Friday, March 20, 2009

home renovations....

no, not of the CONSTRUCTION ZONE type. just of the...reorganizing and redecorating variety.


because isaac is mobile.
and...well...i'm wicked scared.

i turned my back for two seconds yesterday and when i looked back to check on him, he was screaming from under the bed.

don't ask. i have no idea.

therefore, my office is being demolished and done away with. OF COURSE i have house guests this evening, who will be impressed by their first impression of my home. awesome.

office is evolving to play room.

baby-toys-trucks-crap-paraphernelia will now be on the first floor of my house. but i figure, it's got french doors. i can close out the noise AND still see you! "hey! i see you! i just don't wanna always hear you! this is a great relationship!"

(child services, i'm busy this weekend. sure, i can pen you in sometime next week.)

all kidding aside, (was i kidding?) ...he's safest down there. no stairs to fall down. no sharp edges. no ceramic tile. nice soft carpet, nice soft sofa, bookshelves full of baskets of fun toys, and a bright sunny spot to enjoy an afternoon of lock-down. har. har.

benefits to you? more blogging!
my office is now in my bedroom (at the risk of my husband divorcing me, as this keyboard is NOT a noise-less one. APPLE! get on that!) and that means my computer is ever before me. so i'll be chillin' here more often -- and that means maaaaybe i can get back into documenting and exploiting all of the otherwise boring and mundane events of my life.

SIDEBAR: old navy is has SUPER CUTE things right now.

aaand that's a wrap.
baby steps.

i'm not ready to commit to a full-on, emotional and introverted post yet. though i feel it brewing, deep down in there. got alot on my mind...

if the home office/bedroom combo doesn't get me a one-way ticket out of this marriage, tomorrow's agenda most certain does! NESTING! SPRING CLEANING! HONEY-DO-HELP-ME-RIGHT-NOW-CLEAN-GARAGE!

have a great weekend, peeps!


heather said...

so glad you're back! i've missed you!

i'm doing major spring cleaning around here, too. Z's not crawling yet, but she's scootching and rolling - so i'm purging and organizing and getting rid of!

Chrissy said...

wait wait. i cant even PICTURE this. you made the whole office isaac's playroom? will you just sit down there while he plays? what about entertaining potential clients? i need to hear more about this!!!!!!!