Friday, October 19, 2007

tooth #31...your days are over.

at approx 130PM today -- my lower, bottom right molar was taken from my body -- and the weight of THE WORLD HAS BEEN LIFTED!!!!

am i in pain at the moment -- uh -- yeah.
but will i EVER SPEND ANOTHER DIME root canaling this sucker, capping, crowning, xraying....? never ever again. AND they gave me IV sedation which was obviously the hightlight of my day.

worst day i've had in a LONNNNNG time.
up all night on the couch with mouth agony.
woke up and carried bags around with me in case the vicoden won the war in my stomach and had me throw up EVERYWHERE.....
contemplated taking the metro, my car, or a cab to the infertility clinic.....choices were made according to which would be easiest to hurl in.

i chose cab.
i drank half a bottle of anti-nausea meds...and braved the world.
815am: infertility clinic. check. all systems are a go. my first gonal-F pen injection tomorrow.
930am: emergency dentist visit.
1030am: emergency oral surgeon visit. (have i mentioned yet that my husband is out of town AND that i've had to walk to each of these appointments across downtown K ST? the rain)
1130am: waiting for them to fit me in...walking to the closest CVS to fill NEW painkillers i'll use once they extract the tooth. discuss with surgeon my options for the next day...SINCE I HAVE TO SHOOT A WEDDING...
100pm: insert IV....undergo procedure.
145pm: in recovery...thrilled to be alive. lemme tell ya.
200pm: neighbor comes to pick my drunk ars up and drive me ...home? oh no....we have ERRANDS TO RUN.
300pm: i have to to SHOW ID and sign off for my gonal-f injections sitting on ice for me at fedex.
345pm: still there.....they can't find them. and my ICE PACK IS HOT by this point and i'm about to smash my face into the counter because i can no longer stand up....
400pm: CVS again for juice (only clear liquids for THREE DAYS PEOPLE....try taking VICODEN only on clear liquids.), since they did a BONE GRAFT if my jaw that i didn't know going into this i was definitely going to need.
430pm: home. exhausted. stressed beyond ALL WORDS b/c of tomorrow's wedding. juju -- you're gonna have to do alot of the driving since i'll be drugged.
1100pm: just stood up for the first time. need to charge all batteries, clean all lenses....and.....omg......MY CAMERA IS AT THE CAMERA SHOP GETTING CLEANED AND I WAS SUPPOSED TO PICK IT UP!!!!! yeah. that was a fun moment. i scramble to beg chad to pick it up for me tomorrow, only to find out his FLIGHT HAS BEEN REDIRECTED to richmond and he's not coming home tonight.

SOMEBODY is picking my camera up tomorrow morning. SOMEHOW he will get home to help me. he said he can. HE MUST!!!

jaw throbbing.
off to put more ice on it and off to pop more pills and drink chicken broth.
PLEASE say a prayer for simply cannot make this stuff up....


Julie Nickerson said...

Oh Ally, that is all too much. So Sorry!!! And I can't believe your camera is at the shop. I can drive. My car or yours?
See you at noon.

Nikki said...

OMG! I was laughing and feeling completely horrible for you all at the same time. Only you - seriously - only you.

chrissy said...

holy crap. i need an update!!

Anthony said...

That was really a day of ordeal there, Allison. But I can see that you are the superwoman who braved the day! My Columbia dentist would be very impressed if you were his patient.

I guess my wife would be just as strong if she were juggling on a lot of do-or-die stuff, even passing by our dentist in Columbia, SC. Hope everything went well after then for you.