Friday, July 17, 2009

you know...that other day job i have...

it's wedding season and i'm certainly back in the saddle!
it's been difficult juggling isaac and work and traveling hubby and surgery and you know...stuff.

but here we are and life is good :)
this wedding presented alot of 'firsts' for me!
first time shooting at MY OWN personal church on Capitol Hill!
first time shooting ALONE! eeek.
first time shooting alone and have the couple see each other prior to the ceremony!!!

let's just say i was VERY excited about this. normally i LIKE when i am able to capture the bride and groom's face as the bride is about to walk down the aisle, but my church has such strict rules regarding photography during the ceremony, that i realized doing it THIS way would be best. shooting from a balcony would make it hard to see their expressions and capture that accordingly, so i was blessed with the opportunity to set up this shoot before the big event!

i actually had each of them line up behind these huge trees in a park next to the capitol...
amy was leaning over to catch a glimpse of anything she could. cheater! ;)

(you can click on each image to enlarge it!)

tim, on the other hand, was obediently looking in the opposite direction according to directions. :)

on the count of 3, they both came out from behind their prospective trees and walked toward each other -- it worked out fantastically....

i do think they forgot the cameras were inches from them.
you could feel the electricity. the disbelief. the emotion.

we had a little shoot by the capitol...

amy, waiting for her walk down the aisle...

tim, getting all GQ on me....

the reception was lively, alot of fun and full of emotion, too!

i had a feeling it was going to get messy and i secretly join in the chanting and rooting for a good, healthy cake-smashing ordeal....

my wish was granted!

so there ya go!
amy & tim, it was an honor and i know for certain (sadly, you can't always say that!) that you'll live happily ever after! thank you for a great day!!!


Julie Nickerson said...

I'll admit, I would be scared to do it on my own. I just realized one of my first weddings was on my own, but they were super close friends so for some reason I didn't feel stressed. :)

I LOVE when they see each other before. I used to be against it, but after we had a couple do it, I saw how special and beautiful it was!

Great job!

chrissy said...

good job, al!!! she had such pretty flowers, too. love the behind the tree shots. super cute.