Thursday, March 26, 2009

monumental proportions...

so this is a huge weekend.
in keeping with a promise i made to myself to STOP TALKING ABOUT ALL THINGS BABY-SICKNESS-RELATED, it's time to discuss the hugeness of the next 48 hours.

my best friend.
christina marie.
is having.
her bridal shower.

with that said, it's a huge event.
i met chrissy in 1998. 1998! truth be told, that doesn't sound THAT long ago. to me. when i say it to myself, it...feels like yesterday. but it certainly was not, and i have some sinful evidence of the fact that it was, certainly, a long time ago...buried somewhere in the photo albums.

chrissy and i became friends against just about every set of odds...yet...the friendship came so naturally that we had no choice.

just two days ago i was talking with chad about friendships...and stages of life...and taking full advantage of the people around us TODAY because they've been placed in our life, strategically by God for a purpose...

and it got quiet for a moment...

and i realized that the last time i TRULY and fervently prayed for a best friend to be placed intentionally into my life -- God gave me chrissy. (and christin. and allison berry.)

way back in 1998.

and these girls are still willing to travel across the country, once again, so that we can sit around during the wee hours and share, laugh, love and encourage each other.....and CELEBRATE that one more is getting married....

i have SO LONGED for this trip and am SO EXCITED to join everybody and celebrate CHRISSY'S upcoming wedding!!!!

i hate blogger bc it always uploads pics in WEIIIIRD order, but here we go!
here's us at the white house! well, a bunch of us!!!

i was 6mths pregnant here and chrissy came to sit poolside with me last summer!

and drink decaf. boo.

back in 07, Puff ran the NYC Marathon...look at lil' chrissy and her then boyfriend, soon to be fiance!!!

i was actually DIGGING HARD for the photo of chrissy getting mad that she missed the bouquet at my wedding, but couldn't pass up this photo instead!


no CLUE what face we're each making here...but my saviors in 1998.....



who has the ORIGINALS of these photos on the beach? mine are saved so TINY!!!

this was the day after i became a mom. how precious is this memory....

this was my baby shower that i was never able to attend, however, i somehow don't feel like i missed anything! i was there VIA WEB-CAM!!!! :)

thank you chrissy for always being there and HERE WE COME!!!!!

for those of you who have asked:

1) no. i will NOT be bringing my dearly beloved child to NYC with me. Puff-Chaddy is responsible for him, for a solid 48 hours and i'm trying to be ok with it. AKA: ignoring this INCESSANT urge to draw up lists, diagrams, death-threats.

2) isaac is SLOWLY on the mend. he actually laughed this evening. i thought i would melt into a puddle on the floor and just die right there on the spot. HE IS GETTING BETTER!!! he's got bronchiolitis (huh?) and is on a litany of medications that would heal the bubonic plague -- much less a little lung infection. right? gulp. hope so.

uhm. that's it. only 2 points. no #3. sorry.

i haven't packed yet. i haven't finished laundry yet. i haven't done jack crap yet. aaaaaand whaddya know, my husband is out of town, so frankly, it looks like i won't be getting much done for some bit. we're thinking about leaving at 7pm on friday (me and Jujube will be driving up together!) and returning at some point on sunday. Puff has all but SWORN to keeping our kid in SHUT DOWN, in order to protect him from outside i plan on placing a nanny-cam somewhere in the house to hold him to it.

i feel kinda bad cuz these people are gonna be shackin' up at my place for the weekend and i wont even be here! furthermore, their room is basically IN the baby's nursery, which outta be boatloads of fun, right around 2am when the child decides to always start hacking up a lung. hopefully puff will be the hostess with the mostess and ensure smooth-sailing around here....


i swear.
i'm totally ok with chad being in charge of the infirmary this weekend....

that is 3 nebulizer medications, antibiotics, OTC pain management, reflux meds...among other things.

trust me. he'll appreciate it. even if he never admits it.


Julie Nickerson said...

AAAAA!!!! you made an excel spreadsheet!!! i love it! I just made a notebook of notes and lists! I told Seth "please keep referring to the list to make sure you have covered everything!" hahah1


Nikki said...

that excel sheet is HILarious! this post was super sweet and I can't wait to see you & the rest of the girls! yay!!!!

Chrissy said...

ahhhhhhhh! ok i love this post so very much!!!!!! you're the best!!!!!!!! cannot believe this day is here. love you!!! cannot WAIT to see you all in my apartment!!!!!!!!! XOXOXO

and i KNOW you're gunna draw up a diagram for chad, whether you want to or not. it's in your nature! HAHA!