Wednesday, December 19, 2007

last minute gift ideas.

i'm going to start writing about things i LOVE and things i HATE.
how's that.
a personal little REVIEW of my latest purchases and whether i feel they're worthy of EVER being purchased again....or if you should run out and BUY THEM IN DROVES!!!!!!

i just don't have the brain power to come up with anything original at this point.
i'm busted in the brain lately.
running on empty and trying to simply keep up.

so here we go!!!!!
i've had to buy ALOT of stuff because we're doing california-christmas this year, so the pressure was on to buy and ship gifts and it seems that every year there's ONE MORE PERSON to buy for....and the malls have been a NIGHTMARE!!!

but...without further's to all the wicked cool things that are worth every penny:

alot of the following will involve makeup.
the FIRST best thing of december DEFINITELY is:

Cargo's BeachBlush in "Echo Beach" from Sephora. $26

this stuff is TO DIE FOR!!!
i've been using some other high end bronzers and blushes and none have EVER made me as happy as this one. and to think - it's TWO IN ONE!!! that's a money saver right??
RUN, don't walk to sephora, and pick up this's potent, too. a little GOES SO FAR!!!

ok, i'm a little late to the Stila party, i know.
but i finally jumped on the bandwagon and CANT STOP GUSHING...
so next on the list is:
Stila's Plumping Lip Glaze in Vanilla Mint: $24

again, i was a skeptic for the last 5 years that my friends have been using it.
but i'm reformed now and forever regarding Stila. it also doesnt burn like other plumping just makes your lips feel fresh, tingly, and minty!!!! and it REALLY DOES LAST!!! which was my beef all along with glazes and glosses. AH-mazing. the end.

ok, a true unexpected winner:
Lorac's Lip/Cheek Sheer Wash, $17

i wasn't expecting to be swooning so easily over something SO not my type.
this is a clear gloss-type-thing, with a rollerball, but it's the consistency of water.
if you're not careful, it'll drip a little out of place.
but it leaves your lips stained for hours.....and you can use gloss to make it look fresh throughout the day, but it's GUARANTEED COLOR for most of the day!! this above color isn't what i bought, but it's close, and i don't even believe i'm a fan. but i am!!!! i was so easily converted, it's sick. THUMBS UP!!!!

Headlines Salon Chemical Peel Facial

wow. wow. wow.
i've never had a facial in my LIFE. ever. never even WANTED a facial. ever. in my life.
but last week, my skin threw a rebellion of the century and i broke out like crazy and freaked. and temporarily lost my mind and signed up for a facial. but not any facial.
i wasn't scared at all...until the technician lady told me what to expect.
and she.
people, it burned like the dickens....for 5 minutes when they let the goo sit on your face....and it burns worse...and worse...and worse....before it gets better.
that's the bad news.
the GOOD NEWS is....i walked out of there with baby-butt skin. it looked like i had a little bit of wind-burn...or a tinge of sunburn for the next few days...but even now, my skin feels SO SOFT and it exfoliated some of the ugly zits away.
will i do it again?
it'll be hard to turn down.
will i have to hide it from my husband?
only time will tell.
but with a price tag of $100, (it was an hour and a half long!), it sorta makes up for the fact that i don't spend ANY money on facial wash. i use good ole' dial soap in the shower for my face...THEREFOR, i justified it.
you lie on a heated the dark....with beach noise playing....and walk out with glowing skin. a little piece of heaven if you ask me :)

on a final note, another MUST HAVE is:
Clarins Lait Auto-Bronzant = Self Tanning Milk with SPF 6

i really needed something that didnt SMELL like tanner, to put on my body before slipping into party attire to shoot last Saturday's wedding. i am WHITE WHITE WHITE, see previous posts for my whiteness.
at any rate....this little puppy IS AMAZING. it looks like i've come back from VACATION!!! it's for BODY only, not FACE, but regardless, you can wear a party dress and feel confident that you're not searing anybody's retina's with your flourescent winter skin.
it goes on as a thick, luxurious lotion....and you walk around nude for 10 minutes to let it dry, and the results are ALMOST instant. and it lasts 3 days. you can't beat it!!!!!

now for a list of all the things your friends will RETURN without telling you, because they weren't worth the money and store credit seems more attractive :)

Sadly, Clarins Tinted Self Tanning Face Cream with SPF 15
$29 back in my wallet

this is a truly sad story.
it had all the promise behind it due to it's body cream's success.
it's oily.
it's heavy.
it smells TERRIBLE -- hello -- it's near my NOSE, too.
and it's overpriced. it's everything that we don't like? :)
it went back.
my powder bronzer is a nice replacement and all is well with the world.

