Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GIRLFEST -- 3rd Edition despite the fact that the ENTIRE weekend has been documented already in EDITION 1 and EDITION 2.....i will, in fact, complete the trilogy and disclose every dirty little crevice of our fun (albeit, TOO SHORT) weekend in new jersey!

it all started when jujube and i hit the road at 7pm, completely convinced we'd be at chrissy's house by 1130pm. jokes on us, man. after twelve-teen HOURS behind the wheel, the mommies arrived at the unspeakable hour of 2am. and of course, ate and gabbed until we dropped at 330am.

RISE AND SHINE on saturday!!!
chrissy seems to have some birds that have made quite a comfortable abode in her air conditioner unit in her window. like. 2 feet from our heads. and FYI, birds are bright eyed and bushy-tailed at 5am. they. are. busy. so from 5-9am, we laid in bed and imagined kicking the entire next off the 2nd story ledge. i think i did fall back asleep, but then dreamt of birds. of course. so we wuz tiiiiiired.

the remainder of the wedding party came over around 1130am and we toasted our lovely bride and took some group photos! ...and then we took off for the party and festivities!

chrissy's future hubby's grandparents house is like...something...from....Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. it was beautiful, spacious, accommodating for 70 people...and....warm. (sorry, i had to throw that in there! hahahaha!) every person in chrissy's life that loves her, attended this event and it was exceptionally nice to meet all of jay's side of the family and reunite with chrissy's family that i haven't seen for a long time!

there were presents!
there was competition! (I WON!)
there was FOOOOOD! (i ate it all!)
there was CAKE! (big enough to feed the state of texas)
there was loudness, laughing, celebrating and LOVE!
it was better than any of us could have expected!!

after the shower, we headed back to chrissy's place to spiffy up and hit the town for probably the best dinner and drinks i've had in a LOOONNNG time. sure, we created commotion, BUT, i can't help to say that it comes with the territory! do any of us know how to be QUIET? uhm. no.

sadly, it all ended on sunday and we were BUMMED. i could have used another full week with these girls and hope that one day we can arrange that!!!! crossing fingers!!!

from what i hear, the wedding is only 66 days out and LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!

i hope this slideshow suffices as decent coverage from MY vantage point, anyways. again, Edition 1 and Edition 2 also have full coverage as well!!!


ckuretich said...

I LOVE THE SLIDESHOW!!!!! And that was a great wrap-up, you hit on stuff I missed so it all evened out! love the bird commentary.

wonder if i could do a slideshow with music through Flickr? thoughts????

Chrissy said...


ok i must bullet.

1- the dang birds. i think you missed the part where i woke up TWICE that morning and smacked the crap outta the window. only to have them be quiet for about 5 minutes. ugh.

2- yes. his grandparent's house IS something. can you imagine if we had the wedding there...around the pool with floating candles? sigh. but alas, 100 people woulda been invited and not a person more. so yeah.

3- the house was hotter than the blazing pit if hadies. i mean. i mean.

4- soooo glad you liked casa del sol. it was, in fact, very good and i am kinda glad that rosa mexicano fell through, truthfully! can i say that? cuz i know i was so angry at first but like, this was amazing and fun and WAYYYY cheaper. right? tell me yes. :)

5- can we have another girls weekend right after my wedding? so i can just hang out and not think about anything? please? :)

Nikki said...

I love these pictures - definitely offer a different angle of events! Ummm... it wasn't just hot - it was the firey pits of hell hot in that house! I'm definitely skipping out on blogging about this... maybe... i'll do a short synopsis at some point. Miss you already! How's Isaac???