Monday, August 17, 2009

...just another Sunday...

Chad gets up with Isaac.
I sleep in... body is destroyed from pilates.
Coffee brewing.
Newspaper delivered.
An hour of fun in family room.
It’s 9am?
‘we are walking out of this door at 1015!’
Sounds like a record that skips.
Isaac needs breakfast.
I need to pack his bag for church.
…uhm, we’re out of whole milk.
Chad, please run to get whole milk.
I must get ready with Isaac in the bathroom.
Unravels a roll of toilet paper.
Rips pages out of a book.
Crawls into the shower.
Look at watch.
Isaac on verge of pulling entire shoe rack down in closet.
Stomach burning from coffee, no breakfast.
Somebody has missed a morning nap completely.
Drag Isaac to high chair.
Put on makeup while feeding him.
10:07AM, chad walk in the door.
…but the whole milk isn’t organic?!
Contemplate whether non-organic milk is rat poison or not.
Hand Isaac to chad for diaper change, clothing and shoes.
Diaper cream gets all over isaac’s hands, truck, and new Robeez.
How do you get these DARN shoes on anyways?! They don’t buckle or tie?!
Mentally drafting letter to Robeez. Engineering needs improvement.
Switch infant carrier from one car to the other – taking separate cars.
Why the heck didn't I buy him a new carseat yesterday?
Long story.
Holy cow, it’s 500 degrees outside.
Pour bottle of rat poison for Isaac and stuff into diaper bag.
Arms are killing me.
Run upstairs, throw clothes on.
Quads are killing me.
Forgot makeup bag next to Gerber Puffs.
Omg, where are my keys?
Toothpaste on my dress?
Have I even had a glass of water yet today?
Ponytail it is.
What’s burning?
Coffeepot is burning.
Get in car.
Blast air conditioning.
Realize I forgot stuff in the house.
Who cares.
Zone out while asking myself how this occurs every Sunday.
Drive past Mr Henrys.
Memories of being accosted on Election Day.
Red light.
Did I really enjoy living in this city?
Red light.
Why are Capitol Hill traffic lights not motion-sensored?
Please God let my secret illegal parking space be open.
Who goes to Eastern Market when it’s this hot?
Red light.
Isaac asleep.
Stilettos and bricked sidewalks don’t mesh.
Isaac throws his pacifier on sidewalk 4 times.
More sweating.
Running up 3 flights of stairs to the children’s floor.
My quads and abs are waiving a white flag.
Check in.
Wrist bands.
Kiss goodbye.
Grab bulletin.
Quick bathroom stop.
My regular balcony seat.

….we made it….


Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha OMG reminds me of when we used to go to first service when all of you kids were 4 yrs and under. THREE KIDS how DID we do it???!!! OMG soooo funny!! Rat poison, LOLOL Who is Robeez and whats up?

Julie Nickerson said...

sounds just like our Sunday mornings. I swear the devil makes them way harder.

Yesterday, was one of those Sundays that I actually left church with Abel b/c he was FREAKING out that bad. He hates when his first hour teachers (same teachers every Sunday) leave and the next new crew comes in. I realized it didn't make sense to wonder the halls of church with my screaming child, so we left and made a trip to the grocery store while we waited to pick up Seth from Church. Clearly, I wasn't thinking right because I NEVER take Abel to the grocery store and I was reminded why yesterday morning...

By the way, I know you are crazy organic lady right now, but actually just putting him whole milk that is all natural (not organic) is better for him right now. Due to not enough studies on "organic milk" for babies, it is best to do "all natural, hormone free." :) Just a thought.

chrissy said...

hahahahaha. i just have no words....

Glenna Marshall said...

You make my life seem soooo much simpler.

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