Friday, October 5, 2007

plug your ears, ma.....

it's a sign.

in one week, three houses on our street were broken into, one car was flat out stolen (4 doors down from us), and three people in my neighborhood were devastatingly attacked by a gang.

apparently, there a cool new gang to be a part of in the Eastern Market area. Hines High School is festering somehow and now there is a tight-knit group of middle-school boys who travel in a pack of 15....and surround a pedestrian and maul them for NO REASON. never ask for money, cell phone, wallets, purses....NOTHING! just senseless!!!!

1 week ago = a man was walking home (on a street i walk rudy) and the 15 boys surrounded him and BEAT HIM DOWN with pipes!!! broken bones...bloody face...and all the boys got away!

2 days ago = a man was at Fragers Hardware on Penn Ave the same time as Lara, my downstairs house-mate. while she was checking out, a man walked out and happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time at 4pm in mid-daylight. the 15 boys were waiting and beat him down ON THE SIDE WALK in front of a massive crowd. disgusting part? cops were sitting there and did nothing. every single boy got away.

yesterday = chad and i were sitting upstairs in our office having a deep conversation and heard all sorts of yelling out of the front windows but figured....well....we figured nothing. we live in the city. riot? little league? drunks? who cares. we kept MERE MINUTES sirens and flashes were pouring into our office and we peered over the window to see this:

we flipped out!!!!!
that is LITERALLY our front yard!!!

the 15 gangsters attacked a poor guy walking home from the metro in my FRONT YARD!! they didn't even try to take his backpack! and this time....they used knives. so he was bleeding....and it was horrible.

at any rate -- we actually feel really freaked out b/c it's so senseless and ....pointless!!! didn't make it any better that ALL three sharpeis were in the house and NEVER BARKED ONCE! slept through the entire thing .......then again......i HEARD the attack and did nothing. so who should be blamed more?

we're putting together a town meeting and the mayor is coming!!
we're gonna kick some gang-booty......right?

off to a photoshoot at Le Village Marche!


ckuretich said...

that is just unbelievable. it seems these boys are targeting guys, huh? I'm surprised none of the victims have been women, usually it's the other way around. how can the cops do NOTHING? I find that unimaginable.

Filtering Life said...

That makes me sick to my stomach. Oh Alison, praying you guys get a way out soon! i can not fathom such senseless violence, it is beyond me.

meet joelle said...

hey al...i'm BAAACCkkk! have recovered from the near nervous breakdown, and on account of the pursuading of my "dear addicted to your blog hubby," have finally got back into "the groove"...oh baby.
NOW...makes me sick to hear what you are living about moving to rural dubois, pa to begin and finish a photog empire like NO OTHER?????? (again at the suggestion of my hubby)

we NEED to talk.....i love ya and miss ya
(CANNOT WAIT to see the village marche that macro girlfriend!)

did yo get my message about J.C.????????????

lanier said...

Well you know what Lahlee has to say about this don't YOU!?

COME TO OLD TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you, Al.

n8andbumber said...

oh my gosh!!! That's TERRIBLE!!! i'm praying for your safety and that God will get you OUT of that neighborhood!

chrissy said...

holy crap. and just to think........i'll probably be parking right next to that tape in a mere couple hours. sigh. we need to get you outta there. (i'm takin' ruru for a walk even if i'm just going to my CAR! hahaha)

Julie Nickerson said...

That is awful!!! I really hope they get this boys!

Julie Nickerson said...

I realize my English was off in that last comment. :)
Also, the diaper bag you got me from that store...everybody loves it and wants to know where they can buy one. Does she list her products online?

Tristana said...

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