Wednesday, August 5, 2009


so for my REAL birthday, we had a family dinner out. dinner included all of my favorite food groups. cheese + wine + bread + baby + hubby. :) we coulda done w/o the mosquitoes, but apparently they couldn't help but celebrate with us, too.

isaac behaved like a real life doll, very appropriate behavior when mommy is tired and partied out! of course he hasn't quite grasped the whole "look at the camera and smile" idea, which is quite odd (and maybe a little annoying?) for a child who has a camera shoved in his face about...oh...4 hours a day.

he's got a new obsession. teeth.

can i get another round, please?.....

NEWFLASH: isaac ate BREAD! like, real LIVE bread! granted, it's sitting right in front of him in the above photograph, however i had to mince it into such small pieces it's not really visible to the naked eye. HOWEVER!? he ate it and you will clap right now for our success.

i guess it's at this point i should tell you that we have an 'eating evaluation' with some developmental therapists next friday. awesome. my kid is 1 and already employing a therapist. who OF COURSE doesn't take our insurance. (here we go TAX RETURN 2009!) so we shall allow the professionals to assess his aversion to textures and test out his 'eating form' and his sensory responses. for OBVIOUS reasons, this raises some red flags and is a little worrisome, but we are being promised that this is very normal and resolvable. which is good cuz mama is getting REAL tired of sitting there for 45 minutes, three times a day, feeding a 12mth old with EIGHT TEETH, nothing but jarred pureed food for infants. end rant.

so, between baby showers, birthday parties, family visits, more birthday parties, more hosting friends in town, more birthday parties....yada yada, we're ready for some down time! and we very much look forward to our vacation next month! it will be nice to get away for some peace and quiet, just the three of us. we're really trying to start a tradition where just the three of us get some QT alone for a week..... in this city and in this world of crazy hustle/bustle/travel schedules/social events, it will be nice to hole up with my husband and my baby to reconnect, beachfront, in solitude for a week....

i'm droooooling.
bring on september!

aaaaaand i hear isaac awake from his nap....

PS: when i look at that first photograph, i wonder who the heck isaac looks like. not me. not daddy. and then i remember back to the day he was discharged and we were notified that his DNA was such that it was impossible for him to be my child, given my DNA. that was a REAL COOL conversation in my post-partum delirium. remind me to tell you that story sometime......


Nikki said...

i must have really good eyesight b/c i spotted the bread almost immediately and please do tell that story about the DNA - i'm completely baffled now at the thought... btw did you get my FB Happy Birthday message I sent via FB email?

chrissy said...

wait wait. his dna says he can't be your child?????????? i need this story right away cuz that freaks me out! what the heck??? email email email.

and dude. i am so glad he was a doll baby that day. that's such a great birthday gift!!

where are you guys going in september? that's fabulous!

chrissy said...

oh and the bread!!!!!!!!! that's awesome! go isaac!