Thursday, October 18, 2007 was fun while it lasted...

those of you who are fortunate enough to have NO CLUE what that chart means...well...enjoy your freedom. and for those of you who are well-acquainted with this chart, you'll understand that it represents a failed cycle.

well, that's not true.
FAIL is relative.
there's alot to celebrate with this month's chart.
A) i ovulated on my own.
B) i have a wonderful luteal phase to my cycle.
C) my thermal shift is substantial, proving i did in fact ovulate.

none of that matters much when you don't get pregnant.

the best part of this STORY IS -- the clinic has decided to SHIFT GEARS for lil' ole me, and we're kicking this ride into HIGH GEAR! i'm terrified, and elated. funny how often those two emotions surface simultaneously.

clomid pills are OFFICIALLY a medication of the past. (which is sad, because they were really affordable) it's too unreliable with my system, it gives me raging migraines, it causes hot sweats like you wouldn't believe and ...oh right...The Black Rage rears her ugly head.

clomid + insemination on a PERFECT cycle = 20% odds of getting pregnant.

20% sucks. even though if you think about it -- they say that's what the odds are for any random joe-schmoe tryin' to get pregnant the conventional way. heh. of SATURDAY i start with my Gonal-F injections for 8-10 consecutive days. (that's not my's just a picture i found of the Gonal-F kit, my kit arrives tomorrow via fedex ON ICE....youre sad you never get packages delivered on ice, aren't you :)

my odds are about to sky-rocket.

if all goes well - we'll have insemination #2 in a few weeks. riiiiight around the NY marathon. say a prayer for us!

i go in tomorrow for a little doctor tutorial and a shots video.
maybe i'll even take pictures of myself shooting myself up. would you like that? that would be a little hard to do....

back to the bad news.
my root canal from monday is NOT GOING WELL.
i didn't sleep at ALL last night....the throbbing agony in my face was TOO i had an emergency visit with the endodontist who SENT ME HOME with ADVIL and told me to come back on monday.

you have GOT to be kidding me.
so i'm calling back in a few minutes for some real drugs.....and for the number of an oral surgeon to just have the damn tooth pulled. this is all just too much to deal with right now.
PLEASE pray for me as i have a wedding on saturday, and an inflammed, infected, RIDICULOUS tooth situation festering.... :(

that's all for now.
off to the fake endocrinologist....i almost forgot why i was going....

oh right....
...i might be diabetic soon.

Dear Jesus....please make it all stop!!!


chrissy said...

does it make it better that i love you?

dang. well, it's gotta be worth SOMETHING........

Nikki said...

I mean... that kit is scary and exciting all at the same time. Something's gotta work and that looks like it just might do it! Love you!

ckuretich said...

my allison, my own personal Grey's Anatomy - please do take a pic of you learning to shoot up, for your fans at home really want to see that.

i love youuuuuuu...
i'm totally on board with this full-steam-ahead toward insemination, btw.

Glenna Marshall said...
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glenna marshall said...

well, it was a pretty chart while it lasted. sorry, girl. i KNOW it's hard.
i hope round #2 works for you. good luck with all those fun drugs.

Becky Barber said...

ooooh... i had to give myself shots for a while a couple years ago (when i was dealing with blood clot issues). no fun. but i'm sure you'll do fine. :)

good luck.

Joelle said...

it's really not fair that some people get to go through life with NO drama, and that other people have nothing BUT drama.....hhhmmm...again, makes great wisdom for a book or devotional! :)
i am BELIEVING for you, for your miracle....remember, they DO happen.

KellyLee said...

Wow, well I am excited at the prospects of your percent going up, shots and all. I am with Christin, I want to see photos of you shooting up. You are a brave woman, truly!