Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Isaac's 1st Easter!

we survived 24 hours in a car = roundtrip!
granted, it involved numerous stops, dancing in the back seat, countless cheerios, illegal diaper changes, and hours of singing....but we made it! i think i'll do some things a little differently next time, but it was neat to see isaac in all these new environments!

Easter was fabulous. i mean, truly, what is death for my sins, without the miraculous and undeniable resurrection of Jesus, to secure my salvation for eternity! HALLELUJAH! it's utterly mindblowing to meditate upon and SUCH a gift to me. i am so undeserving of a Savior - yet He gave Himself to me! PRAISES UPON PRAISES!!!

it was also a wonderful time with the inlaws, and chad's aunt, who's never met isaac yet! actually, this trip was FULL of first-time EVER events for isaac. (sorry, this always somehow becomes about isaac....)

for instance, this was his FIRST EASTER EGG HUNT! :)

and his first EASTER MORNING! "Christ is RISEN!" (that's what isaac is declaring below...)

and my first EASTER EGG BASKET :) ....i had to. my own mother shamed me into it... and it was adorable! thanks, Totes!!

and isaac's FIRST TIME SWIMMING! he wasn't quite so sure how he felt about it, but we soon figured out he HATES direct sunlight in his eyes. if it's too sunny, he cries. so we had to keep him in the shade (brrr!) because the sunglasses were even LESS of a hit than the sun was :)

yes. that's him yawning. YAWNING! he was probably tired from all the WORK it took to get him into the pool. that freaking blow up tube took over an HOUR to inflate (WITH A PUMP!?) and then he had to get into his swimmy diaper, his 70+ SPF, and drag all his toys down there. and he YAWNED?!

and then there was isaac's FIRST TIME GOLFING!!!
how precious is this picture, i love it! taking lessons from daddy!

oooooor....reading a book to fill his time....

and isaac's FIRST TIME IN A GOLF CART!...heading to the "mid-way house" for coffee and muffins! yes, i'm fresh out of bed....

isaac's FIRST TIME TO TOUCH GRASS!!! he loooooved it! well, it was love/hate. but he was quite intrigued! this was our first pit-stop on the way down. taco bell of course. a little break from the carseat. just what the doctor ordered!

and then there was isaac's FIRST HAIRCUT!!!!
it lasted 2 seconds and .....

what a brat. but it's done!

at the end of the day, it was nothing short of theraputic! sleeping in! swimming! warmth! family! food! FOOD! fooooood! celebrating the crux of my faith! i wish we could do that more often....but it's back to the grind, today. lots of unpacking and lots of reality. off to the oral surgeon tonight for (probably) some bad news. boo. not a welcome part of my life, but i will not allow it to ruin my post-vacation glow....

and if 16 photos doesn't suffice, here are all 200!!!

i hope everybody has a great day!
isn't it weird that it's tuesday? i'll be so confused about what day it is, for the rest of the week, i'm sure!


ckuretich said...

AHHH THE POOL!!!! i so wanna be in a pool right now.

This looks like a super fun vacay. You can just FEEL the sunshine through the pictures, which is really helping me on this rainy blah day...

Isaac gets more delicious every time I see him. the pic with Chad teeing off in the background - LOVE IT.
SO GORGEOUS! love your green & white ensem too... :)

heather said...

Firsts for Isaac, blah, blah - let's talk about YOU - you look FABULOUS!!! Seriously. I double-heart your hair and wish I had it. You look like you never had a baby. SEriously, so great!

I'm glad you had a great time! Also glad to know the trip went well. We're heading to Va Beach to see the in-laws in late July (Z will be 8.5 months by then), and we're thinking of driving through the night - but it seems like the day trip wasn't that bad (how old is Isaac now??).

Chrissy said...

ahhhhhhhhh haha! that first picture of all three of you....i screamed! he's to die for. i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and wait. was it warm enough to swim??? i hate you.