Wednesday, April 22, 2009

desperation breeds ingenuity...?

....or something like that. (i could ramble on for a few more minutes about how that wraps into capitalism and stuff...but one of you would inevitably tell me i got the saying wrong and dispel my entire rant. and that would negate the fact that this post is supposed to be 'on a lighter note' from yesterdays....)

facts are.
i had to make baby food and i BOMBED. (heather, how timely is THIS post?)

so two nights ago i obviously was aware that we were out of baby food but ...well... i dunno. didn't care? i dunno. i guess i assumed isaac would be ok until i went to the store after his morning nap to buy something.

the chomping on air motions that he was doing by 930am, made me realize how wrong i was.
and mama don't go nowhere at 930am, if i can help it.
coffee! sweats! ponytail! no public appearances. no photographs, please.

but he was slamming his hands on his tray in acute attention to my every move. but angelic, no less. like a little bird awaiting breakfast.
bless his heart.

so i decided to whip up some oatmeal. and since i didn't add milk OR sugar to it -- i can't blame him for the OUTRIGHT REJECTION of it. i was only half surprised. i tasted it myself and it may be the number one most UNAPPEALING thing i've ever made.

Mr. Drama, Jr.

ok, ok, so oatmeal isn't cutting it. try again.

so i frantically plugged my laptop in, in my kitchen, threw some puffs on his tray to hold him over and entertain him and googled BABYFOOD!

i found out that babyfood isn't all that complicated.
so i boiled an apple and some plums...and boiled...and boiled...and boiled....
isaac was none too amused.
i mashsed it all up, tasted it, and was quite pleased with my work.

he wasn't impressed in the least.
and frankly, his appetite was so shot, that he fell asleep in his chair.

and we gave up and went to target after naptime and bought the fake stuff.

whats kinda scary is...he cant eat pureed food forever. and he loves applesauce. hates mashed apples? what gives? will babies always be this picky as they transition to 'real' food? hmmm.

and he definitely had payback on me for the rest of the day, teaching me who's boss wherever we ran our errands.

i'll think twice before trying out ingenuity, next time....


heather said...

he he... well, if it makes you feel any better - so far, Z only tolerates the rice cereal that i bought - she has no interest in anything i've MADE! they KNOW.

Chrissy said...

i know i've already seen this but i laughed again. he's so dramatic. i love him!!! xoxo

Julie Nickerson said...

You will notice they go through periods of LOVING something one week and then HATING it the next week. who knows why?

If you are feeling like a baby chef again, Abel was OBSESSED with pureed bananas and blueberries. I made a bunch every few days and he was in LOVE with it. Even today he LOVES bananas and blueberries.

Nikki said...

well... you gave it a good try - A for effort! Seriously, I need to meet this little handsome man in person...

Glenna Marshall said...

I have found the transition time to be the toughest! Isaiah ate any pureed food that I happened to put in the food processor. He was a champ! But, we're doing more self-feeding with finger foods, and it's much more difficult because he's more aware of textures and gags a lot. He's not satisfied with just pureed foods, and he likes to feed himself, so I'm always looking for soft foods he can eat--and remember, he's just now cutting his first tooth, so that makes it even more difficult!
I am buying more of the jarred 3rd foods than I thought I would...I was so committed to making homemade babyfood, but at this point, I'm finding it hard to come up with ideas. Pureeing was easy, in my opinion, but this stage is not. He eats a little off our plates now, but only if it's soft and not too spicy. It's a never ending challenge!