Thursday, October 11, 2007

...and the results are in...

remember the fake-endocrinologist i saw last week? yeah. and the countless vials of blood they drew? and the answers we were hoping to find? deep breath....houston, we have a problem.

though she still wants me to come in next wednesday, the nurse called with a majority of the test results. i'm shocked actually that they came back this soon.

everything seemed to pan out quite well...except...the dreaded blood sugar levels.
essentially, long story made probably TOO short...i'm in the very preliminary stages of diabetes.
my glucose levels were borderline too high -- and that was after not eating for TWELVE HOURS. so i can only imagine what they'd be had i eaten breakfast that day.

as previously mentioned -- i should NOT be shocked. i believe all 4 of my grandparents were diabetic, my dad is, and all of his siblings are, i think. so i have a strong genetic disposition to it and frankly, i almost deserve it. i certainly do NOTHING to keep it at bay, and many of you can attest to my ridiculous eating habits.

on wednesday, she's starting me on Metformin, a drug given to help with insulin levels in people who are borderline. it assists your body from sliding into full blown type 2 diabetes. she also said i need to start exercising ....and cooking according to the glycemic index diet.

back up for a second.
sister must not realize that we only ingest things that come in cans, microwavable packaging or from the frozen pizza aisle. my officially...over.

that's the bad news. and boy oh boy is that ever bad news. my mom suggested a visit to the nutritionist -- since that's what they did when my dad was diagnosed with the very same thing. he's even on the same drug i'll be on. anybody know of a good nutritionist?

the good news is, 82% of the time, PCOS (my fertility mystery) is DERIVED from insulin resistence. which in turn messes with your adrenal glands...which in turn...warps your hormones beyond proper functioning abilities. LADIES AND GENTS.....this perscription could VERY well bring my body back to normal!!! if in fact, insulin problems are the underlying agents in this frustrating situation. it should at least HELP anyways.

but my hands are still shaking.....i mean....obviously this is bad news that leads to good news. but it's still bad news that bears impact on other parts of my system.

so the question lies.....

would it be wrong to commemorate by eating a final tub of ben & jerry's?
and a little tear trickles down my face.....


motheratheart said...

hi friend. wow that is so amazing that the fake RE found something like that. See I am so convinced that RE's are the way to go, even if they are fake, he he.

Anyway, i'm excited for you that they found something, but at the same time very bummed for you that diabetes may be the culprit. I'm praying that this discovery will help get you to the point where you can conceive! Love ya girl!

ckuretich said...

you know my thoughts on this. Hooraaaayyyy for Diabetes!

you can do it. no problem.

Lanier said...

Mama Lahlee is gonna come cook you up some sugar-free friendly treats.