Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bad Day, Part II

so there we were.
it was rounding 4pm, and isaac needed a nap.

from my glider in the nursery, rocking in the dark, chad at the computer desk was within my line of sight.

he must have stared at the computer monitor for twenty minutes.

as i closed the nursery door to head back to talk with him, i realize this day is going far too slowly.

we are both starving, and we have a round of rather depressing phone calls to make. but first the excited emails from one of his CEOs, his assistant, and many emails from best friends/colleagues needed to be answered. he certainly stared at his blackberry for a minute before sending off an email that states, "...not this year." his status at work, fortunately, is not dependent whatsoever on these scores. it doesn't really change his position at work, or help/hurt him at all, which is one of the hugest blessings in this equation. (or maybe it's evidence that he's truly insane.) chad just wants the darn designation...well...for the future. and he's got quite the cheering section from his place of employment and everybody just aches to see him succeed. the outpouring of love and encouraging words were a soothing balm to his heart!

i made the decision to head out for dinner.
the house was too quiet.
we needed a change of scenery.
so when isaac woke up, we packed his diaper bag and headed over to King St with our stroller to window shop, walk around the water, and have dinner.

sadly, the weather was quite reflective of our moods.
it rained cats and dogs during dinner, but since we were having an early dinner, it was a relatively empty restaurant except for another family a few tables away. it didn't go over so well when their three year old came over to say hi to isaac and play with him and the mother urgently raced to her child's side and right before MY VERY EYES in my VERY PRESENCE, scolded her child, "NO NO! you don't touch babies! babies are DIRTY! they have GERMS! DIRTY!"

my eyes must have been the size of saucers. i looked at chad to make sure i heard correctly. she has no idea how much venom could have spewed out of my mouth! NOT TODAY, LADY!

isaac was a gem. dinner was tasty! i was thankful we made the decision to head out...and that top shelf margarita certainly hit the spot. :)

until we wanted to walk back to our car.

i stood under the restaurant awning while waiting for chad to get the car -- it was raining so hard it hurt my skin! he pulled up and i took isaac out of the stroller and he took the stroller and ran to throw it in the trunk and i ran to buckle isaac in.

it wasn't until we got home that i realized i had set my WALLET on top of the stroller.
you know.
the stroller that chad sprinted with, into the street. on a busy street.

more crying was the only appropriate response.
because this occurring ON THIS DAY is the only appropriate timing.
because the ONE REFRESHING aspect of our day must be MARRED by such a horrible thing happening.

we scoured the street, knelt down to check the sewer, asked the restaurant, walked the sidewalks.

it was gone.
my license.
debit cards.
credit cards.
store cards.
health insurance.

and i spent the final hour before isaac went to bed, calling to cancel every credit card number i could think of. (FYI = it would be smart for all of you to learn from my wretched experience and write down WHAT is in your wallet, the phone numbers to call, and the CARD NUMBERS. in your moment of disbelief, and while somebody else is waltzing around KING STREET with your credit cards, you don't wanna be wasting time GOOGLING customer service numbers.)

((...and do you want to know torture? do you really want to understand true pain? imagine the following morning. your husband leaves the STATE for the day and is on business 4 hours from home. you wander downstairs and realize you are OUT. OF. COFFEE. oh. no big deal, right? you'll walk down the cafe and get a latte. HA. but WAIT! you don't have ANY HOPE of buying ANYTHING because you don't have a WALLET. not even a dollars worth of change in the house. this is when i personally wished to die. the caffeine withdrawal was too consuming....))

(((...thankfully, lanier puchased me coffee on her way to work. i am indebted for life. isaac thanks you, too!!! )))

ok, so you get the point.
it was a pretty bad 24 hour cycle. :)

i so appreciate all of your emails, phone calls, prayers and comments.
if you've known us for a few years, you've probably become accustomed to carrying this burden with us -- and for that we cannot possibly begin to express our gratitude.

we exhaled as we laid in bed that night.

i tried to be positive, "....well....we're not dead...and you know what that means, right?"

he smiled and answered back, "we are not dead. and since that didn't kill us -- it hopefully made us stronger..."


meet joelle said...

i think it's time to start an encouraging cheer for you...."go allison...go chad...." things can't get worse, here's looking for wonderful things right around the corner. much love

Julie Nickerson said...

Well, this post broke my heart!!!!

So sorry you lost your wallet!!! ARUGH!!! that is awful!

you just reminded me I need to scan everything in my wallet.

Of course, Seth scans his wallet like every year and lectures me how I did to do it!

Praying for you all!!!

And thank God for Lanier!!! She is a lifesaver or lifesavers!!

chrissy said...

ughhhh yeah. if all was just not bad enough, the no coffee thing and no husband at the same time, woulda definitely pushed me over the edge. nothing like coffee from a friend. (lanier was a GOD send...)

i'm so sorry you're going thru all of this but chad is're stronger.

love you guys. love you.

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