Wednesday, October 24, 2007

spoke too soon.

k, keep it under wraps...but...puffy's batting average is dropping quickly.
the first two days of shots, he was scoring home runs (no. not that kind of home run...i have stitches in my mouth and am drugged. get your mind out of the gutter.)
evening number three....he plunged the injection in at too much of an angle...and hit that vein. remember?

last night...i have NO IDEA what happened...but the needle WOULD NOT GO IN.
"allison, i'm experiencing some....resistance....i think....i've hit muscle or ...something."

i should have been thrilled that my husband even thinks to default to a problem having to do with my abs. i do not have abs. score.

BUT i was overwhelmed by the BURNING ...and still pretty concerned about the air bubble, so it wasn't really funny. i gave him an F- for the night. which is pretty darn sad because i told him EXACTLY where to inject, given the CONTROL FREAK side of me comes out, even though i'm in the MOST vulnerable situation available. "ok....let's see....we stuck here last night...and here before that....and here the first how abouuuuuut HERE!" apparently it was too high and apparently not eating for a week thins out the pudge a bit....and my skin just felt WAY too thin and it hurt :(

not his fault really. but. somebody's gotta pay.
TONIGHTS injection will be done by Lara because puff has a business dinner.
should be interesting....i think she'll be fine....but we'll find out quickly who is better....

in other house is overwhelming me. having been on bedrest from friday - monday and incapable of clearing out the BLUR in my brain from vicoden....things have gone downhill. my laundry is OUT OF CONTROL, the bathrooms make me dry-heave, the kitchen sink is SCARY. and for the first time in my life...i've grown an aversion to my closet.'s AWFUL. but. it's just now starting to get under my skin. dang....this is turning into one of those blogs that you probably come to, to make yourself feel better about your life. "wow, feeling bad...down in the dumps...nothing like reading about HER to make me feel so much better...." heh. heh. heh.

i'm getting rid of ALOT OF CLOTHES.
free for all at the morgans.
i'll let you know when, but.....we're talking bags and bags of stuff.

i just cannot live like THIS any longer:

puff's gone from snide pleading for me to give him some space back in the closet that "we share."
but i'm convinced he wants it cleaned out because he's hiding a straight jacket in his trunk and wants to pad the walls in there for his wife....

in FINAL news of the day....i had a wedding on saturday and i'm wishing for that kind of weather today. it's gross out...but it does however give me NO EXCUSE to not clean, now that i'm sitting here in sweats, transferring files, stuck in the house.

alright....bleach is soaking in the it's time.
and i'm starving.
peace out.


Nikki said...

"Allison The Human Pin Cushion". Market it.. you could make millions.

Sorry you're having a rough go of it though. I CAN'T imagine what that's like. So wish I could fit into a size negative but i'm a decade of numbers away from 0 to even say i'd take some of those clothes off your hands.

ckuretich said...

awwwww poor Puff. well, nobody's perfect. :) I'm sure he was crushed about his F-!!!! :)

cleaning out your closet is good for your soul. definitely.

Julie Nickerson said...

Yes, you need to get rid of some clothes...I mean...lots of clothes...that closet is out of control!!!
Hope the shot goes better tonight.

Julie Nickerson said...

by the way, I just got rid of like 5 huge bags of clothes and it feels so good. I love having a small wardrobe.

Nina said...

My mother-in-law wanted to pay to have my house cleaned for the recent wedding festivities and this whole crew came and did it all...for $85!!! Something to keep in your back pocket!