Monday, April 6, 2009

time is starting to flyyyyyyy....


and our house is starting to look more and more like a house i swore i'd never have.
the baby junk is eeeeeverywhere!
and even when i clean it up and hide as much as possible, my friends come over and mock my efforts and point/laugh/make fun of how much crap covers everything :) who cares. he's worth it.

he's on the MOVE! he used to stay on his little spongy mat, but not anymore!
he wants to explore and get into stuff.
last night we had to MOVE his crib away from the wall because he's figured out how to PULL the mini blinds on his window, INTO his bed. and play with them. all night. mini blinds are LOUD, thankfully. so he was caught pretty soon....

look at that focus!

he also has a penchant for falling asleep in various places....
this was after a nebulizer session!

this was after i fed him, left the room to take a phone call, and returned to see this!
(yes, his tray was on...but even when i removed the tray, he still never woke up!



look at that PRECIOUS smirk....

we waited in line for a LONNNNNG time to see the bunny.....

but then we had TACO BELL!!!!

"daddy, your face is so scruffy!!!"
(he does this thing now where he loves to examine faces...mouths....noses....glasses....)

that was fun enough....narcoleptic episode about to hit.....

NEVER GOT PIC OF BUNNY bc i was working so hard to make him smile, all while trying to hide my psychosis about all the germs that must be on the bunny's fur. ew. but we bought some prints. too bad you prob wont see it!! :(

here's to the best 8 months of my life.
8 months of pure love.
8 months of self-denial. :)
8 months of my heart expanding...and stretching ....and exponentially increasing in size, with every day i get to know him more.

i love you isaac!!!!


Chrissy said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha....i'm about to cry. he's so cute. the concentration mode. the adorable smirks. the researching mind. i love him!!!!! allison, it's funny cuz i can suddenly see BOTH of you in him so well. he's such a good mix to me, all of a sudden. he changes CONSTANTLY. what a cutie face. i need another visit. wanna come hang out with me before the wedding month....and bring mini-puff? HUMMMMM????

Julie Nickerson said...

He is so mini puff to me!!! I have always saw you in his lips and chin. Love the hat and the hiked up pants.


And yes, you did swear your house wouldn't turn into Babies R Us, but see what happens!

Who cares, right? We have precious little men and I know they will grow up so fast and I will miss all this...

Jim and April said...

oh how cute! I love his little hat! So adorable!