Tuesday, June 16, 2009

lots of activity!

thanks everybody for your kind words about the myriad of health issues i continue to experience...we're taking things one day at a time and continue to trust God's hand in our lives! i did have an appt with a neurologist yesterday who was very positive about my prognosis, and so we will mirror his optimism and continue to live in the moment, rather than all of our "worst-case" fears!

not that i have much time to wallow! things around here are always happening at rapid speeds and i will be the first to say that i feel a million times better now that chad is home. well. now that we're all home! i think isaac is excited too!

on saturday, we had the honor of hosting the portnoys again and in true morgan fashion, threw together a dinner party with a few additional friends as well! Pot Luck!!!! it was a bit crazy having 4 kids that were 2-years old and under, but we managed and had a great time!

abel and isaac watching baby einstein! a lifesaver!

abel just couldn't be left out of the adult conversation :)

chloe was such a polite little dinner guest!

i was able to finally meet Bennett in the flesh! what a precious little boy!

it's always nice to spend time with those friends!!

thanks to emily, we have documentation of isaac with some of his girlfriends, and his bud Luke (born 2 days earlier than him!) we went to a fellow playgroup-mom's house and had a wonderful time! as you can see, Luke lovingly shared his home and toys!!!

that's about all i can manage right now....isaac has decided to ditch his morning nap and is crying in his crib, so i should run! more details soon!!!



Julie Nickerson said...

I'm SO MAD we didn't get a picture of all 4 kids...oh well!


And thanks again for EVERYTHING!!!


Chrissy said...

i am SOOOO jealous!!! how fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!