Monday, June 1, 2009


alright, you're gonna have to hang tight while i try to do my last month some justice! updates! pictures! oh my!

ever feel like blogging is a luxury, which is the first thing to be forgotten about when LIFE takes over everything...?
this last month has literally been nonstop.
yesterday when i was swallowing food whole, because chewing became optional due to a time crunch...i realized i need a life makeover or something?!

i JUST got back to town.
and i'm JUST about to leave again but i feel you all REALLY need to be brought up to speed!

i keep tabs on my life by going through my digi-photos on my computer. and it seems that we left off riiiiight around the white house correspondants evening! i know this is SO old news but, nevertheless, the story must be told! facebook has already given away the images, but it's a fabulous experience to retell the story, and i'm finally READY!

let's just start by saying that if it weren't for LANIER SWANN, i would never do anything Washington DC-ish. i live inside the beltway, but on my own accord, can do nothing for our chances at being places where famous folk are. i leave ALL that responsibility for her. and one day, when she decides she doesn't wanna be my go-to 'get us into that event' girl...well....i may as well move to a farm in wisconsin. because that's about how exciting my life is otherwise.

now, it get started, she invited me to some WH Correspondants parties and i nearly crapped. like. OMG! what to wear! guest list! famous PEEPS! aaaaah.
isaac logged more laps at the local mall than any other 9 mth old should. needless to say, i found another black dress. HOW MANY BLACK DRESSES CAN ONE GIRL OWN.
me = 7.

we coerced Puff to drive us downtown and drop us off at the hotel.
people. there was a red carpet. and we walked in on it. my mom asked if i acted famous for the heck of it....
so just let me be clear....there was no room for acting pompous...i was in shellshock at the volume and the flashing bulbs and oh my gosh. i looked as shocked as i've ever looked....

we hopped from party to party, occasionally stopping to chat with somebody she knew, occasionally stopping to stare at more Famous Peeps (FPs), and occasionally stopping to double over due to excruciating pain from my newly purchased Spanx. its been a month and i still think i have an elastic impression around my ribcage.

let's see...OH....right. let's just get to the good part.
after the dinner, which we did not go to...we wanted to head to the Capitol File After Party! so we cabbed over there and were rejected at the rope. exclusive. FPs. velvet ropes.
we tapped our feet in the corner, trying to contrive a way to GET IN THERE. finally, we decided we weren't above lies...and we faked our identity. read: i lied about being a journalist and just like that! they moved! the velvet rope! and we jumped around like gleeful children, spinning our pretty dresses and SCREAMING OUR HEADS OFF, once we got in. oh wait. i did that. lanier walked away out of fear i would blowing our cover. "who? her? yeah, i don't know her...."

we gawked over the red carpet. MORE FPs! drinks! food! dancing!
i was told we shut the place down...though...i don't....remember that part? oops.....
lets just say i am now allergic to white wine.

it was SO much fun i could die. and go to FP heaven.
just so long as heaven doesn't include stilettos.
i limped around for 2 weeks afterwards...and pulled some muscles in my back out. and ...well... i'm still outta breath...

all signs of a FABU time....

(FYI: photos in no particular order...which is exactly how i remember that evening...)


Chrissy said...


Julie Nickerson said...

sadly, I don't know who is famous or not famous in those pictures...that is how out of the loop I am with FBs! ha!

so glad you got to do this b/c I know this was so fun for you!!!!

Julie Nickerson said...

i mean fps...hahha fbs

heather said...

OMG - so glad ot hear the full story. i'm SO JEALOUS!! how fun!!! spanx and all, it sounds like a real-live grown-up party.