Friday, October 12, 2007

aahhh....has fall really arrived??

wow, it's GOOOORGEOUS outside today!!! chad is bouncing off the walls about how if EVERYDAY could be like today -- life would be amazing. it's windy, with massive white and grey clouds in the sky...and there is definitely a chill in the air....

it smells like halloween :)

but it certainly feels like fall has descended upon us.....
ASK ME how stoked i am for an OUTDOOR FALL WEDDING i have next weekend out in the burbs at a bed and breakfast. i mean, i like all my weddings for different reasons, but this summer's heat just REALLY beat me down and so therefore, i'm VERY excited about the peaceful, serenity of this bride and the unbelievable conditions i'll be shooting with. oh...and that julie's back in the saddle and we get to spend the day together!! whenever we shoot weddings it doesn't even feel like work....well....scratch that. it doesn't feel like work until we do the family portraits. that part can get hairy, but the rest is a BLAST!!!!

last night chad and i took rudy on a long city walk....and i pulled out one of my favorite SCARVES and it was amazing. outside of the 3 boys walking ahead of us who were smoking weed...that would be the exception. oh...and the black lab that lunged at rudy and i thought there was gonna be blood on the sidewalk. and the fact that chad lured me out by telling me we'd swing by baskin robins on 8th street, if i walked with him.....only to tell me halfway there that he doesnt want ice cream anymore....but all the rest of it was fun.... :)

this weekend is going to be fun!!!
my dorky husband wants to head to a matinee movie at 430 = Michael Clayton. :) any takers? who wants to come with us?? chinatown theater -- be there! uhm....we've never been to that theater before but figured we'll metro over there and check it out because afterward we're meeting some friends for dinner in chinatown by 730, so we'll already be there to check in on our reservations and walk around if we have time!!!!

bright and early tomorrow morning i have a FAMILY PHOTO SHOOT -- again -- fall weather -- to die for!!! i'm not gonna lie though, my computer is about to blow up. when i bought my new mac pro computer i thought it had so much memory that i could NEVER fill it in a million years. previous laptop only held 80 GB and that was just...impossible. so the mac pro holds 235 GB -- and the heavens opened in song!!!! until today. when my little "memory size" widget informed me that i've already used 227 GBs....

it's time to get some stuff OFF my computer for buy more memory for my desktop.
i have 8 weddings on my hard drive. (about to add another one next saturday)
i have 3 family shoots on my hard drive.
i have 1 engagement shoot on my hard drive.
i have 2 sets of headshots

my brain feels like it's out of memory too.
a bride handed me a check the other day for $740.00 and i had NO IDEA why she was paying me. "well, remember how you added another shooter to our package? said we could pay you for that in our next installment...?"

i TOTALLY remember saying that.'s a bit fuzzy.

i bought a new external hard drive (my 2nd) to start using for 2008, but.....looks like it's gonna have an early birthday. that puppy may get whipped out today.

enough said.
enough said.

ok, so i did another shoot for Le Village Marche and this place only succeeds in promoting my love of ALL THINGS FALL!!!!

enjoy and have a fab weekend!


ckuretich said...

Ok i skipped the rest of this post to tell you - DAVE WANTS TO SEE THE SAME MOVIE! I think we're going tonight. no joke. hilarious!!!
he isn't into Elizabeth. which is why you should really fly out and see it with me. Chad and Dave can see MC together...(though it does look good)

more to get my teeth DRILLED :(

Joelle said...

i miss u.....
fall is my fave always.......

hey. i'll pray for you about the diabetes, but a newfound hope for the desires of your heart.

you're a rare jewel al, and i love ya!

ckuretich said...

ok i just read the rest of the post.
why can't you throw one wedding on a jump drive (don't they make like 8G externals now?) and then just switch back and forth? or would that be too tedious...what do i know.

love love LOVE Le Village Marche pics!!!!

Julie Nickerson said...

I love that place! Tell her everyone RAVES about the diaper bag you got me from there. Abel even loves to stare at it. He loves the design. You did a great job on the photos!
And dude-need the deets about the wedding next weekend. And I'm so glad we get to work together. We do have the best time! I love that I can just give you a glance or a look and you know exactly what it means and we just start laughing. Wonder what our theme will be for this outdoor wedding. :)

Becky Barber said...

beautiful le village pics. love that place.