Friday, December 7, 2007

what about this picture...

...screams a peaceful night's sleep?!

holy crap.
only wonder girl would withstand looking at that everyday and NOT grind her teeth in her sleep.
this calendar is very, sadly, very real and sitting right next to my desk.
just looking at it sends me into neurotic convulsions.
why did i have to use so many loud colors? black would have done JUST fine.
i think the heavy scribble across the month of august is so revealing....

....of my psychosis.
(in iiiittty bitttty scribble you'll see "IUI" in the august 17th spot. bad. bad. bad...)

good thing the year is almost over....

now before we close out the weekend, i'd like to finally reveal the hair cut.
people, it got uglier before it got better.
i still have a "mom" hair cut, BUT it is boat-loads cuter than it was 72 hours ago.

this is puffy's version of a good picture -- aaaand, this is why we don't let him in the Allison Morgan Photography play group:

"sweetie...i'm not SURE THE PEOPLE CAN SEE ALL OF OUR CRAP WE HIDE AND PRETEND DOESNT EXIST....why don't you ZOOM OUT a little bit more and maybe include my MESSY DESK in the mix...."

uhm. yeah. THAT, kids, is why we hella need a new house. this is our:
1) guest bedroom.
2) office for 2.
3) gift wrapping station.
4) folding laundry station.
5) and model-posing station.

i taught him "zooom" today on the big bad camera...he's a work in progress....
but here you have it.
new hair.
a little red.
alot of brown.
alot of layers.
a pinch of "mom" which is nothing but another way the universe plans evil schemes against me....

and to think....
....this picture was taken after TWO sessions of self-tanner.



ckuretich said...

and now to quote the worst commercial campaign ever:

"badabababa - i'm lovin' it!"

Carolyn said...

uhm, you ALWAYS look adorable, you can pull off any haircut and it angers me. I need a haircut....SO bad. Maybe I should have put that on my christmas list.....hmmm....

Chrissy said...

me likie!! care is right. you work just about anything!

Julie Nickerson said...

I love it!

Nikki said...

yea, it's amazing how even horrible cuts look great on you. on another note, puff is workin' it - he's trying. I bet he's hoping to plan a coup of the playgroup.

heather said...

the color looks great, and i really like the sassy sweeping bang thing going on - so wish i had your hair!

lizstephans said...

Dude. It's been said before. I'll say it again. Every time you tell me you got an awful haircut, I expect to see an awful haircut. But you never have an awful haircut. You always look great and you always have a rockin' colorist. And for that, I will never forgive you. ;) xo