurance TODAY.

so that's IT? there's nothing else the doc said???!
"not can ask him yourself when you see him on friday morning again...."

and then i corked another bottle.


is this weird?
i was making west-coast gang signs in my description of this hippy-granola pediatrician and chad couldn't keep a straight face.


Julie Nickerson said...

I didn't know he really needed the air thing. Poor BABY!!! What a little angel. He was just sitting there looking like he enjoyed it...until the end.


And what is this "as seen on the Bump"?? You haven't finished that story! So you write for them now?

Glenna Marshall said...

Sooooo pitiful! That sad little cry is the SAME cry Isaiah has when he's sick. So sad!!!

Mayes Capitol Courage said...

Soooo proud of you, girl! Hooray!

And, uhm, I was momentarily moved by the fact Puff gave me a shout out in the video until THE STRANGLED BIRD CRY ... then tears filled my eyes and I'm overcome with the uncontrolable urge to ditch work and take care of sicky Isaac ... oh, and drink with you. Natch.

Nikki said...

OMG that poor little man... i totally teared up when he started to cry... awwww...

I think it's time for a gun license no? lololol

heather said...

drink up, sister.

so sorry to hear all this - hope Isaac gets better soon ... and that you find a new ped. sooner.