Friday, August 14, 2009

how is he our kid?

i had horrific nightmares all night.
it was my birthday party, but it was at my house.
except that part was reminiscent of isaac's bday party at my house....but on speed.
like, 500 people, no room to move, devastation of my home.
and then everybody left and for some reason i was on a deadline to get my house clean again and the more i tried, the worse it got and .....well, everytime i'd go back to sleep....the dirty house WAS STILL THERE.....
interpret, please...?

so, today's the day.

for whatever reason, isaac hates food. you may or may not know the details in full, but we are a mixture of completely weirded out and frustrated and...sure...maybe a smidge of worry? bigger smidge of jealously.

do you have any idea how much longer i could put off joining a gym if i just...didn'

well, so, isaac is not normal in this arena. he has been observed by developmental specialists three times since birth and they thinks he's fabulous! he scores above normal in many things! and then she chirps about all of her results and in passing asks, "'s he eating?" she takes a seat when i tell her he is a SPAZ about textures. he nods, and tests him out with a cheerio. negative, ghostrider. he gummed the cheerio and it sat on his tongue for twenty minutes until it disintegrated. he simply will not chew, despite the 8+ teeth we have slaved over. she gave me a bunch of sheets on how to 'encourage' his affection for solids...

three days into that, i realized this was a losing battle. he'd start screaming the second i'd place him in his highchair and ANYTHING i attempted to give him caused him to arch his back so hard i half expected the high chair to tip over.

fastforward to today.
he's been referred to a clinic for an 'eating evaluation.' i have no idea what it will entail but hopefully they'll help isaac get over this hump. he obviously doesn't realize many of his dreams will come true when he incorporates CHEEEEEEESE into his diet. hello!? and he obviously missed the memo that ONLY during babyhood is weighing more and packing on the pounds a positive thing. people would kill to be a baby again! to forego utensils, disregard table manners, and endless amounts of high fat fare!...... and you're just WASTING it, isaac.

he will live to regret it, i'm certain.

so wish us luck this afternoon.
during the scheduling phone call, i asked if i know....bring him in starving. you know, like they told me to do when i would meet with the lactation consultant, in order to heighten interest in fooooood when he was a newborn. (by the way, that just doesn't seem right. he was 3 weeks old! not even reaching his due date yet! "please bring him in hungry...make sure he is reeeeaaaaallly hungry.")

i got silence from the receptionist...

...." bring him in happy."

well, HA. hungry is easier to guarantee than happy. i can guarantee hungry....but ma'am, i will try my best to show up with him ....happy.

and so we scratch our heads. he just can't be our kid....he hates food?!
(ah, brings up the DNA story again....i will write it all out soon!)

so off we go.
keep you posted.


planning to see Time Traveler's Wife tonight.....
very excited.


isn't it true that coffee just TASTES better from your favorite mug? chad brought me coffee is the bad mug today. the step-child mug. i hate that mug. and coffee just didn't hit the spot because of it.
what kind of husband IS HE?


Amber said...

I love your blog!! You are hysterical!! Good luck today...

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAHahahahaha this whole blog was sooo funny!! I laughed all the way thru it, lolol. Yea I'm w/ you on the DNA story, where DID this child come from?!? Please call me and let me know what they say! Love, Mom

chrissy said...

ok there is so much about this that i love and so much that i hate.

that you see isaac's not eating as a shame due to this being the only time in his life that eating A LOT is good. i couldn't agree more. sigh.

that you're seeing that movie! i saw it today. it was GOOOOD!

that you think coffee in certain mugs tastes better. see. these are the reasons we are friends. i hate coffee in some mugs and love it in others. i'm not sure why. it MUSTTT be mental but whatev.

hate: that isaac...that YOU are going thru this. i hope it's something easily fixable. i want details.

and yesssss sidenote, still need the genetic info.
the end.

Julie Nickerson said...

I am dying to hear what happened today????

I will be praying that the little puff's taste buds start to change and he see food for the beauty that it is!!!


and yes, totally agree about the mug. Do you know my favorite mug is the one from your baby shower. ha!

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