Wednesday, April 15, 2009

it is finished.

the final tax return package was just sent out in the mail.
we're done.
2008 is FINALLY a closed door, financially.

it would have all been squared away yesterday (oh! and that would have made me feel as though we completed things early! high fives....) but: newsflash, virginia state taxes get sent to a PO Box. and hello, fedex doesn't DELIVER to PO Boxes. well, isn't THAT fun news. dontcha kinda feel bad for all those Johny-Come-Latelys who saunter up to the fedex counter tonight only to learn of this devastating news?

tsk tsk tsk.
they should have mailed theirs in with more NOTICE.
you know. like. YESTERDAY.
cuz that's really safe and would NEVER cause a headache-heart-attack-stress-filled week, or anything.

and just when i think i'm getting super proficient in organizing all of our tax accountant without fail, rakes me over the coals and spits on my work and laughs in my face. no offense to anybody, but she's from jersey and it comes through the phone. and i love people from jersey. but they have their ways of saying things that are sharp and her smirk oozes through to my ear. i'm certain i deserved it, as BUSINESS was not something i studied in college. (well, that's not true. i minored in Business, well, until i took statistics and found myself relying on the study notes from my boyfriend. probably not a good idea, given it took him 7 years to graduate. not for nuthin,' but, alls i'm tryin' to say iz....numbers ain't my forte. how's that for jersey rubbing off on me.)
that's why I PAY PEOPLE to get all self-righteous on me, and DO IT FOR ME.
i could do without the self-righteous-nessy-ness.

but, it's finito.
it makes me happy in a way that makes me want to jump around and tear up random important receipts on my desk in an act of rebellion, for no reason, and throw the confetti out the window, while somehow stickin' it to the man.

"but are the man."
(please tell me you've seen that hysterical commercial....?)


in other news.
:: staring at fingers and dirty keyboard ::
i got nuthin.
i got hunger.
and i got 4 loads of laundry to wash/fold/put away.
and i got a kid that has just learned that he can scream and throw stuff off his high chair.
and who can now intentionally eject food from his mouth.
isn't that sweet?

let's just say that i prayed for his salvation this morning.
and i prayed that it would happen at a very, very, verrrrrrry early age.....



Nikki said...

I will never forget the time I said "you's guys" when I visited Liberty the first time. I think we were hangin at your apartment with that singer... who the heck was she... amy something or other... I got the "oh my gosh you are soooo Jersey" the entire night

ckuretich said...

Ok I am DYING thinking of you praying for Isaac's salvation...

"Dear Jesus...please save Isaac's soul right now, he has thrown 87 Cheerios at me and I think he knows EXACTLY what he's doing..."

Julie Nickerson said...

That was awesome "pray for isaac's salvation!!!"

Chrissy said...

ahhhh isaac! i just imagined him pitching a fit! it's hilarious! :)