Wednesday, July 15, 2009

mish mash!

ah, you've probably seen all of these on facebook, but regardless, i find these two of my dad reading to isaac absolutely precious! isaac is captivated by books and Pop Pop used this to his advantage a month ago when we were in PA! (wow...maybe 2 mths ago? not sure...)

if you fastforward to the 4th of july, you obviously know i was recuperating! therefore, i took my first mini-trip (it counts as a trip if it exceeds the distance from the couch to the bathroom!) to the neighborhood pool! it was gorgeous weather that day and it felt SO GOOD to get out of the house! but isaac hates the pool. with a pure and holy hatred. we tried to bride him, but it only worked for 10 minutes. so we did alot of people watching and lounging :) happy 4th!

then this past weekend, lanier opened up her backyard and cooked a FAB organic meal for us!!!! again, perfect weather. it's almost STRANGE how gorgeous and mild the outdoors have been this summer. weird. creepy. WONDERFUL! we had alot of fun!!! makes me want a backyard!!! :) ah, the plans we add to our dream list!

we also decided to head over to the National Harbor for a little family day outing! there's this fantastic 'water taxi' to take you over there and it's just really neat! this below photo is of us waiting at the Old Town harbor for the ferry....and camera died. no really. HORRIBLE TIMING. i almost cried. so did isaac:

the weekend was topped off by an incredibly day of blessing at church. i know i don't talk about it alot (because it's a given, i suppose :) but my heart overflows at the thought of my church. the blessings and teachings and relationships are deep and fulfilling and my heart honestly bursts because i love it so much. i can't believe we've been members there for 2+ years already, but when you find a church that truly becomes the axis of your life, a church that is the fundamental reason you stay in the area you live in -- it's an unspeakably massive blessing. who knows if we'd be so convinced to stay in VA, if not for the Body of Christ that we're a part of and for which we love so dearly.

which BRINGS ME to my next point = ISAAC THRIVES there. he loves it too!
i've been INCREDIBLY impressed by their nursery services/toddler services/children's sunday school offerings! he's in the nursery a total of 5 hours on sunday (3 in the AM, 2 in the PM) and has never once required me to save him. i set him down and he bolts for the toys and his friends! what a relief that i can focus and worship and know that he's under the safe teaching and in the capable hands of trusted friends!

all to say, he is WIPED when we pick him up!!! :) we're talking FOUR hour naps on sunday afternoons! so cute......

but he managed to rally by monday morning, because he had a big day of networking.

our playgroup wasn't such a success this week, between vacationing, broken AC's, out of town friends, etc. so shiloh & luke met up with us for lunch and we had a wonderful time! the boys talked just enough biz so we could write off the meal ;)

and here we are: it's wednesday! i have a meal i need to get hoppin' on for a local mom who's just had her 2nd bebe, and isaac and i intend to go window shopping for our new bedroom linens.....ah, window shopping. gone are those leisurely trips, though i am going to tackle as best we can!

and that just about brings you up to speed.....happy wednesday!

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Julie Nickerson said...

FOUR HOUR NAPS!!! I have NEVER heard of such a nap. I'm soooo jealous!

He is getting SO BIG!!!