Monday, March 23, 2009


so swaddle training isn't going too well.

this isn't exactly the most exciting topic to most of you, but i'm really having an out of body experience, over here.

my kid is ADDICTED to his swaddle. which is cool, if said kid were 3mths old. but he's going on EIGHT months old, which means, mama would like to be able to GO OUT past his bedtime, and know that the sitter won't be stuck dealing with a screaming child, at bedtime, because his swaddle isn't fastened shut JUST SO. (wait. who am i kidding. i don't HAVE any babysitters.)

we're working on a 12-step program, and seem to be stuck on step 7: Learning to Live a New Life with a New Code of Behavior.

i've been given every piece of advice out there and frankly, feel pretty doomed.
2 nights ago he did SO WELL with his left arm free. we wrapped him and put him down with one arm free as a test to see if he'd be cool. he was way cool.

so last night we switched arms and he was way uncool with his right arm being free. read: crusted snotty mess, hoarse voice from screaming so long, and wailing fits on the hour, every hour, from 8pm-8am.

i held strong.
i left him in his crib.
i tried Ferber Method for crying infant.

and he woke up (HA! gotta SLEEP to actually WAKE UP...) this morning with this look of RAGE on his face and currently hates me.

of course his eyes were bloodshot, and he was delirious with exhaustion, so i put him down again (after he fell asleep in my lap) and he slept on his belly for an hour! CELEBRATE! then he cried for an hour! and fell back asleep!

yes, i took that picture at the MAGNIFICENT risk of waking him up. but felt it was earned. and yes, he woke up.


in other news, no garage cleaning was accomplished this weekend. boo.
BUT, isaac, Puff and i had a successful trip to IKEA to stock the new playroom with some necessities!

isaac behaved very well, though i'm clearly insane to attempt any of it on a SATURDAY. ikea. baby. saturday. WE:KJW:LKEJ:SLKDJF:LSKDJFSD.

and i have to tell ya, nothing can make or break your will, like assembling IKEA furniture on 47 minutes of sleep.

childrens chair assembly = cake. i'm brilliant!
sliding basket chest assembly = complex and ridiculous. i'm shocked i got into college!
childrens desk assembly = huh? monkey wrench?! since when does IKEA furniture need TOOLS. i quit!

the project is coming along, but i feel too drained to take on the 4 ft bookshelves at this juncture. or moving the IKEA sofa from the 4th floor to the 1st. (yes, in the metro-area, homes are very vertical. i assure you i do not live in a castle. i, rather, live in a tall tunnel.)

we're getting there....

why is it that projects seem SO COOL...until you're halfway through them.

i need a butler. and a slave.

and it wouldn't hurt to have my sweet baby back, too. :(



Chrissy said...

im so glad he's kinda making progress?? :) can't wait to see you!!!!!!

Nikki said...

omg Isaac is getting so big! way tooooo cute! can't wait to see you in less than a week... and do you remember that Amazing Race episode a few seasons ago where it was find some little note in a whole crate of little stuffed animals or build a desk (or something like that) - it went on for hours. IKEA furniture is not for the weak as i've lost my mind, sweat, and tears putting together plenty of it...

Mayes Capitol Courage said...

I am so glad you're blogging again. GOOD LORD I LOVE YOUR POSTS.

Mayes Capitol Courage said...

And also, why does this have me signed in AS MY DOG? WTH?

Julie Nickerson said...

so sorry about Isaac!!! But maybe he will LOVE sleeping on his tummy now...

The toy room is going to look so cute...welcome to your new little home. :)

We have those bins and shelf. Love them!

ckuretich said...

I just love that picture of him sleeping...his little pants!!! I know that's not the point of this post but man he's darling.