Lorac "Co-Stars" in Kissing Scene color:
$19 back in my wallet

it's a wonderful concept.
just try another brand...or something.
every color offerred SUCKED.
i bought TWO, hoping to return the one i didn't like.
both went back.
did they stain for 12 hours?
did the gloss work wonders!!??
but when the gloss wears away, you're dealing with some flaky lips, fading and spotty color, and STICKY wax feeling all over. so you MUST stay on top of the gloss...for sure!!!!
i'd deal with the side-effects if ALL of their colors didn't make me look dead.
if they updated their color selection, i'm all IN!
so i guess that leaves me on the fence?
maybe you'd like their colors?
it's a crap shoot...but at least at sephora = you can RETURN ANYTHING!!!!

actually, i have to run.
i'll discuss the worst place to get a haircut in DC, the worst place to buy glasses in DC, the worst place to get a manicure in DC, the worst way to ship gifts to another state.....and the worst place to park your car if you're registration is expired, on another day.

this now concludes the most shallow post i've ever written.
i may make this a weekly thing on my blog....the best and worst of the week :)

have a wonderful day and i'm off to pick up my new glasses!!!! woo hoooo...


Nikki said...

Love it! Please do a best & worst - such a fun read!

Terri said...

allison i LOVE this blog!!! lol, i would LOVE some of that make up you talked about, so if you ever need a gift for me, you have my permission to get me some!! : ) I soooo hope your happy with your new glasses! today IS NOT a good day for me, for some reason pain in leg is MUCH worse then yesterday, hmmm, trying not to get discouraged. I guess it still has time to get better. I love you, mom

Chrissy said...

ok. i know this may be a surface blog but i really like it and i'm planning on printing it and getting those glosses that u recommended. you know me and the glosses and i HAAAATE the flaky thing. i won't be purchasing the one you did not recommend. ew.

KellyLee said...

Al, I recommend that you try the Dove, Energy Glow. I use the medium and it is one of the gradual ones, but it does not smell bad at all. Only once in awhile if I do two layers will I get that self tanner smell to me. IT is really even and thin...not sticky and gloppy. I put it on after my showers and it gives me a nice bronzy glow...not super tan, but my makeup looks 100% better and my chest and arms match my face which is huge to me! Don't look at my lower half the glow may blind you!

ckuretich said...

umm....i don't spend that much on makeup. ever. am i weird?
like $23 for blush? or whatever? the most i've spent is $10. and here's a funny story:

a guy I work with - his wife works for Dior. YES. unbelievable - hate her. anyway when I met her, she hands me a free, brand new DiorShow mascara. I'm like - WTF? Ok - thanks! I like you!
well i'm using it because well, it was free - and i don't see the benefit of a $25 mascara vs. my $5 pink/green tube. I really have issues, I think. someone needs to show me the benefits of places like Sephora where you pay $18 for one little teeny tiny pot of eyeshadow - because at present, it is totally lost on me.

that facial did sound amazing though - i'd give anything right now to have 1.5 hours dedicated to me laying in a heated bed with beach music, being pampered.

(regardless of my personal thoughts on makeup prices, i loved this blog, keep this coming.)

Anonymous said...

well, CK, i can't make any justifications for the amt the makeup costs, EXCEPT that it lasts longer on my face.

my first more expensive makeup purchase was for my wedding.

MAC blush. MAC eyeshadow.

i'm still using the SAME little pot of eye shadow that i bought in 2005. why? because i need less to go further!!! and it's so soft and long-lasting!!!! I LOVE IT!!

uhm, i'm really really really picky about blush - so - when i find one i like, there ya go!!!!

but i do still use maybelline waterproof mascara and i'll probably NEVER change, along with cover girl lip gloss as well...and cover girl powder.

so i'm a hybrid makeup girl :)
i go all out for eye shadow, but stay pretty basic for some other things....

i'll keep the list going!! :)

Glenna Marshall said...

Hey Allison,
I wanted to tell you that I listened to "Wisdom for Loser's" sermon by Dever yesterday. It was really good. I love that he pulled out the fact that we often feel like if we know the reason for our suffering, we can endure it. But, often times (as with Job), we will never know the reason, and honestly, we DON'T have the right to know. We end up hoping in a false "trust". Sometimes we must endure suffering because we have to, because God has deemed it best for the time, because it will give Him glory.
Anyway...I enjoyed it. We listened to it in the car as we began our Christmas travels.

And thanks for your comments on my other site. You were encouraging and comforting, which was what I needed. I'm doing a bit better now....but the sting that you mentioned in a recent post...well, it's still there for sure.

Merry Christmas and keep up the good posting!! :)

Heather said...

shallow, but oh-so-helpful. love it!